10 Best Evite Alternatives Sites in 2019

Are you looking social platform to invite or greet your loved ones? Evite is one of the best free online invitation makers for all the special occasions. You can send a paperless invitation, greeting card, Wishing Happy birthday and much more. Evite is available for free and paid also. There are many best Evite Alternatives are available to use in 2019 which I am going to share with you in this post ahead.

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What are the Evite sites?

Evite is a social planning website that is used for the creation, management, and sending of online invitations. This website was launched in 1998. This was launched as the free, advertisement-supported service. Evite has a simple interface to creates an online invitation and send it very easily. This is basically an online invitation general website. The working of the website is quite simple and easy. The host just has to enter the email of the prospective guests and Evite sends them to the guests. This website is one of the best online invitations sites that are used for creating and sending of Invitation cards to the loved ones. An online invitation is the best way to wish and greet. Some of the Evite features are paid but in these best Evite alternatives, you get those features for free.

 The list of 10 best Evite Alternatives sites in 2019:

1. CircleUp:

CircleUP, evite application

CircleUp is a free Evite application that is specifically designed for the email invitation. This application provides invitations and tracking for any big or small event. CircleUp doesn’t let you invite the people to the event and one of the best features of the application is that it helps them to track the invitation. The page also details that whether the invitees would be attending the event is really very good. The major drawback (Cons) of this website is that this might not be as useful and convenient as the Evite application.

2. Anyvite:


Anyvite is one of the best Evite alternatives that provide the freedom to the users to design creative invitation cards. This application also helps you to create creative as well as a professional level of invitation cards and managing the guest lists. This application can be used to create invitation cards for all occasions and ceremonies like sending birthday wishes, email invitation rsvp, host a party, etc. Anyvite has an advantage that lets the user share the invitation cards with their family and friends.

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3. Pingg:

pingg, online ecard maker

Pingg is an online e-cards maker that allows you to design invitations according to your choice and needs. This platform is an invitation maker as well as a sender platform. This application falls under one of the best applications for online invitations that help its users in the creation of the fun e-cards with the help of the various range of ideas such as system parties, system ideas, etc. In this application, you can explore the trendy and unique ideas for your invitation to stand out latest.

4. Celebrations.com:

This website offers more than the invitations creation and sending. Celebrations.com is the complete hub of the party organization. This website provides you with the latest party ideas and various templates for birthday or wedding. You can choose a template from thousands of premade designs according to your needs and choice. The main advantage of this website is that all these things are provided on a single page. Users can choose from the flowery fonts, dazzling designs, and many other available templates. This is one of the leading platforms for the party organization and invitations.

5. Purple Trail:

purple trail, event planner

This website can be used for event announcements, parties invitation, sending cards & Gift. From your birthday parties to the wedding ceremonies, this website has a reputation for all the invitation creation. This website has more than 5000 templates from which you can choose the desired template. You can also choose the message, photo, designs, embellishments and other attachments of your own choice. In addition to the virtual invitation, you can also spend some money and get the cards printed and delivered.

6. Shindigg:

This is a platform that is known as the best event planner and Evite alternative platform for creating & managing an online event. This platform helps the users to set up the events, cards, tickets and sell these with the help of the management system provided by the website. Shindigg.com is one of the most reliable and greatest blowout bashes that are irrespective of the number of guests that are to be invited to the party. Overall, this is the best Evite alternatives websites for making your online invitation unique & trendy.

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7. Invitastic:

Invitastic is one of the best alternatives to the Evite but is a far too simple and less creative platform. Although this is one of the simple websites, it can also be treated as the Evite alternative website. This website may come in as handy if you want to quickly and easily send an invite to a couple of friends and the extra people you want to attend the ceremony. This website is not in competition with the Evite, but still is an alternative that can be used for the Evite application.

8. My Punchbowl:

my punchbowl, punchbowl ecards, Digital cards

If you are the one who wants everything to be perfectly and well organized, this is the best solution for free online invitation & digital cards. This application helps you to plan the event from the beginning to the end. This application has a unique and different platform from the other online invitation makers that allows the users to answer the suggestions and questions regarding the parties or events. Punchbowl also traces that whether that if your guests can make it to the party or not. This can also be treated as Evite alternatives.

9. Socializer:

Another one of the best alternatives for the Evite application. These designs are used to create more shifting and creative invitations. You can also add videos, photos, and other attachments to the invitation created on this website. The tracking options here are limited, but this is considered as an Evite alternative.

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10. Renkoo:

This is another application and Evite alternatives that have an additional benefit of inviting the friends through the SMS, IM or email. This is not an immediate communication platform for the online invitation and Digital ecard creation platform.

In conclusion, there are various websites and applications that are available on the Internet for creating and sending an online invitation & Digital Ecards. This is the list of the best 10 available Evite alternatives we found in our research. You can easily customize your invitation, send them and can even track them with the help of the above-mentioned applications. I hope that this list helps you to find the best Evite alternatives.