15 Best Free HD Anime Streaming Sites of 2019

Are you guys an Anime fan? If you are looking for watching the anime episodes or Anime Streaming Sites then you’re welcome here. Watch the latest popular anime shows, series, episode on TV and android apps, etc. These are the 15 Best Free HD Anime Streaming Sites of 2019 to Watch Anime Online Free. Are you also searching for the anime episodes that are free to watch? Well, if yes, this is the right place for you.

What is anime or anime meaning?

Anime Pictures is also known as Japanimation since due to the origination history for Anime movies. These movies were initially originated in Japan; these movies are generally computer-generated comic which is all telecasted all over the world. Entertainment is very important in our lives and movie and TV shows are one of the best modes of entertainment. Every one of us likes different kinds of modes for entertainment like some of us like reading books, some of us like going for outgoings, or some of us like to watch movies online or sports streaming. Movie Downloading sites and Anime sites are the same, some of them also like dramatic or horror movies and out of this big world of movies and TV shows, one of the categories is Anime Sites.

15 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites List 2020:

Sometimes it is difficult to find all the episodes of these anime series at a single place and this can also be broadcasted on the television. After going through various websites, we’ve found the best Anime streaming sites for you. In this article, I am going to share 15 Best Free HD Anime Streaming sites of 2019. Here is the list of the free HD anime Streaming websites and let’s see what are they offering for free users in details:

1. Ani.me:


This is the top Anime Streaming website. This website is well known for its content. This website shows the shows that are licensed by US companies. Having licensed content means that this website has all the legal content. This is the biggest advantage of surfing the website. In addition to the good content, the audience is also not bugged with useless advertisements. The streaming quality of the website is also very good at this website, all the websites are streamed at 1080p resolution. You just need to have the hardware and the software required for compatibility. This also streams shows such as Trigun, Kite, Spice, and Wolf, etc. According to Reddit, this is the best anime streaming website.

2. Gogoamine.IO:

Gogoanime.IO is another free anime streaming website. This is among the top best Anime Streaming sites, which has the best user interface and everything well-sorted. You can find various categories of things such as New Season, Popular, Movies, etc. On the website, you can search for a particular anime show or any movie that you want to look by entering its name in the search bar. Gogoanime.co also has the most recent and updated list of the series and shows. In addition to the most updated site, they have a separate section that streams only the latest shows. They also have separate categories for free and paid movies that you can access for the anime series. If you want to watch anime online, you must visit here and enjoy the latest anime episodes, shows & series.

3. KissAnime.ru:

KissAnime.ru is the best website for Anime lovers. If you want something that is good enough to make your time go very well, you must go for this website. This website doesn’t have any advertisements which are the biggest thing that is preferred by the people who are investing their time to watch any anime series or shows. This website has the option of different streaming websites in different versions such as 240p, 720p, and 1080p. This website used to be more entertaining sometime back when something really bad happened with the servers, that let this website go down, but the website is recovering at a fast rate and is still on the 15 best Anime sites list! Enjoy the latest anime videos.

4. 9Anime.to:

9Anime is one of the free Anime Streaming sites that is most searched by the audience in 2019. This website offers various advantages over the other websites, such as free HD streaming, an excellent interface that is mostly black and purple. This website also has some huge database of the anime which you can sort with the help of the genre, date of release, language, and many other filters. This website also provides options to watch the English dubbed movies, which is an advantage for people who are not so comfortable with the language. No registration is required and you can watch movies all for free.

5. AnimeSeason.com:

AnimeSeason.com, another heaven for the people who are interested to watch the latest anime series, episodes, and shows. This website comes with a clean and user-friendly interface. This is one of the top anime streaming sites that give you access of the entire website without any requirement of registration or any kind of subscription. The website also has an attractive listing of the movies such as full series listing, highest-rated series, genres, etc. You watch the anime online that is either of your taste or something that is trending. This website also offers subbed HD voice anime without an advertisement in the anime streaming. This is one of the best anime streaming sites, you must give a try to it and you’ll like their website interface, streaming, and video quality.

6. Masterani.me:

If you want to watch the dubbed amines, then you must visit this website. This website is one of the best-dubbed anime streaming sites. The website is clean with easy access, having more than 2500 dubbed animes in the HD video quality. The website is also always updated with the best anime series; you can search them in the recommended tab or by searching them by the genre. Therefore, if you are still looking for something, Masterani.me is your kind of place. Most of the anime websites offer the subbed animes only, but websites like these are there for the rescue of the dubbed lovers!

7. Chia-anime.tv:

This website is in this list, because it has both the subbed and the dubbed version of the anime series and shows, that too in excellent video and audio quality. Although this website has a large number of advertisements, that is balanced by the decent interface this website has. This website has a large library of the animes including the animes that are in the mainstreams. This website has anime thumbnail that makes this easier to host the animes. You can watch the anime title with the HD resolution.

