5 Tips to Choose Best Web Hosting Providers in India 2018

As a blogger, it’s a tough task to find the best web hosting providers in India. Choosing a good web hosting is very important because without having right hosting your blog or website will not perform perfectly. Consider these 10 things before buying web hosting.

Web hosting is as important as you do choose in any business like the right place, inventory house, resources etc. Why not you choose the best web hosting for your blog or website that is also a key factor to run successfully your online startups.

Most of the business owner who runs their business online or a blog most often ignored initially. That’s the worst thing but hope you won’t do such mistakes.

In this post, we’ll tell you what are the 10 tips that you consider before choosing any web hosting provider in India. Take your time then finalize the best web hosting providers.

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5 Tips to find best web hosting providers in India:

  1. Identify the needs:

Very first thing is that have you identified exactly what are you looking for your web hosting. If you are still planning and haven’t got a domain that’s the first step in every online business. You can check on Godaddy which is the largest domain registrants provider worldwide.

Now, you are done with a name. what’s next?

Identification is as important as what you eat and it digests well. Suppose, you want to build a website like Udemy, Fiverr then choosing a shared hosting is not a good decision. As you know, These kinds of websites have millions of user and getting hundreds of million traffic every year. Is that possible with shared hosting or normal hosting, definitely not. Shared hosting can’t handle a large amount of traffic at a time. It’s better to identify your business sites at an early stage. So, be clear what is your business about?

However, You can go with shared hosting if you are starting just a blog that’s ok.

2. Choose right hosting package:

Many small businesses failing because for saving few bucks they choose shared hosting. If you do so then you will have a low response time, limited bandwidth, limited storage etc. When you choose VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting either from Bluehost or, MilesWeb where you have own server, faster loading time, High-quality performance but it cost you little expensive. It gives your business more power.


3. Pricing:

After checking 2 tips, 3rd come to pricing. A human psychology, people want the best product at less price but that’s not worth. If you are interested and you liked it what you need it has in the product then people also pay more than the regular price. It’s better that you can compare same services to the different best web hosting providers in India.

You can’t bargain but yeah they provide coupons, promo code that will help you to get some discounts.  There are a lot of hosting service which is now very cheap.

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Godaddy Renewal coupon, Promo code to get 78% OFF on Hosting.

4. Features & limitation:

When you finalize pricing then you should look into the features and what is the feature on your web hosting. You will see every feature that included in hosting package.Bluehost hosting plan

As you can in the Image, these are three plans that mentioned what will you get or not. I would recommend choosing Bluehost Prime hosting plan in which you can host an unlimited number of websites. If you purchase today then you will get at just 4.95$/M(Normally 5.95$/M) with a domain name free absolutely.

  • Server performance– It depends on hosting plan if you have dedicated and VPS hosting plan then server performance would be far better than shared hosting. It should be 99.99% server uptime and website loading time in milliseconds or maximum 4 seconds.
  • Bandwidth– If your hosting has high bandwidth then you can store, transfer and handle a large amount of traffic in a real time. So, always prefer high bandwidth hosting plan which has “Unmetered bandwidth” are fast in loading and response time.
  • Disk space or RAM– When you looking for shared hosting then must consider “Disk space” or if you are looking VPS or dedicated server then “RAM”. These are the term which you should when buying a hosting.
  • Cpanel or Hardware– Cpanel is very mandatory to operate website internally. In shared hosting, you would get Cpanel or Hardware like RAM, OS, DDoS protection in VPS or cloud server.

When you decide any hosting from web hosting provider must check all the above features. It should be flexible, reliable and quality based services then go for it.

5. Support(Tech or Chat):

If everything is good with best web hosting providers in India but they don’t provide live or technical support then it’s useless or a waste of money. So, you need to know or ask people or friends who are using their hosting with good support then consider hosting your website only. Hostgator and Bluehost are best for live support or technical support they are 24/7 available for you.

Effect of not choosing right web hosting:

A few stories that I want to share with you about not choosing right web hosting can impact your business. According to Forbes contributor James Lyne, more than 30,000 websites are hacked each day. Hacking websites are increasing day by day at a fast pace. There is no perfect solution to prevent hacking. To choosing right web hosting will perform regular backups of your data to secure in case of any security breach happens in future otherwise you can lose your data.


When you website went down for few minutes or an hour it means you are not making money. A similar case has with Amazon in August 2013; Amazon lost $66,240 per minute when the website went down for more than 30 minutes. A downtime can drop your ranking as well as traffic that are main factors in making money from a website will also lose. So, I suggest you don’t do such mistakes for saving few bucks can ruin your business for a long time and do homework then choose a right web hosting for you. These are some of best web hosting providers in India.

You can choose from Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator and MilesWeb etc.

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Through this post, I have shared everything that you need to know before choosing a right best web hosting providers in India because web hosting is the heart of your business. I hope this post helps you in finding your web hosting plan that is right. If anything you still don’t understand please leave a  comment or share it. Thanks!

  1. Blog Basics 101 June 3, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Hello Binod,
    Nice article, I think website load time is very important ranking factor as said my Google. So always choose hosting that provides you fast load time.