15 Facebook SEO groups every digital marketers should join

If you are passionate about to learn SEO then You should join these 15 Facebook SEO groups. Few years backs, when the majority of SEO and digital marketers hung out at the professional forum. That was the time when people shared their secrets, asked a question and got answers.

There is still some up and running forum like WarriorForum or BlackHatWorld. But now, all things changed. According to Reports Today, Facebook is the most important social network for 62% of digital marketers.

In this post, We will recommend you 15 Facebook SEO groups that every SEO or marketers should join.

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Why should you join 15 Facebook SEO groups?

We have research and find best 15 Facebook SEO groups among hundreds of Groups. We prepared a list on the basis of following criteria.

  • The number of members(Based on popularity)
  • Targeted audience( Professional marketers or experienced SEO people)
  • The value of content and expertise.
  • Spam free activities

Only decent members are not significant criteria. We have record group activity and checked the value of content then we are presenting only quality based that is useful for learning or exploring SEO.

[Note: Most of the Facebook SEO groups recommended are closed, groups ]

To join In this groups, You have to send a request to the admin. Some of the groups will ask few questions related to SEO and give your word not to spam. After the approval, you can see content or ask a question or leave the comments.

Well, here it is! Why is social media important for business?

List of 15 Facebook SEO groups:

  1. NicheHacks.com private mastermind group:

Join here: NicheHacks groups

Total Members: 44,000

Owner: Stuart Walker

Types: Closed Group

Topic: SEO, Affiliate marketing, and Social media marketing etc.

15 Facebook SEO groups


This group is not only about SEO but more about internet and affiliate marketing. So, we have decided to add to our list and found a very active community of marketers.

As a group admin, Stuart has created this group to support the customers of his project NicheHacks.com. Later he decided to allow anyone interested in digital and affiliate marketing can join this group.

Although, this group is closed and over 44,200 members joined till today. This group is very restricted for spammy links, only site selling, self-promotion is allowed here.

You can ask questions about niche and affiliate marketing as well as other relevant internet and SEO related stuff. In this group, Admin shares helpful articles to their members. He also runs AMA session from time to time and moderated heavily.

About the Group Owner:

He is a niche and affiliate marketing expert and has created his blog NicheHacks.com to provide useful advice and tactics how to grow businesses. His effort resulted in 6000$ monthly profit only a year after blog launch. Two years ago his blog got into Top 100 business blog by bizHUMM and finally, his dreams come true.

2. SEO Generation:

Join from here: SEO Generation

Total Members: 26,000

Owner: Jerry Okorie

Type: Closed

Topic: SEO, Marketing

Facebook SEO groups

This group was created to support the community of SEOs and Internet marketers. Now, this group has over 24k followers and updated regularly with users questions, helpful articles, and resources.

Moderators keep eyes on content that is posted, So you won’t see any spammy messages link selling offers and useless stuff.

The main goals of admin to provide excellent support and updates about SEO and marketing related stuff.


About Owner/Admin:

Jerry Okorie

Jerry has 10 years of experience in different niches of IT, SEM and digital marketing. He is also a founder of Bordamedia- a powerful UK based consultancy company.

3.Local client Takeover:

Join from here: Local client Takeover Group

Members: 20,000

Owner/Admin: Mark Luckenbaugh

Type: Closed group

Topics: SEO, Internet Marketing, and SMM

This group has set a benchmark and admin also host the largest internet marketing contest. In this group, the admin has posted 50 plus videos on the various topic including SEO, PPC and more that aimed to bring profit to their users.

The members have set a loyal and constantly active who participate in the discussion and other events. One can get free video lesson on SEO and occasionally take part in AMA threads there. Now, group members include users who are looking to get side income from SEO and Marketing as well as high paid marketers. So, it’s a golden opportunity for those who can grab offers from this group can take part.

About the Owner/Admin:

Mark Luckenbaugh

Mark has been doing marketing for 8 years now and generating 7-figure revenue from his two websites. His holistic approach to local marketing help mark to achieve a stable result in terms of ROI, Conversion, and website optimization.

4. Lion Zeal Mastermind:

Join from here: Lion Zeal Mastermind

Members: 17,975

Owner/Admin: Daryl Rosser

Type: Closed group

Topics: SEO, Digital marketing

Lion zeal mastermind is one of those few groups where user discusses PBN issues without being judged by white hat experts. You can learn a lot because weekly interview held with successful SEOs. Moderators and experts give answers to the user question to keep the community active and running.