8. Anime Freak.tv:

As the name suggests, the website is meant for all the anime freaks. This website is very popular in countries such as USA, UK, Canada, India, and Japan. In many sites, you have to give your private information in order to get the free content, but this is not in the case of the AnimeFreak.tv. This website has the highest number of subbed and dubbed websites that too at no cost. They have more than 10,000 episodes in total of different series. This website has a huge selection of the anime titles which help you to sort the anime series via the genre, popularity, latest anime trends, etc. The website offers an additional benefit of reading the manga, just as the Kissanime do. In order to visit this website, you can just simply enter the  URL of this website in your browser. Have a happy time watching free popular anime shows to watch on Anime land, Anime-planet, Anime boy, etc. Visit Anime freak TV and enjoy anime streaming live shows, episodes & movies.

9. Anime-Planet:

This is one of the anime websites that lets you watch the anime series for free. This is also one of the best platforms to find and watch the anime series for free. Anime-Planet doesn’t even require any sign-up. Anime planet has an entire planet dedicated to this website for anime. This website has an interface in which all the websites are sorted in different sections such as action, adventure, drama, and many other categories. You can search in these categories the anime of your choice. This website also provides additional information such as cast, timing and other information. They also have lots of advertisements, which would be liked by some of you on their website.

10. Crunchy Roll:

Moving ahead, on the tenth number, we have Crunchy roll which is in the top 10 free anime streaming sites in the list. This website has the latest anime which is available in the dubbed and the original versions. This is a completely legal platform that means you can use this website without any hassle or legal issues. One of the features of being a legal platform is that you would have to spend some money to get the membership of this website. One of the biggest advantages of this website is that they update their platform almost every hour, which means you would be kept well-updated for all anime shows and series. You can grab 14 days free trial of Crunchy roll premium, Visit here.

11. Manga Anime Here:

If you are looking for something that has a lot of choices and also a decent streaming quality, you must visit this website. Manga Anime is another free anime streaming online site that features a huge database of popular movies for completely free. The website has an interface that is simple and easy to navigate. This website makes it easier for you to look for new anime shows and series. There is a search bar that is available on the platform where you can search for your new favorite shows. The administrators keep on adding new and recent animes shows. Visit this website for the latest anime shows.

12. Animestreams.TV:

Anime streams are also one of the top and best solutions for free anime online streaming. On this website, you can watch lots and lots of new content. This website has a collection of very unique and interesting anime series. This website also has top anime series such as Naruto, Wonder Momo and so on. Some of these shows are also dubbed in many other languages. So, if you want an interface that is free but feels like a prime subscription, you must visit this website. The website has an interface that is also well-organized, and you must check this website to enjoy free online anime streaming.

13. SideReel.com:

SideReel is also one of the best anime streaming sites that gives you complete access to the website so that you can stream free online anime series for free. The best thing about this platform is that you can also find the rarest anime shows here. If there is a series or show that you can’t find anywhere else, you are sure to find that on the SideReel.com. This is the main thing that helps this website get an entry on the top 15 anime streaming websites list. You can find any series from the wide pool of different series on this website. The website also has decent streaming, which is also an advantage. Overall this website is good. You can watch new & upcoming TV shows online for free.

14. Watch Anime:

This is another popular free anime website that has a good interface, excellent streaming list and a wide variety of animes from different genres, languages, and countries. This website has no hassle of registration or subscription. Watch Anime has a huge collection of the anime shows from all the kind of genres such as Action, Adventure, etc. If you are someone who likes to watch back to back series without any hassle of the advertisement or wait, you must give this website a try, I am sure would love the quality, interface and the collection of the movies. The platform also keeps on updating their list every week, to make sure that their audience enjoys the latest movies, series, and shows.

15. Ani Watcher:

Ani Watcher

This is the best free anime streaming website that you can use to find the best anime series, shows & episodes. The main thing about this site that attracts the audience is that all their series are in HD and Blue Ray quality. This website has all the animes, new, old, from different genres, languages, countries and many other options. The website also doesn’t have too many advertisements, which is the major turn off for the anime lovers. You must visit this website to enjoy free anime.

About Best 15 Free Anime Streaming Sites:

This list has been created very carefully, after going through many websites and sorting them according to their advantages. The websites that are mentioned above have a good streaming quality, along with a wide collection of the anime series or shows. Although some of the websites may have too many advertisements, that is how balance is created for providing free content. All the websites are well managed and you won’t have to face any problem while streaming the videos.

In conclusion, we made a list of top 15 best free anime streaming websites, preferred by anime lovers and people all over the internet. I hope this list would help you find the best anime streaming sites.

Thank you and Have a good time, until the next post! Keep visiting here and sharing.

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