How to Convert Blog Post into Videos / Podcast ?

Digital Media is a vast platform, enhanced by Bloggers and Youtubers. Most bloggers are repurposing their blog post into videos. Blog post as we all know is a piece of writing or other content published on a blog. Turning your blog posts into videos is one of the easiest ways to repurpose your content, and it opens up a whole new platform to generate traffic and a whole new segment of people to consume your content.

howtoconvertblogposttoyoutubeQuestion arises, why you should bother to tune in to videos?

You have no choice left. We as a young generation or thinking us off to be modernized try to gain popularity, popularity generates through traffic on social media. The higher is the rate of your work to be seen the higher you gain wealth and fame.

Gone are the times when people write on paper and read out in general, auditorium and become famous.
You are now provided with social wealth, write on blog but post on Youtube Video.

Look as far as you can see, the boon through this is:-

  • with time you can be famous if the content is appropriate.
  • being lazy most people don’t read rather watch youtube.
  • youtube videos are not only posted on youtube; you can share your videos on Facebook, Instagram or any other platform.
  • videos take less time to gain popularity than a blog post

Table of Contents:

State of Youtube Video Content

6,000 marketing and sales professionals changed their strategies to meet the preferences of the modern consumer. And a lot of the chatter was on the subjects of video content and social media.

Almost 50% of marketers are turning to YouTube and Facebook channels for video distribution in the next year.
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world… and it’s OWNED by the Google, the First largest search engine!
33% of marketers listed visual content, such as videos, as their top priority for the coming year.

How to make a video?

Here is an overview of what you need to do to make a video.

Pick up the Content,

Write it down on paper

For example:

“Hey Youtube, my name is sheldon cooper and this is fun with flags,”

This is content, and you have to make a video of it.

Type it down or scribble it on a page,

Now you need a microphone,

Use a microphone to record your content; this will turn your written material to electronic material, using formats of .mp3 .m4a .wmv.

Audio recording applications are present in Mobile Phones these days, but to enhance your Audio recording and Editing, you can use Audacity.

Once you have recorded, save the audio file.

Your camera needs to function here while recording audio you can record yourself reading the content, or you can capture certain videos or pictures which looks appropriate to the content and while editing you can add those pictures or videos, with your audio.

After editing is done, to be sure of your content presenting and perfection, review your video.

Upload your video to YouTube.

You can make your video in Other ways too:

Pick up content from your post or write a fresh piece, and transcribe into Word Document.

A few general instructions include:

  • Post Title.
  • Edit your Blog Post for reading.
  • Make paragraphs as short as possible. One-sentence paragraphs are best.
  • Paragraphs will become its PowerPoint slide.
  • Save the document as. . .
  • Text file (.txt) on Mac
  • Word doc on PC.

Yes, it’s important – or else your document might not properly import into PowerPoint.

Import saved file into PowerPoint

In PowerPoint, go to

  • Home Tab
  • New Slide
  • Outline
  • Or
  • Insert
  • Slides from…
  • Outline
  • You’ll be asked to select the file to import.

Next… sit back and watch your blog post paragraphs magically transform into PowerPoint slides!

Troubleshooting tips:

Sometimes if each paragraph doesn’t become its PowerPoint slide, you might need to go back and save the document in a different format – as a text file, if you saved it as a Word doc or vice versa.

If you have blank slides between text slides, you might’ve added extra spaces between paragraphs. Just delete the blank slides and remember to mind your spaces next time around.

Styling your slides

Work patiently and give time while choosing each layout for your slide.

Here’s how:

  • Click on any slide in the left-hand preview sidebar to select it.
  • Go to Edit => Select All.
  • With all slides selected, go to Layout and choose the one you wish to use.
  • Your slide deck is now ready to be turned into a video
  • Record your presentation as a video
  • Next, fire up your favorite screencast software.
  • In PowerPoint, go to
  • Slide Show
  • Play from Start

then simply read the text as you move from slide to slide.

Your Blog-post video is ready to be uploaded to YouTube.

How to Upload

Uploading your video to Youtube is simple as complex as it looks:

  • Open YouTube.
  • Sign In to YouTube.
  • You will find an Upload option on the right-hand side of Search Bar, Click on it.
  • You will see a page, select your Video from browse menu,
  • While Uploading, give an appropriate title, Like Bonding.
  • Give a proper description of your Video.
  • Add up tags.
  • Choose your privacy to Public and add Category.
  • On next page, Monetize your video with Ads.
  • And in Advance settings, you can provide your Location and Date of uploading.
  • Ta-da, You are on the last Step of Uploading, i.e., Click Save Changes.

Yahoo!! Your Blog Post Video is uploaded.

Softwares to be used.

Editing the video nowadays is no more a difficult task, you can use different editing Softwares like Windows Movie Maker , Cyberlink Power Director. For screencast software, you can use Screenflow.

Your YouTube video Blog-Post is ready to be uploaded.

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