About the owner:

Daryl has been building websites since he was 13. Now, he established a solid SEO consulting business and making decent money. He has built this community to help other business too. Now, He is running successful businesses and able to visit 7 countries each year.

5. White Hat SEO:

Join from here: White Hat SEO

Members: 21,089

Owner/Admin: Nikolay Stoyanov

Type: Closed group

Topics: SEO, marketing

The group was created about two years ago by Nikolay Stoyanov. By his own claim, he spent hours looking for a group on Facebook that would help users solve their SEO issues.

Failing to find one that met his expectations, Nikolay created his White Hat SEO group where users can discuss ethical SEO strategies that fall within Google’s guidelines.

Today a group counts over 16,000 members with almost 11,000 of them being extremely active. The group admins, Nikolay Stoyanov and Gareth Daine, constantly try new formats to keep the community’s interest: educational videos, daily SEO tips, case studies, polls and AMA sessions (in a form of videos and Facebook threads). One of the recent AMA threads lasted open for 24 hours to allow more users to participate.

The group often runs contests. One of the group members won a 2-day SEO training in Vienna 2500EUR worth for free.

About the owner:

Nikolay Stoyanov

Nikolay is a self-taught SEO entrepreneur from Bulgaria. Transport engineer by diploma — SEO and marketing ninja by heart, he now runs a highly successful SEO blog and Facebook group, both about White Hat SEO. Nick founded his SEO company NikSto in 2016 having helped over 50 Bulgarian companies grow their revenue. He boasts to have a 100% white-hat link building strategy and I don’t have a single reason to doubt that!

6.Proper PBN Group

Join Proper PBN Group
Members: 15,561
Owner: Charles Floate
Type: closed
Topics: SEO, PBN

Proper PBN group a place for open-minded discussions of all existing SEO methods and techniques. The group owner Charles Floate, being a self-proclaimed anti-censorship advocate, aims at offering regular updates on any SEO-related topic and encourages users to post any questions they are concerned of.

The group members already have some success stories on building their entire businesses around the group to share. One of the recent posts was dedicated to those stories. Admins often run giveaways, contests, AMA threads and other activities like the traditional monthly post where users share their goals for the upcoming month. Their last year’s ‘XmaSEO giveaway’ had nearly $16,000 in prizes.

About the owner

Charles Floate

A British millennial entrepreneur and SEO specialist, Charles has been a marketer for almost 9 years now. His field of expertise is technical SEO and link building where he has built his personal brand. Working with many renowned brands, Charles earned trust and established his online presence as an experienced marketer.

7.Digital Marketing Questions:

Join Digital Marketing Questions Group
Members: 12,197
Owner: Ryan Stewart
Type: public
Topics: SEO, marketing

This group was created by Ryan Stewart to engage readers and share the content from his website Webris.org. Although his first intent was getting authority from industry leaders, his group started growing, and this spring hit the number of over 10,000 members. Digital Marketing Questions group is heavily moderated and you won’t find any spammy posts or comments there. We’ve added in list of 15 Facebook SEO groups to ask any questions.

One of the best things about this SEO group is that it is not about a brand or an individual. It is a place where members share their experience about SEO, PPC, digital marketing and other professional niches.

About the owner

Ryan Stewart

Ryan is now one of the most renowned marketers in the industry. His agency is serving 45 clients and pulling 6 figures a month. Over 8 years of consulting experience and a line-up of companies that used his services made Ryan an SEO guru. By his own claim, “the point of marketing is to spend $X and return $X + $Y and my ultimate goal is to deliver that to my clients.”

8.Superstar SEO

Join Superstar SEO Group
Members: 11,215
Owner: Chris M. Walker
Type: closed
Topics: SEO, digital marketing

Like many other SEO groups here, Chris M. Walker created Superstar SEO group for his branding purposes. But as the number of questions from his customers and other people in the SEO community was growing, Chris decided to welcome people who wished to get help to the group.

Chris has also created a free-membership training area with over 30 videos (theory and case studies) for all-level SEOs. Regular Q&A sessions are supported with videos that include answers to the most popular questions. Users can also get discounts on Chris’ services. Right now he runs a contest with a $1,000-worth SEO-service pack.

About the owner

Chris M. Walker

After a 10-year career in the IT industry, Chris M. Walker decided to build on his own and founded Superstar SEO — an SEO and internet marketing agency — in 2013. Chris added SEO services and training to his offerings; his YouTube channel already surpassed 100,000 views.

