20 Best Torrenting Sites that Works in 2022

If you are not able to access your favorite content on the internet, you can take the help of these top torrenting sites. You can watch and download movies, games, TV shows in just a few clicks. I’ve found the 20 best torrent sites that you can use to Unlock your favorite movie streaming sites and enjoy the uninterrupted without worrying about online piracy.

While the noose around the necks of our favorite and most trusted torrent download sites is tightening with each passing day, downloading the latest movies has never been more difficult. While there are many websites in the market but trusting them blindly can be one of the biggest blunders of your life.

Many such free movie download websites are not functioning and a lot of them are making you download nothing but Trojans and viruses.

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So, it is highly advised that you take precautions while browsing such sites out there on the internet out there. Talking about few trusted top torrent sites which are still function in 2020, we have compiled a list of such sites that you can use without any sweat and care because these have been fully tested first hand. Still, it remains highly advisable that you access these sites through VPN. The best VPN that I personally use and will recommend to you is to choose from NordVPN (70% Off) and PureVPN (75% Off)
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The list of the best torrent sites 2020 is here:

Table of Contents:

Top 20 list of Best Torrent Sites in 2022:

1. Pirate Bay:

Undoubtedly the most popular website out there with the largest visitors and this is one of the best torrent sites for movies downloading. Serving us for many years, the Pirate Bay has evaded s many shutdowns and blockades that they must have lost the count themselves. Flaunting one of the largest databases and a host of many other torrents, it is the world’s most popular torrent tracker with one of the easiest user interfaces out there.

If you have been wondering that is it still working, then don’t wonder anymore because we have tested this torrent and discovered that Pirate Bay is functioning normally without any impact from the tricks of its enemies.

2. RARBG: 

Relatively new on the web, this torrent is most preferred from new content. With a very active community and lots of seeding, RARBG has a huge variety of new and old torrents available to provide you with unlimited entertainment. RARBG is not just one of the best torrent download site for movies but also for a lot of other content like shows, music, and many other categories. Having a huge updated database, RARBG is a very promising trustable website for torrents that you can browse it without any sweat and fear of losing becoming prone to cyberattack.

3. 1337x: 

Despite the fact that this is one of the most attacked and conspired against the torrent websites, nothing has managed to stop it from providing us high-quality free entertainment. Undoubtedly one of the best torrent sites for movies, this torrent has managed to escape prying eyes of piracy control agencies quite efficiently. With a host of multiple serves, it makes sure that when you get to this website from a proxy or VPN, you don’t go back empty-handed. Whether you have something on your mind that you are looking for or just casually browsing the web for something to watch, there is something for everybody to love.

4. YTS:

Is there something classic which you haven’t been able to locate after spending hours on so many torrent sites? You need not look any further as YTS is one of the best torrent sites Reddit that has an unlimited database of hard to find and classical movies that no other torrent might have. With a very easy to browse user interface, this is a perfect torrent for people with low bandwidth without having to compromise on the print’s quality.

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5. Lime Torrents:

A very decent alternative for the torrents that unfortunately got banned, Lime Torrents can be a perfect Plan B for your evenings. With a very nice and easy user interface, this torrent has all your needs for the latest movies taken care of. Sometimes, lack of seeding can be a bit troublesome but all in all, this is a very secure website that very rarely fails. With the dearth of trustable torrents out there, this torrent website is sure to make it to this list.

6. Torrent Downloads:

Making it possible to run this torrent through proxy servers like all the other torrents out there on the internet, this torrent comes with a very easy user interface, a huge and regularly database and a very secure connection which makes sure that you are never harmed by phishing attempts from notorious hackers out there who seem to be always waiting to make a victim out you. While a lot of torrents got banned lately and have failed to recover, this server is a cheeky one that has slipped through all the traps still continuing to provide high-quality content. Is there a movie on your mind that you want to unwind down to or are you simply browsing for something new to watch, this is the place to be.

7. iOS Hunt:

One of the top torrent sites, this is a very brilliant website that has worked towards establishing new standards in the free movies torrent download. While the content is always pouring on a daily basis, this website also lets you request to its members the titles that are missing making sure that you don’t waste time looking for something by simply asking others to help you. With this unique feature that is seldom available on other torrents websites, this torrent also lets you see other information about the torrent that you are planning to use next like the downloading size, data of upload and much more.

8. BT Scene:

Quite similar to the other websites out there, BT Scene is still free of useless annoying advertisements which are a luxury seldom provided but other torrent websites making it feature in the list of best torrent sites Reddit. Featuring 4-5 proxy mirrors, this server is always accessible making it a world-class player in the market of free torrent sites.

