Hello learners, Are you Looking Best Free SEO Tools? If yes then you’re at right place. Here We will show you some exact how to use and Rank your website.

If you are an SEO professional or blogger then you might be knowing the importance of tools.

Tools are the best friend of any SEO executive or blogger because only tools are the one which can help them to analyze each and every step of their efforts they are putting on their website.

But the problem is today tools are not freely available they are premium even if you want a trial version of these tools then also you have to pay few dollars otherwise you will not get.

And it’s very difficult to buy premium tools for beginners or who are not making money from their website.

So, what to do in this situation?

Well, so in this article, I am going to share some amazing free SEO tools which will help you to boost your ranking in search engine.

The tools which I will be discussing in this article are completely free so stop worrying about buying paid tools.

Let’s get started.

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Top 20+ Best free SEO tools

Site audit

Similar web

similar web

The similar web is one of the best free tool available that will help you in competitor analysis. This will reveal the lot of things about competitor websites like on which keyword they are ranking on, traffic source of their websites and many more.

Similar web available in both version free and premium. The free version has some limitation like it will not show more than five ranking keywords of your competitor like that.



I am putting this tool on the second number because of its service.

Here, in this tool, you just have to enter the URL of your site and it will analyze the whole website and give you the report of your website.

This tool will tell you that whether your website follows the Google guidelines or not.

Google webmaster

google webmaster

Google webmaster is a tool provided by Google that works as a mediocre between Google and your site.

Whatever changes you will make on your site, Google will detect it with the help of Google webmaster either it’s about publishing a new post or creating a backlink.

This is the reason why people first submit their website to Google webmaster when they created.

Because until they will not submit the website to the Google webmaster, Google is not going to crawl his website.

Google webmaster take care of all the technical aspect of your website.

Bing webmaster tools

bing webmaster

Optimize your website for Bing search engine.

Bing webmaster is a tool of the Bing search engine which works in the same way as Google webmaster does.

But it will only evaluate your website if you have submitted your website to Bing search engine.

Can I rank

Can I rank is an online tool that checks all the aspect of a keyword and tells you whether you will be able to rank for this keyword or not.

And along with the answer, it will give you the reason too.

Mobile friendly test

mobile friendly seo

Website responsiveness is one of the most important factors has been considered by the Google for ranking.

Website responsiveness means your website should fit on all kind of devices either its Android, iPhone or desktop.

This tool will help you to identify whether your website is responsive or not.

Site liner

site liner

Site liner is one of the amazing free SEO audit tools that checks the entire website and generate the report with all the pros and cons of the website.

So, if you want to do SEO audit your site, this tools will be the best for you.


This tool will help you to test the speed of your site that how long your site takes to load and along with this you can also analyze your site and generate a report.

This one is similar to site liner.

Backlink Checker

Lxrmarket place/Small SEO tools/SEO review tools

These are some common tools which are specifically designed for backlink checking purpose.

The interesting part about these tools is that all these are free and you can check the backlink of your site as well as your competitor’s site.

Broken link checker

broken link checker

This tool is used for broken link checker.

Broken link checker is very easy to use you just have to enter the URL of your site and if it will check and display all the broken link on your site.

Open link profiler/Buzzsumo

These both are the backlink checker tool same like other tools but the interesting part of these two tools is they show some extra information like the industry of the link, how many time content has been shared etc.

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Keyword research



This is one of the best keyword idea generator tools that will give you u hundred and thousands of keyword idea from the primary keyword.

It scrapes the keyword ideas from different platform like YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon from a keyword you have typed.

For example, if I type blogging central in the text area then it will show me the different keyword related to blogging central.

Keyword Planner

keyword planner

Even if you have just spent one or half month in digital marketing or blogging, I am sure you might be aware of this tool.

But if not then it’s ok, let me explain.

So, Google keyword planner is a keyword research tool developed by Google.

Primarily, it has been designed for focusing on Google Adwords advertising platform.

Google Adwords is a platform provided by Google to all the online marketers to promote their product by paying a few bucks to Google.

Keyword planner also helps them who don’t want to do paid advertising like Bloggers.

Now, you guys are wondering. How?

You can use keyword planner for these different purposes-

  • Get related keyword ideas.
  • Know the search volume of the keyword according to the specific area.
  • The difficulty of the keywords

Google trends

google trends

This is also one of the finest tool provided by Google which shows all the trending topics running in the world currently.

If you are a blogger then this topic will help you to find less competitive and trending topics for your blog.

Keyword shitter

keyword shitter

Keyword shitter is also a keyword generator tool which generates hundred and thousands of keyword from a seed keyword.

This tool also allows you to download all the keyword in a text file.



This is another keyword generator tool which generates LSI (Latent semantic indexing) keywords.

LSI keywords are nothing but keyword related to your primary keyword.

For example, apple and iTunes are the latent keywords.

Answer the public

answer the questionSome of you might be knowing this tool but who don’t know for them, this is one of the mind blowing tool if you are looking for the tool that can give you keyword ideas.

Answer the public is an online tool that generates thousands of questioned keyword, long tail keyword from a single small keyword.

Keyword everywhere

keyword everywhere

Keyword everywhere is a chrome extension which gives you a number of keywords ideas with its volume search according to the country.

When you search for something on Google, along with the result it shows you the list of keyword ideas related to that keyword in the right side.



Kwfinder is one of my favorite tool which is available in both version free and premium.

Basically, this tools is used for keyword research purpose which tells everything about the keyword like difficulty of the keyword, volume of the keyword, competitors of that keyword and many more.

Content optimization

Plagiarism Checker

plagiarism checker

This tool is used for identifying the uniqueness of the content.

It will identify whether the content is copied from somewhere or it’s original.

To perform this operation you have to copy paste the content in the text area and then click on the check button and it will start checking.

You can also upload the file if you don’t want to copy paste.



Grammarly is a grammar checker tool which is useful for content optimizations.

It highlights all the errors you do during writing either it’s related to spelling, helping verb or commas.

Yoast SEO

yoast seo

Yoast SEO is one of the best tool available for doing the on-page SEO.

It is available in both form free and premium.

If you have installed this plugin in your WordPress dashboard then there is no need of installing any other plugin because it’s a package of all the SEO tools.

It provides all the features which any on-page SEO executive looking for.


Google analytics

google analytics

Google analytic is a tool provided by the Google that shows us all the analytical part of our website.

Using this tool you will be able to see that how many visitors have been visited your site, what is the bounce rate of your website, from where they have come and many more, lead conversion and many more things.

In short, this tool will show you all the information related to your visitors.


Let’s wrap up,

So, here I have discussed more than 20 SEO tools which are freely available out there. These tools will be very helpful for you all guys and especially beginners.

Among these tools, you will get the different category of tools like keyword research, backlink checker, content optimization etc.

If you have any tool in your mind and I have missed in this article please share with us in the comment section.

Also, tell us which tool you like the most.

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