9. SEO Tips, Tricks & Tools

Join SEO Tips Group
Members: 9,990
Owner: Christine Maisel
Type: closed
Topics: marketing, SEO

The group was created by Christine Maisel as a support for her students. She’s been teaching SEO. Later she opened it to everyone interested in learning SEO and marketing and trying to improve their skills. This group includes people from affiliate marketers and bloggers to local business owners and SEO agencies.

There is a lot of activity going on in this group. The owner shares various SEO tips (both beginner and advanced level) 3–4 times a week as well as cool video tutorials for more specific issues. She also shares tools and resources she finds useful to complete various SEO tasks. Sometimes Christine shares exclusive checklists or runs giveaways of access to some premium SEO tools.

About the owner

Christine Maisel

Christine Maisel has been a web designer and SEO for over 15 years. She has taught local SEO to over 10,000 students. Also, she is the founder of the Portable Entrepreneur project where she helps web design and SEO to entrepreneurs start and grow their business.

10. SEO Signals Lab

Join SEO Signals Lab Group
Members: 9,681
Owner: Steven Kang
Type: closed
Topics: SEO, digital marketing

Steven Kang, the owner of SEO Signals Lab, believes that SEO is a not a rock-solid discipline that one can learn from some textbook. His group SEO Signals Lab helps users achieve success in this niche offering them the latest data-driven info from reliable resources. Steven has developed a signals framework that allowed him to run multiple successful SEO campaigns. Now he shares his experience and information collected via data-driven SEO with the community for free.

Members of the group regularly share their data to help others find the right framework for their SEO activity. The group owners are also reaching out to the industry leaders for their insights and knowledge. They’re currently working on the value-added resources section for easy access.

One of the main goals of the group is creating a friendly communicating environment where everyone can learn something from others. Steven names open dialog one of the best means for learning and growing.

About the owner

Steven Kang

Steven has been working in marketing for almost 20 years building strategy for various businesses, including Fortune 500 companies like Toshiba, Target, Dominos, Johnson Controls, McAfee, and AT&T. He developed his own digital marketing strategies to help business owners increase their ROI and improve their online marketing presence. One of the projects he was involved in was a supply chain SAAS startup that has been sold for millions.

11. SEO Cheat Guides

Join SEO Cheat Guides Group
Members: 8,286
Owner: Stuart Trier
Type: closed
Topics: SEO, marketing

By the claim of Stuart Trier, the SEO Cheat Guides founder, the group was born out of his wish to share and discuss the tips and experience he achieved during his work as an independent SEO professional. The training is an endless process for every professional who wants to grow and leverage the skills they have. Thus, this group is aimed at all SEO’s and digital marketers to help them provide high-class services to their clients.

The group is regularly updated with videos, interviews, and links to helpful articles, giveaways of worksheets, mappings, and templates that should ease the working routine for SEO professionals and internet marketers. You will also find success stories from the group members there. Stuart spends a lot of time answering calls and private messages to help people accelerate their growth.

About the owner

Stuart Trier

Stuart carries all the qualities of a true serial entrepreneur. His over 15-years experience in various niches of digital marketing, business management, business development and tactical sales resulted in SEO Cheat Guides project creation. Process Maps he developed have already helped over 6,000 SEO’s to simplify their SEO, outreach and lead generation routine.

12. SEO Jungle

Join SEO Jungle Group
Members: 6,777
Owner: Gabriel Machuret
Type: closed
Topics: SEO, marketing

SEO Jungle group was created to provide SEO professionals, entrepreneurs and everyone who uses SEO as the core part of their strategy with the freshest tips and solutions in this marketing niche. Gabriel Machuret, the group owner, believes that SEO is more than just links and it is strongly based on human behavior. That’s why he created a group that is aimed at people who wish to grow and empower.

SEO Jungle group has grown to over 5,000 members in only 3 months, making it one of the fastest growing SEO communities on Facebook. It offers its members daily FB live sessions, useful tips, and resources. Its content is mainly focused on business, sales, growth, and the means of positions of SEO services.

About the owner

Gabriel Machuret

Gabriel defines himself as one of the App Store Optimization pioneers in the world. His book about ASO was downloaded over 2,000 times, and his Advanced ASO course was sold 200 times during the first 48 hours. He has been working as an SEO consultant for 5 years and helping over 400 entrepreneurs each year with their businesses coaching them SEO strategy, link building, and social media management. Gabriel is currently the head of WarriorForum.com.

