15+ Free Movie Streaming Apps like ShowBox in 2020

Always being in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, Showbox has finally given in to all the pressure from the studios and producers worldwide. Showbox has been accused of streaming pirated content creating turmoil in the industry. Movie buffs’ most favorite mobile application for streaming free movies has been banned in multiple countries leaving a vacuum in most of our lives. Now, we have to go out looking for apps like Showbox to satisfy our entertainment taste buds which is a mammoth task in itself.

The entertainment application market has recently been flooded by Free movie apps like Showbox and its clones but most of them still remain unworthy of our time and downloading owing to a number of serious threats that it comes with. While we have a trusted Showbox for android to maintain our security and privacy, the same cannot be done with other free movie applications and clones out there because there is always a  threat of hacking which may lead to loss of private and financial data.

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Moreover, due to the tightening noose of the piracy prevention agencies, most of these applications are rendered useless for us. Looking at these desperate circumstances, we have curated a special list of all the Showbox alternatives so that you don’t have to waste your precious time. Please have a look and get the best alternatives to the Showbox app.

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15 + Best Movie apps for android like Showbox APK:

1. PlayBox HD:

playbox hd

Going by the name that explains the very purpose of the website itself, PlayBox HD runs with one sole motive of providing free movie streaming services and this is one of the best applications like Showbox for android. It contains tons of HD content for the movie buffs. 

The best part is, no matter what device you have and what interface you are using, PlayBox HD runs on everything. While the content available is of very High Definition, it is advised that you browse this application on a big screen so that you are able to enjoy this application to the best possible extent while watching or downloading movies in HD.

2. Moviebox:

A movie app just like ShowBox, Moviebox is one of the best ShowBox alternatives out there in the market which not only does almost everything that Showbox does but also looks quite similar. If you have been a regular user of the Showbox App, you will not have a problem browsing or using this application. The only noticeable shortcoming of going to the Moviebox is that you might have to compromise on the quality of the video from 1080p to 720ps. So, if you are okay with it then all you need to do is download Showbox APK and you are ready to dive in the large database of free movies streaming online.

3. Megabox HD:

Megabox HD

As the name suggests Megabox HD is indeed a mega database of High Quality and High Definition free movies and TV shows. This is easily accessible and the best app like Showbox for android which provides your video quality based on the strength and speed of your internet connection. You can get the best movie streaming experience according to your internet speed. Enjoy the ride of unlimited HD quality free movies.

Since the Showbox stopped working, the traffic on this application has skyrocketed making it one of the best alternatives of Showbox out there. Not only this, but the server is also very secure and only routes from secured connections making sure that no hacker out there gets their hand on your data and information.

4. Popcorn Time:

popcorn time

Available for androids, IOS, and even Linux, Popcorn Time has one of the most easily customizable users interface out there. The only thing that Popcorn Time asks you to take care of is Popcorn while it has got everything else sorted. In case you are not a native English speaker and want some assistance in understanding the dialogues, this is the place for you to be because Popcorn Time provides you with subtitles in many languages making your life a lot simpler and taking you closer to your roots. So, if you feel like you are missing on some interesting conversations out there with your peers just because you are out of date as far as movies are concerned, you need not worry anymore because the solution is right here. All that you need to do is make some finger strokes on your device and enter this wonderful world of motion pictures entertainment.

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5. Cat Mouse:

One of the newest kids in the town, CatMouse is the new Showbox for android and ios which is as good as the former. With a lot of customizable features, CatMouse comes with a huge database classified according to different genres making it very easy to browse.

Cat Mouse is the new trendy kid who knows what the modern present-day trend demands and will not disappoint you when it comes down to free application for movie streaming. The server is secure and closely monitored keeping all the phishing attempts away from you and best Showbox alternatives. We all need that, don’t we?

6. Cinema APK:

If you are looking for free movie apps like Showbox, Cinema APK deserves a visit from there. Cinema APK has been pulling in a lot of high definition content for its viewers making no compromise with the quality of the content. Easy navigation and search make this application as an amazing alternative of Showbox. Cinema APK also comes with a lot of extra features like support for external players like MX Player, the customizable home page, advanced search panels, etc which won’t let you miss movie apps for android like Showbox at all. Also, in the times when the threat of hackings is so prominent, Cinema APK is like a messiah which is standing out as a guard keeping all those funny characters away from you and your precious devices.

7. TVZion:


TVZion is one of the best alternatives to Showbox for android. This is one of the most updated applications out there keeping you updated with the present trends of the media industry. Providing with an option of autoplay just like youtube, TVZion makes sure that you get an endless supply of HD Content without any ad break. With up to date databases, TVZion is sure to be featured on this list which is specially curated for you. This application has helped largely in changing the world of free movie streaming services.


8. Hulu:


With popularity second to none, Hulu is one of the most famous movies streaming out there providing high-quality entertainment day in day out.

Relatively easier to use, this alternative for Showbox is easy to download and easy to use software designed keeping all the needs of its viewers in mind. With a very good ambiance, Hulu aims at relaxing your mood in all the ways possible.

