7 Best WordPress Plugins To Make Your Site Mobile Responsive [100% Mobile Friendly]

If your website is not Mobile friendly then you are missing or losing big traffic. In this Post, I’ll tell you 7 Best mobile responsive WordPress plugins that you should implement as soon as possible.  According to Statista In 2018, 52.2% Website traffic comes through Mobile which was 50.3% in the previous year. Don’t lose traffic source and act fast.

Statista mobile traffic reports

As you can see, It increasing fast and it will cross 70% by the end of 2020. So, Be ready?

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7 Best WordPress Plugins for a Mobile-Friendly Website:

Research shows that a big chunk of website traffic comes from mobile device users. In fact, most website analytics suggests that these days, it may well be the majority of your site visitors which are coming in on their tablets and smartphones. More people will continue to go online using their mobile devices in the foreseeable future.

Mobile ‘friendliness’ is also a ranking factor that Google uses as part of their mix to generate their search results. Here are the 7 best mobile responsive WordPress plugins.

So, it’s a must for websites to be mobile friendly – or you’ll risk losing a significant number of visitors. You can’t ignore the trend. Fortunately, there are plugins to help you make your website mobile-friendly using mobile responsive WordPress plugins.

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List of 7 mobile responsive WordPress plugins:

  • WP Smush.it-Best WordPress Plugins for Mobile Friendly:

WPSmush WordPress Plugins

Most of these WP (obviously WordPress) plugins offer nice features. This one is a must-have. WP Smush.it is a free plugin and provides a“lossless” service; it optimizes images without changing the appearance or visual quality.

An award-winning plugin, for understandable reasons, Smush it automatically resizes, optimizes and compresses all of your images as they are uploaded to the server – long before they ever get near a user’s eyes.

That compression reduces the size of your images (the plugins just deletes unnecessary information in the file). This reduces the amount of the visitor’s mobile/cellular data bandwidth which is required to access/download your site. As a result, the page will load faster for them. (And they will consume very slightly less 4G mobile data – which they will thank you for, too.)

WP Smush.it, is maintained by the good people at WPMU DEV. Visit here:

  • WP Touch-Popular Mobile responsive WordPress Plugins:

WPtouch WordPress Plugins

WP Touch is one of the most popular plugins which you can use to optimize existing WP websites for mobile devices. It’s easy to set up and has over six million downloads so far.

The plugin features an admin panel you can use for basic modifications to templates which will make them more forgiving of mobile devices. In a few steps, WP Touch can give you a user-friendly website that is easy to read and importantly, which loads fast.

WP Touch by BraveNewCode is available in both a free and ‘freemium’ (paid) versions. The free version has only one mobile theme but allows basic customization. You can also change the language, typography and colours (of the template) to fit your style.

The paid version mobile responsive WordPress plugins that allow a bit more customization. It lets you choose from seven themes, for example, rather than restricting you to just 1. It also allows responsive images support, mobile caching, post ads as well as A/B split test them. Install the WP Touch PlugIns and your site is automatically optimized for your potential mobile-user visitors without any changes in settings.

You can get it WP Touch plugins from here: Visit here

  • iThemes Mobile- Best Mobile WordPress Plugins:

The iThemes mobile plugin offers users four customizable themes to display your posts and pages. Its Mobile Theme Style Manager allows you to customize basic styles for your mobile theme’s fonts, headlines, navigation menus and a custom mobile-only header image. When users visit your website it allows them to show the theme that you created.

This plugin also customizes the website based on the mobile device’s operating system (iOS and Android) – and important feature not every one of these plugins offers.

However, the display of sidebars and widget areas is unfortunately not automatically supported. You have to customize the site’s theme manually.

iThemes has no free version. The plugin is available in paid‘premium’ only.

  • Jetpack Mobile Theme- All in one WordPress Plugins:

    Jetpack is an opensource offering. It has a number of features that make it a very cost-effective plugin. It Creates and customizes your WordPress site from start to finish. For example:Jetpack WordPress Plugins

  • Themes applicable for any kind of site.
  • Site statistics and analytics.
  • Customization tools
  • Unlimited and fast loading times of video and image content.
  • SEO tools for Facebook, Google, Twitter, Bing and WordPress.com.
  • Automated social media scheduling and posting.

Jetpack offers a clean orderly interface for you / your administrators that ultimately ensure a pleasant experience for your site visitors. It is frequently updated and its open-source community is growing. It has downloaded by more than 5 million people.

Jetpack is available either as a limited, free version or more advanced, paid versions.

  • Any Mobile Theme Switcher- Mobile WordPress Plugins:

The Any Mobile Theme Switcher plugin can detect the mobile browser used to access the site and displays are-set theme to your mobile user depending on what device it is.

Again, the plugin is available in free and Pro versions. Features of the Pro version include some which will only be important to you if your website requires some offbeat features: a different home page for different devices, QR code bookmarking and support for W3 cache plugin.

  • WordPress Mobile Pack- Best Mobile Responsive Plugins:

The WP Mobile Pack converts a WordPress website into a mobile web application that, again, responds to the sizes of the mobile device. The plugin identifies the incoming visitor and shows the appropriate desktop or mobile page to ensure a smooth trouble-free user experience.

The plugin allows colour and font customization and integrates with Google analytics. It is available in its free and pro versions.

The free version provides only one customizable. The paid for version has many more including multiple themes.

  • BJ Lazy Load- Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugins:

BJ Lazy Load is a free plugin that helps a site load faster with less bandwidth. It loads media only when the visitor scrolls the page. Other contents are loaded as they become close to the browser window.

Wrapping it up:

The list includes just a few of the mobile responsive WordPress plugins currently available for WordPress websites. The most helpful plugins are easy to install, provide the appropriate design and can be customized.

Do you use any of these plugins? Did they make your website mobile-friendly? Please let us know via Comment or if you worth it useful please share it. Thanks! for reading.