Best 8 free image compressor and optimization tools 2017

Best 8 free image compressor and optimization tools 2017

Do you know image optimization is very important for blogger because it might slow your site? These are best 8 free image optimization tools which can help you to reduce page loading time. Page loading does matter for blog otherwise you will lose your visitors they won’t wait. Average page loading time should be less than 2 sec. If you want to know about those tools here I will tell you best 8 free image optimization tools that you should know and save page size of the blog or website and increase loading speed. It also helps in SEO purpose, so,don’t ignore it.

In fact, a research says Fast Website speed is crucial for any website. you can increase website loading speed with our Best 8 free image optimization tools to enhance performance and decrease load time.

List of Best 8 free image optimization tools:

Here it is best 8 free image optimization tools which you really need to optimize, stay tuned and use it.

  1. Tiny PNG: This is my personal choice which compresses image up to 70% as you can in below:

Best 8 free image optimization toolsBest 8 free image optimization tools

TinyPNG support both JPEG and PNG image files. You can upload 20 images at one time up to 5MB each. After compressing you can save to Dropbox account or download straight to your computer.

2. JPEG Optimizer: This is a free online tool for resizing and compressing your digital photos and images.JPEG optimizer

As you can see image above, JPEG optimizer reduced image up to 100%. Unfortunately, image quality is not as same as original and it only supports JPEG(extension) image file.

3.  Image Resize: This is an online tool to crop or resize like 20% of the original size or 50% choose according. Best thing here you can use online image URL for cropping and resize imagesImage Resize

4. Resize photo: This is well-featured customized image compression tool that allows for some pretty file savings. Before compressing you can set a width then select the desired quality of the image from 1-100, in the increments of 5.

Resize photo

5. This is a web-based image compression tools which always maintains the quality of the image. can reduce file size up to 90% without compromising the image quality. Best part, it supports 4 image file formats( JPEG, PNG, GIF & SVG) and both lossy and lossless compression. You should give it try.

6. Optimizilla: This is cool image compression tool with instant preview features. You can compare the quality of the compressed image or you can set the desired compression level from the preview and modify easily.


You can upload up to 20 images and compressed at one time.

7. This is another powerful online image compressor tool which facilitates drag and drop features. Most importantly it allows you to import images from Dropbox, Google Drive or even in Zip file format. Some other features like Lossy or Lossless and bulk image upload which is similar to Optimizilla and

8. Compress photo: This is a very simple tool for image optimization.They don’t have extra features like custom width and quality control. You can upload an image in bulk and compress an unlimited number of .jpeg or .png at once and optimize.

Conclusion: It’s up to you which you can choose from above Best 8 free image optimization tools for compressing image file and sure, it gives you best result.Thanks! if you have other than this please let us in comment. Thanks! Keep reading and sharing.


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