Why Should Choose Best Managed WordPress Hosting?

If you are thinking about kickoff your first WordPress website then Best managed WordPress hosting would be required. After all, you have decided on a domain name which you can easily get from Godaddy or Hostgator at a cheap price. As you know, without hosting you can’t run your website. There are many types of hosting are available like, Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting as well as managed WordPress hosting.

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Why choose Managed WordPress Hosting?

A simple answer to why we recommend Managed WordPress Hosting is that your business requires you to build a website, not manage a web server. So, you just need an expert who has good knowledge about hosting and WordPress, and who can tackle your problem whenever you call him.

Your basic need is to have a WordPress site that loads fast and manages to handle the number of visitors you may soon receive; a site that efficiently handles the heaviest traffic averts the several daily security attacks and offers a superb foundation for the efforts of creating engaging content.

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It is likely that by now, you have already concluded that WordPress is the right solution for you. However, you might not be so sure about the technique of making the best use of WordPress and the underlying server software. It is important to be able to maintain the speed and efficiency of your WordPress website when it finally succeeds. And to help you do that, we recommend the best Managed WordPress Hosting.


The importance managed WordPress Hosting:

When your website picks up and starts getting more visitors, it has to be at its best. Managed WordPress Hosting is a way to create a tough backup for your site before the technical problems ruin it. Here are a few features that make a strong case for it.

  1. Speed:

The speed of a website is critical in converting traffic to revenue. It is also important to get higher search engine rankings. Fast sites offer a superior experience to visitors and, in turn, lead to more engagement. Managed hosts keenly watch all the technical factors responsible for the speed of a WordPress website, and constantly make optimization improvements. They create an infrastructure that improves the WordPress speed – even under the heaviest of traffic.

  1. Security:

Every minute, there are several tacit robots crawling the web, exploring sites which they could break into and fulfill their nefarious purposes. Such crawlers try all kinds of passwords, watch out for outdated themes, core codes and plugins, to barge into thousands of sites every hour.

Although you might think that you are not that important a person for such intruders to fear for your website’s security, that’s not how hackers think. They can just turn your website into a botnet-controlled spam-sender, or worse, a malware-distributor. You might not even realize all that for a long time, until a considerable damage has been done to your reputation by defacing your entire site, leaving backdoors open for more such bad actors, anytime.

Managed WordPress hosts are scrupulous on the security aspect. They watch for new vulnerabilities on your behalf. In case you get hacked, they fix it for you immediately and restore your site, sometimes without any extra charge.

  1. Scalability:

You work hard on your site until finally, it all pays off — you get featured on a prestigious media site or rank top for a particular keyword. Your site receives thousands of visitors within minutes.

But this is precisely the point of time when most websites fail. When your website is at the peak of its popularity, the suddenly increased number of visitors weigh down the server and your site is down. The further visitors then get a blank screen or an error message.

You can’t let your site go down when it is at its best. Managed WordPress Hosting providers automatically scale the traffic to your site allowing you to serve lakhs of visitors simultaneously. This way you can prevent the dreaded message of “Error Establishing a Database Connection” when you are finally on that front page of your favorite publication.

  1. Support:

Several hosts support just their own server hardware. Which means, when your site is down or there are error messages, the host simply tells you that the server is fine and sends the ball back to your court. In such cases, the responsibility of systems administrator lies on you.

However, Best Managed WordPress hosting employ a support line of WordPress experts to monitor servers, MySQL, PHP, and WordPress. The support team helps you troubleshoot problems at every single level of your website’s software stack. The support teams of different hosts might have been trained differently, but they all do one thing: Fix minor issues promptly before they become major problems.

  1. Updates and backups:

Creating a backup for a website is one of the most popular concerns among users. But if your site is hosted by one of the best Managed WordPress Hosting providers, you’re already covered. The host handles it for you, by providing an automatic backup for your site every night. You can easily restore your site — in case anything goes wrong, with just a few clicks!

The managed WordPress hosts have more to offer. They have a system to also automatically update your site to the newest WordPress version. This ensures that you are always up to date and secure.

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In conclusion:

once you spot the Best managed WordPress Hosting provider that suits your needs, you can have a fast, secure and always available website that is bound to please your website, visitors. After all, to get business, you must focus on managing your site, and not your server. This is best-managed WordPress hosting provider in India.