15 best digital marketing blogs that you should follow in 2018

Are you a blogger, online entrepreneur and Small business owner who wants to grow your business but don’t know how? You must know about 15 best digital marketing blogs should start following in 2018 that will help you to grow and build a benchmark.

Why should learn Digital marketing?

There are many things which we will cover in this post because Digital marketing always fascinates me. Because Digital marketing is moving at supersonic speed now and will grow higher in 2018-2020.

According to a report Digital marketing spending in US has increased $57.29 Billion in 2014 and will cross $103.37 Billion in 2018.


What is Digital marketing?

Wikipedia says Marketing of products or services using Digital channels to promote brands and reach their consumers. There are various things involved in Digital marketing which known as SEO. Few factors that matter to blog or website like Off-page SEO, Link building, and Keyword planning which play a major role.

People made mistakes while doing SEO. You should avoid those 10 common mistakes while doing digital marketing or starting a website.

Here I’m giving you a list of 15 best digital marketing blogs should start following in 2018. These are digital marketing expert which share their stuff and how they built million dollars from his business or blog by getting traffic.

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Table of Contents:

List of 15 best digital marketing blogs:

I personally learn a lot from these blogs and so, I recommend 15 best digital marketing blogs that you can follow.

  1. Moz: SEO and Inbound marketing


If you want to learn anything about SEO then you should follow Moz. They are an industry expert who shares a useful blog post for all your needs. You can learn their strategy and methods which practically help your business or blog.

2. Kissmetrics:

Kissmetrics totally dictates content marketing, analyzing and marketing to engage your customers. They taught others and provide resources that can help to become successful online. You will find the user guide here about social media, email marketing, and customer analytics which explained via Infographics and their result too.


You can find articles according to your need and implement it.

3.  Search Engine journals:

This is all-in-one for content marketing, SEO, PPC which they cover in Search engine journals. Here, the only expert writes and share their tips on online marketing and inside story which can boost your morale to do differently.

search engine journal

You can find important updates, news, trends, expert opinion and strategies in the industry.

They make it simpler for the interactive marketing community to collaborate and innovate.

4. Buffer:

A buffer is a blogging website which talks about tools, analysis, and strategies regarding social media. Here, You can find the best ways to drive traffic and increase fan engagement through social media.


5. Hubspot:

This is the best blog ever found for online marketers and digital entrepreneurs. Hubspot provides software for ads, SEO, social media, Content optimization system to increase traffic and convert into sales.

It has more than 400k subscribers and getting 3 million monthly visitors.

You can learn the best optimization techniques that will boost your traffic.

6. Social media examiner:

This blog can give everything that you need to become mastery in social media especially. Here, You can find your answer related to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and more.

Following this digital marketing, a blog helps you to prepare an effective social media strategy for different channels.

Now, It has 4,50,000 subscribers and getting millions of traffic every month.

7. SEO hacks and link building

Backlinko is my favorite when we talk about link building and SEO hacks. Brian Dean is the owner of Backlinko. He is an expert in content marketing, SEO and obviously Link building. If you deal with link building and SEO then you should start following him now because you will get tips on his blog Backlinko and Youtube channel.

8. Digital Vidya: Digital Marketing Institute

Digitalvidya.com  is an educational Institute since 2009 and Asia’s leading digital marketing and data analytics company based in India. They provide training in digital marketing for corporate, individuals and online tutorials.


9. Digitaldeepak: A digital marketer

Digitaldeepak is a blog owned by Deepak Kanakraju who is a digital marketing consultant and Affiliate marketing expert. He is earning lakhs INR per months and running a digital marketing agency named ‘Pixel Track’.

I’m following him for 2 years and learned a lot about affiliate marketing, Email marketing etc.

so, If you want to start something from scratch then you should also start following him from now.

10. Neil Patel:

Name itself a brand, who don’t know him. He is an inspiration for many bloggers including me. If you don’t know about SEO, Blogging, Content marketing then you must follow him. He has a blog as well as Youtube Channel where he shares each and everything to readers or viewers. Neil Patel has built many Multi-Million dollar companies and best-selling author NY times. Neil Patel is a co-founder of Crazy EggHello Bar, and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom grow their revenue.

11. Ahref:

Ahref is a blog which helps you to become SEO expert and Digital Marketer.


In this blog, people share their details about tutorials, Case studies, from Industry expert and marketing professionals. So, you can learn from their tips and tricks, Videos and real insights etc.


Semrush is a keyword-driven tool which you can use for keyword research. A blog for SEO or digital marketing professionals that help for driving traffic and converting them into sales. In this blog, You’ll find the best tactics and method from the industry expert.


Here, we’ve written and did Semrush reviews Which I’ve discussed in details and covered everything that you might to know.

You can try Semrush 14-day free trial(Worth 150$)

13. Content Marketing Institute:

This is one the best marketing blog where you can find content marketing strategy like trending news, content marketing industry’s benchmark. If you follow this blog you will be updated with latest events or news.

Content marketing Institute blog


So, After reading this blog you can implement that idea on your marketing strategy and drive more sales to turn them into profits.

14. Entrepreneur India:

I like Entrepreneur India magazine because it inspires, informs us and knows best things from successful entrepreneur or experts. There is a lot of experts who share their approach and latest online marketing tips.

Entrepreneur India

The best thing about Entrepreneur India you can find the podcast and offer a real solution to challenges including tips which helps to build, grow your business.

15. Techcrunch:

Last but not least of 15 best digital marketing blogs. This is a website where you can find about the latest technology, startup ideas and much more.


In this blog, a variety of topic under sub-section for digital marketing that comes in the main section. So, if you are technology geek or tech startups then this blog can help you to find your answer.

Conclusion: I know this is not enough list but we’ve added 15 best digital marketing blogs that are best for you. So,You can follow these blog to learn and improve your skills to become expert.

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