10 free keyword research tools to rank your new site

Are you planning to start a business using the website or already started out?

There are many processes that you have to pass through design to development. Here We’re focusing on the topic that you should keep the plan ready in between the process happened. You can set up own blog free without hiring a developer to start blogging journey.

By doing so, You’ll have clear where you want to see your site in future. You can use content marketing tools to grow your site that can shape through it. Before start writing content, you have to decide where you want to target your content. If you don’t know how to write a blog post which ranked in Google. Before all work, everyone spends time on keyword research using 10 free keyword research tools.

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So, You can take advantage of the 10 free keyword research tools to rank in Google suited to your industry that produces quality content for readers?

As you know, Keyword is pillars of SEO and spending time on researching is called “Keyword Research“.

Now, Let’s get started off.

Table of Contents:

10 free keyword research tools:

These are the 10 free keyword research tools that we’re going to discuss. So, you can choose a right keyword to create content which you want to target because companies invest just in researching keyword. You don’t need to pay anything here just read the post after that you can do it by yourself.

1. Google keyword planner( Free):

Google keyword planner is one of the best keyword planner tools and my Favourite here. It’s free and linked to Google AdWords.

Google keyword planner


This is very easy to use for beginners.  Just put the keyword in search box and all details will come out.  You can easily target reader through content but make sure competition level should be low and nothing else.

Google keyword planner


2. Keyword Tool:

Best things about keyword tools that I like most. If you enter your keyword then you would get 750+ keyword suggestion which is the best thing that you can use in the post title.

Keyword toolYou can see in above image only displaying keyword suggestion for free not search volume which is free in Google keyword planner. I suggest using free version is enough for you but you can upgrade(It’s your choice).


Semrush is all in one keyword tools to research the best keyword.

You can say Semrush is a weapon that will help you beat your competitors. Most keyword tool gives you relevant keyword based on your Primary keyword but Semrush is one step ahead of others.You can find LSI keyword or Short tail keywords. Unlike others, you just need to add URL( Your or competitors) and it will show what keyword is ranking on type URL site.

Download:  Semrush 14-day free trial(Worth 150$)

4. Google Correlate:

This is Google tools which provide you interrelated keyword instead of the searching keyword. As you can see below:

Nothing better than this because you want traffic from Google and it’s also a Google tools. Google Correlate give you advice on which keyword you can traffic if you use this instead of seed keywords.

5. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool:

Ahref is one of the best keyword tools which show also how much clicks will you get from the search engine for that keywords. The explanation through graph you can check the most keyword have huge traffic but getting a click is so difficult. Ahref also suggests you which keyword gives more click that is benefited for you.

Another thing, Ahref tool is wow means great UI and data they provide is correct and real. It saves your time by creating a keyword list directly from Ahref dashboard.

You can Take 14 days free trial:

6. Uber Suggest:

Are you totally dependent on Google Keyword Planner? UberSuggest is a tool that you can trust on! The best thing about UberSuggest it breaks down keyword by letter as you can see in below image. This can be beneficial for you.

For example, a search for “Best Resturants” and the letter “a” shown in above image. Like this, you can do search your keywords which best you want to target easily.

7. KWfinder:

This is added to my 10 free keyword research tools which are new but can help you to find your best keyword. KWfinder can help you drive your website to the highly targeted keyword. This is totally question based keyword research to find long tail keyword. KWfinder available in both free and paid version.

KWfinder keyword planner

8. Keyword In

You can it to find the various option for your keyword.

Keyword In provides multiple long tail keyword that you can use to get traffic. Below are the generated keyword phrases by Keyword In.

Keyword In keyword tools

This is the simplest tools for keyword planning. Just Enter the Keyword and press the Generate button. It automatically suggests the best option related to your keyword.

9.Keyword eye:

This is another best option for you if you want deep keyword researching. KeywordEye gives you filter option based on language or country like any other premium tool.

Keyword EYE available in three plans: 1. free 2. Pro monthly 3. Pro annually.

Go with the free version which you can check the potential for specific keyword.

10. Soovle: 

Soovle is tools that Google autocomplete features to generate keyword or blog post title.

Soovle keyword planner

Best things about Soovle is it gives you suggestion from Google or other search sources at one place. You can set search sources by own but Google is by default that can increase your traffic.


I have mentioned above all the 10 free keyword research tools  and you can choose which is best for you. If any question or other you have that shoud add in this list then must comment. I’ll add and which is your favourite Keyword research tool.

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  1. Hi Binod,
    Excellent stuff!!!
    Great round-up of best keyword research tools. Most of these listed keywords research tools i have used but didn’t try Uber.
    Definitely will use it next.
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