9. Popcornflix:


A software with a huge database that cannot be challenged by many, Popcornflix is a one-stop solution for watching movies & downloading in HD if you are looking for movie apps like Showbox serving the same purpose in a cooler way.

While you might find some trouble while browsing this application on your computers, this is the best ios and android app for watching movies like Showbox which comes with a lot of things for everybody. Watch unlimited Free movies online & TV shows.

10. Pluto TV:

Pluto TV

One of the pioneers of the industry of movie apps like Showbox, Pluto TV features over a hundred channels for streaming movies and tv shows.

Being very similar to other applications on this Free movie streaming apps list, Pluto TV makes sure that the high definition prints of your movies come to you as soon as they are available without making you wait for months all together just to disappoint you at the end. So, pick up genre, choose a movie and there you go, you are ready for entertainment wherever you go without any worries. It has 250+ free TV channels and 1000s on-demand movies & TV shows. You can choose your favorite genre and movies and watch them.  

11. Crackle:

Sony Crackle

Coming with top-notch service, Crackle has been competing with Showbox to control one of the largest market shares of the viewers out there. Undoubtedly the best alternative of Showbox, Crackle is an application that offers nothing but satisfaction as claimed by many of its users. The database is huge, efficiently managed, and categorized and regularly updated. Not only is one of the best ios and android apps like Showbox, but this application also supports smart tv that cannot be said for many streaming applications out there giving you a holistic best streaming services on your devices.

12. Vudu:

By routing authentic and genuine ratings from one of the best movies review website Rotten Tomatoes, Vudu has taken care of every possible need that a movie fanatic can actually have. With this app, you can not only watch movies and TV but also rent and buy your favorite movies online with Vudu App.

It’s one of the best Showbox alternatives where you don’t have to pay a registration fee or no signup. Being available on all the platforms, Vudu has covered almost everything just like magic. Pun intended. So your search for apps like Showbox should definitely end here. Just visit once, you forget the other free movie apps like Showbox app for android.

13. Morph TV:

Just recently launched, Morph TV has taken the movie streaming world with a storm exceeding all expectations. Not only being free, but they also do not feature any annoying advertisements as of now providing you with uninterrupted access to high quality and high definition entertainment. Download Morph TV APK from clicking Here.

It comes with no clauses or hidden terms and is also one of the most secure applications out there. Taking the customer reviews very seriously, they keep on updating the app very regularly so that nothing bothers you. You just need to install the Morph TV app on android mobiles or tablets and watch the high-quality streaming movies free.

14. Fmovies:

Tired of apps downloading bugs and Trojans along with them putting you at cyber risk? Fmovies’ top priority after providing you with an unlimited database of movies and tv series is your privacy. With strong firewalls and vigilance, Fmovies makes sure that all you get is what you signed for and that is entertainment. No bugs. No viruses. No data leaks. This application is a sort of a must to have on your device.

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15. 123movies:

When you are talking about free movies streaming, you cannot forget about this application which is not only a great alternative for Showbox but someone would agree it to be a better alternative for Showbox. There is hardly any movie that you won’t find here. The database is huge, regularly updated, easily accessible, and very cleverly categorized taking care of all your needs. With one of the biggest viewer bases out there, this application has been serving us for ages now and is one of the most secure apps like Showbox out there which seldom disappoints. There is hardly any movie buff which doesn’t know about this movie streaming sites or gives bad reviews about it so what are you waiting for? You really do not have to look any further.

16. Movierulz:

Are you looking for a Hollywood to chill with your bae or feel like some dramatic number from Bollywood and Tollywood, Movierulz brings every title under one app making your life as simpler as it can get. The range is absolutely very wide and non-exhaustive. You don’t need any other apps like Showbox when you have Movierulz.

Do you know what is faster than Movierulz in terms of uploading new content, it is the movie theatre releases. As soon as the movie is released, you can find a print of the movie on this application in the basic quality or you can definitely wait for a very small period before a high-quality print is uploaded here. It is really a secret that how can they be so quick. This app doesn’t wait for anything.

Best alternatives/Apps like ShowBox APK:

While the list can certainly go on but there is simply no need for it. All the best alternatives for Showbox have been listed here which you can browse without any worry on your mind. Some of the applications mentioned above are like a duplicate of Showbox while some of these applications are even better in many ways.

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The world of free movie streaming has revolutionized in recent years and these are all the pioneers of the industry who have never failed a single movie viewer. There is simply no need for you to mull over anymore, Since the time Showbox not working, these apps have promised to serve for their fallen comrade making sure that you are not left without movies to watch without shelling out any more money since you have already spent so much on those expensive devices. So, if you were in search of movie apps like Showbox, you have found a treasure that is known to few and deserved by many.

Legal Disclaimer: We don’t own the rights of the legality, privacy, and security of third-party apps, software, and services mentioned on these sites. Also, we are not responsible for any legal and violation of online piracy by you. This post has written for just information and online piracy is a legal crime.

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