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Coming without any restriction after you have registered on the website, this is one of the biggest contenders for the top spot in the list of best torrent sites. With a very rapid rate of adding new data to the database, this website has one of the most graphic interfaces out there enhancing the user experience several notches. With a very wide category of content out there on the market, SKIDROWRELOADED is a go-to site for thousands of users out there speaking for the quality of service of this website.

10. Torrentz2:

While it doesn’t really have a database of its own, Torrentz2 does the job by directing you to the best website out there where you can find the content that you are looking for. That is not all. Rather than just sending you out a wild goose chase, they have a stringent policy of checking out the servers that they promote so that you are not subject to any undue risk. With a very easy to use interface, it is very efficient and comes with an advantage of listing all the sources for the desired movie under one page so that you don’t have to browse thousands of websites before you are actually able to find something which is worth your time.

11. Zooqle:

Relatively a newer unknown name, this is a smart torrent that deserves to be featured on the list of best torrent sites that are still functioning and are accessible by the users for free. With a very innovative user interface, this bad boy has been climbing up the ranks by adding newer torrents very regularly making it impossible for other torrents to match its speed of uploading new content. While you can easily use this torrent through VPN, let us assure you that this is a very safe server with something to satisfy every movie buff’s taste buds.

12. YIFY Subtitles:

As the name suggests, the specialty of this torrent is that all the videos come with subtitles in multiple languages. Allowing you to download the movies not only in HD, but they also have regular quality prints in case your device has special requirements or because your internet connection is acting up out of nowhere. Also, they have found a solution to the big files which takes a lot of time to download by having reduced size files available on its server without affecting the quality of the movie.

13. Torrent King:

While it is still to be ascertained that if this is indeed the only king of the torrent world, its features and services are totally king-like. Huge database, user-friendly interface, free content, and easy navigation are just of the few features which make it one of the contenders for the first spot. And that is not it, this torrent has one of the most secured servers out there making it less prone to malware and Trojans designed to hack innocent entertainment seekers.

14. Yourbittorrent:

One of the most prestigious and top torrent sites, Yourbittorrent is truly about you and your needs of entertainment. Collecting verified data from different torrents, this website has a huge database of its own as well making it very unique. With a very high downloading speed, this is one of the quickest ways to the gateway of pure high-quality entertainment without any doubt.

15. Torrent Project:

A brainchild of someone who got fed up off spending so much money on going to out silver screens, this torrent lives out to its name. Torrent project is one of the best torrent websites out there with a very unique interesting user interface and a huge database being supported by innumerous other torrents. With a very secure connection, this is a website unlike any yet similar to many working with the sole motive of providing high-quality videos to its viewers. With the shutting down of many torrents over the recent years, this has become one of the most favorite go-to solutions for the latest movies which deem a visit from you irrelevant of what you are looking for. Because you will not only find that content here but much more just for your future reference.

16. Kickass Torrents:

One of the pioneers and most popular torrents out there, Kickass torrents has been a very highly trusted source of entertainment for years. Being the industry for so long, they have compiled a very huge database of the years and also a very huge group of viewers who prefers to visit this website over any other because of many reasons and no dearth of content and user interface is a few of them. With a very easy to browse interface, Kickass Torrents has never failed to disappoint. No matter what restrictions or hurdles who so ever may impose in its ways, it has always struggled and always came out on top making it get featured on this list.

17. Skytorrents:

With limits and standards as high as the sky itself, Skytorrents has a minimalist interface which is setting standards for other websites to follow. Without any advertisements and a lot of customizable content, Skytorrents is a solution for all your entertainment needs without any needs. With minimal user tracking, they let you remain safe from any unwanted threats on your privacy and safety making it one of the best torrent sites of 2020.

18. EZTV:

 A torrent provider that has featured on all the major torrent sites has finally come up with its own website. Supporting both direct and magnet downloads, EZTV has been quite popular since its featuring days and has gained further popularity with its own website which is a host of a very large database of movies.

19. Torrent Galaxy:

Some may even argue that this website has a number of movies very close to the actual number of stars in the Galaxy but the exact number of both is still unknown. With a gigantic database, Torrent Galaxy is one of the best torrent sites Reddit playing a very significant role in lots of people’s lives by providing them unlimited entertainment.

20. Torrentfunk:

Another popular website with a lot of verified torrents and a strong secure server, this is one of our personal favorite website featuring a lot of high-quality content. They have an amazing number of healthy seeds and peers making it very efficient and fast in downloading which is an admirable feat in itself.

So, if you are tired of browsing and ending up nowhere, this is the list of our most trusted and the best Torrent websites which should end your search here.