13. Ahrefs Insider

Join Ahrefs Insider Group
Members: 4,718
Owner: Tim Soulo
Type: closed
Topics: SEO, marketing

Started over a year ago, Ahrefs Insider group was initially aimed at helping Ahrefs users with their questions about the toolset. But very soon it grew into a robust community of SEOs and marketers where they can ask anything about Ahrefs as well as find solutions to any SEO issues they might encounter in their work. And when I say SEO, I mean White Hat only. Black Hat topics are a big no-no!

This group is a closed one. It is heavily moderated by Tim and his team to keep it clean from spam, irrelevant questions, and other stuff. Since it is mostly aimed at loyal Ahrefs subscribers, one will find tons of lesser-known SEO tricks and hacks that were tried in practice there. Thus, there are regular discussions of various SEO challenges and controversial topics under the #SEOValueBomb hashtag. One who leaves the best and the most valuable comment gets a month of Ahrefs subscription for free.

The members of Ahrefs Insider are amazingly responsive. They actively take part in discussions and share their suggestions to make Ahrefs even better.

About the owner

Tim Soulo

I guess everybody knows Tim as the head of marketing and product strategy here at Ahrefs. Tons of articles at Ahrefs blog, loads of videos at Ahrefs YouTube channel (that has already reached one million of views), and hundreds of other activities — it is Tim’s work. Having over 7 years of SEO and digital marketing experience, he regularly participates in Live Talks, conferences and other professional events, like the recent Chiang Mai SEO conf.

14. The Super Cool Dan Ray White Hat SEO and Link Building Group

Join Dan Ray White Hat SEO Group
Members: 2,843
Owner: Dan Ray
Type: closed
Topics: SEO, marketing

Dan Ray, the group owner, wished to create a high-quality group focused on White Hat SEO tactics instead of the majority of Black-Hat-focused ones. He aimed at building a community of people who wanted to learn outreach and link-building strategies.

It is one of the heavily moderated groups on the Facebook. Dan checks out the profile of each applicant to ensure these are the people genuinely interested in SEO and the industry techniques. The group is entirely free from self-serving links but welcomes good questions and practical advice. Dan claims he always tests and encourages others to test all the catchy ideas users drop to the community. There are tons of case studies and practical advice shared inside the group.

Dan doesn’t often run giveaways and contests but he did AMA sessions occasionally where some brilliant professionals participated.

About the owner

Dan Ray

Dan has focused on online business that gives him an opportunity to work only a few hours a day, from home or anywhere in the world. Today he runs a six-figure digital agency helping over 100,000 member community with link-building strategies. On his blog, you won’t find clickbait content that offers “XX tips of getting free traffic” or so. Dan rather gives you a step-by-step strategy for achieving a decent income staying at home.

15. Dumb SEO Questions

Join Dumb SEO Questions Group
Members: 2,564
Owner: Jim Munro
Type: closed
Topics: SEO, marketing

This group was initially created to support a similar community of users on Google+. The team of enthusiasts decided to create a Dumb SEO Questions group on Facebook because of the uncertain future of G+. It now has over 1,000 of loyal members who regularly contribute their questions to the group. The panelists include leading SEOs like Dan Petrovic, who regularly answer the most demanding questions in the SEO field.

This group is closely focused on AMA sessions. Every week the panelists answer the questions of Dumb SEO Questions community, both from Facebook and G+, during the hangout-on-air. Their longest live session (so far) was cut on YouTube at eight hours! The number of recorded episodes of Dumb SEO Questions counts 260 at the moment.

About the owner

Jim Munro

Jim moderates the Dumb SEO Questions group. He funded its development, but the ongoing direction of the group is guided by the consensus of the panelists. At 66, Jim has retired from most of the businesses he founded. He is immensely proud of his three sons who now run a Gold Coast IT business they have advanced to be a double-gold-certified Microsoft Partner.


The social media are well-known langoliers that may keep you ‘busy’ for hours scrolling the feed. But professional communities for SEOs may help you procrastinate for a reason. You can find a community of like-minded people to get help or answers to your issues there.

Of course, this above list of 15 Facebook SEO groups is not exhaustive. There are more groups that may attract your attention and be of help in other marketing niches aside from SEO. Share your thoughts in comments and let us (and group owners) know what do you expect from a perfect Facebook SEO group.

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