Is it safe to use 9Anime to watch anime online?

Many anime fans tend to rely on 9Anime as the most suitable platform through which they can watch anime. Therefore, the site’s shutdown was such a huge loss for the anime community. But they have come back under the new domain and it is better and safer than ever!

For those who have been familiar with free anime sites, 9Anime is one of the first names that come to their minds when the topic of free anime streaming arises. For those who are new to the streaming industry, 9Anime is one of the most recommended sites to start their journey with. However, unfortunately, the site was shut down and we had a hard time looking for the real 9Anime site. And our efforts paid off. We have managed to find the site under the new domain and it is the best version of 9Anime so far.


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What is is one of fan favorites thanks to its superb content and features. Created in 2016, the site has been one of the best sites for free anime streaming for 5 years straight. Although the site was shut down lately, it quickly came back with new features, including the ad-free one. If you left the site due to its numerous ads and pop-ups, it is time to come back. The site is now completely free from shady ad links. As a result, allows users to stream and download up to thousands of English subbed and dubbed anime shows in HD quality with zero ads. The site also provides users with excellent features to make sure we all have a premium quality streaming experience without having to pay any dime.

What is The Real 9Anime Website?

You should not jump in any site with 9Anime in its domain name because it is highly likely fake. After the shutdown of 9Anime, multiple fake sites are mushrooming everywhere to leech off the site’s popularity. However, as they did not have good intentions to start with, there are high chances they are there to scam you. Looking for the real 9Anime site was not a walk in the park. We had to take the risk to check out all the 9Anime sites we came across.

All the fake sites are ad-supported and could not provide the same quality that we enjoyed at the old 9Anime. We then managed to contact the old 9Anime team and learned that the site has made its official comeback with Even when you are in doubt, it is totally risk-free to check out the site. Unlike other 9Anime sites, cannot pose any risk to your device and identity. Give the site a look and we are sure you can feel the old vibe of 9Anime there.

Is It Illegal To Use

Unfortunately, is not considered a legal site due to its pirated content. However, you should not need to worry about possible criminal or civil charges when streaming anime online on the site. According to copyright attorneys, you will only get into trouble with copyright authorities when you commit illegal downloading and file sharing. Therefore, you should stick with online anime streaming only to avoid legal issues. And if you need to download videos from the site to watch offline later, do not forget to take precautionary measures such as using a reliable VPN and proceed at your own risk.

Is Safe? is absolutely safe to use thanks to its ad-free feature and no registration policy. As the site is free from ads, pop-ups, and commercials, users are kept safe from viruses, trojans, malware, and other malicious computer programs. You can enjoy your favorite anime on without fears of data loss, identity theft, corrupted networks, and other common Internet risks. Besides, the site does not ask for users’ private information for any signup or registration. Therefore, you are not prone to information leakage. To sum it up, is currently the safest free anime site you can find. 

Is Down?

In case the site is not accessible, you can visit this link to check if it is offline in your region. Or you can also keep up with the latest news regarding the site by following on their SNS accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 

Why Is 9Anime.Vc The Best Site To Watch Anime Online?

Because there are no other sites that are as free, safe, and high-quality as Why settle for less when you can have the best on If you don’t believe us, take a look at the site’s feature list and be your own judge: 


Extensive content library: has one of the biggest collections of anime with thousands of English subbed and dubbed titles from all genres and subgenres. No matter what you are looking for, even titles that are not allowed on national TV channels, you are highly likely to find it on the site. 


HD Resolution: While most sites only allow free users to watch anime in 480p, all titles on automatically play in 720p (HD quality). The site also provides us the option to adjust the video quality in case our Internet connection is not strong and stable enough. 


Seamless streaming experience: Your streaming will be smooth and seamless on thanks to the fast loading speed and superb streaming capabilities. You will not be bothered by any lagging, buffering, redirects, and pop-ups during your streaming.

Daily database updates: updates its content library on a daily basis by adding new titles, including the latest releases, requested titles, and random interesting shows that are worth watching.

9anime movie

Friendly user interface: Simple UI & UX is an important factor to consider if a site is user-friendly. We have a tendency to lose interest quickly with sites that have complicated UI & UX. No one wants to spend their time meant for anime learning how to use a site. But it is not the case at No matter how tech-savvy you are, you can easily know how to navigate and browse through the site after seconds. 


Mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported: With great device compatibility, allows you to watch anime on any Internet-enabled device available. You can start your day by watching anime with your phone on the way to work and later cast it on your big screen TV before going to sleep. 


Zero ads: Ads can be annoying as they not only carry viruses and malware but also interrupt our seamless watching experience. As is free from ads, you can enjoy your favorite anime smoothly without any worries. 


No account or registration needed: Whenever you are in the mood for anime, visit All you need to do is to look for your movie of interest, hit the play button, enjoy it as much as you wish, and leave as you please. There is no need to register or make an account to have full access to the site’s content library and features. 


Best customer service: As the site’s ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, the 9Anime team is dedicated to bringing you the best experience ever on the site. They are on active mode 24/7; therefore, should you have any problem with the site, feel free to send them a report, a request, or an inquiry. 


It is easy to fake a name, but it is impossible to fake the quality that 9Anime delivers. is the one and only official 9Anime site by now and therefore, you should stay away from any other 9anime sites for your safety. Take a look at and we believe you can easily tell it is the real 9Anime. If you like the site and want to support the team, do not forget to share it with your friends and family.