Top 150+ High PR Free Business Listing Sites 2020

High PR Free Business Listing Sites 2020: If you are running an online business or planning to start then it’s going to help you a lot. Staying in a public domain is very important that drives traffic as well as high quality backlinks also. There are no better ways than business list sites in which some of theme are free or some are paid.

If you want to grow your local business without any investment then the Business list is very powerful. You can list and create your business profile where users can easily find about your business or order if anything they like to buy. Business presence in these Free Business Listing Sites is playing a key role so you can’t miss your potential clients.

There are many other ways in which you can also use it. It helps to earn quality backlinks from authority sites as well as free targeted traffic to your online business as well. List your business as much as possible. It’s like directory submission sites where you have to tell in brief about your business with site URL to get do-follow backlinks as well.

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What are Business Listing Sites?

Business listing is a kind of showcase your business where anyone can see when they required. Business listing sites help in getting potential customers. In simple words, adding your business in a directory where every business could be found easily. It cost you nothing but helps in growing your business. Time has changed, long back in days, everything we do manage in a directory like a phone number, address, etc. Now, you are doing the same things but in a modern way for our businesses which always there and easily foundable across the globe. If you are running any kind of an online business then it’s highly recommended. You can mention all the required details like Website, Working hours, Location, Type of business, etc in particular local business listing sites.

The business listing contains NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) details at the time of submitting your business. It helps in local SEO of the website to rank in Google as well. All these High PR businesses listing sites are valid & working for India, Spain, USA, UAE, Singapore, and many other countries. List your business and drive unlimited free traffic.

Benefits of the business listing in SEO:

There are many advantages to posting business listing sites for online businesses. We are giving some of the best reasons that you must consider it while doing Local SEO.

1. Drive free unlimited traffic:

The business directory sites get millions of traffic every month. By listing there, you can increase traffic to your websites. It gives your business more exposure to potential customers. This also boosts your SEO ranking in SERP and keep a step ahead in competition with big brands. The chances of getting ranked in Local SEO is easier than the competition with the big brands in normal SEO. Take the advantages of Business listing sites and submit your sites rank faster in search results at any cost.

For example- When you searched a keyword like “bakery shop near me”, Google gives priority of Local business listing if you have done it right.

2. Increase Ranking & improve visibility in Search engine:

The reason for submitting site URL to business listing sites improve SEO. Due to high PR Business directory listing sites, you get quality backlinks which rank your website on Google top position. Post your business as many directories as possible to increase backlinks. In that way, your business also gets exposure in SERP.

3. Attracts local customer and get more business:

The major benefits of listing you connect your potential customers. Many business directories allow customers to rate their services or products which helps to improve the performances. It helps to connect faster so, put the right information.

4. Be found.

Google is the major source to find any businesses online. If you listed with the right information then the chances of finding will be higher. Not necessarily every business can afford to have a website but you can rank by doing a proper SEO and be found for them.

5. More leads and More business:

Local SEO can help you by listing your business to as many directories as possible. You can generate more revenue when a targeted customer finds your business through the local business listing. Offer them world-class services so they can rate your business.

I’ve seen most of the people who are interested to buy a product read customer reviews if the rating is bad they opt for other brands’ products. Nowadays, the rating is very important if you are listed on Zomato, Justdial, Amazon, Flipkart and many others so, take it seriously.

How to add your business to Google My Business?

Add your business to Google My Business and increase your presence to attract local customers. This is a great way to grow your business fast by adding the right information about the local stores. Google’s research says that 50% of mobile users who use Google for local searches visit the businesses they search for. Don’t lose your potential customers.

List your business to Google my business by following the steps below:

Step 1: Click to go Google My Business

Google My Business

Step 2: Log in with your Gmail account

Step 3: Add or manage your business

Click on add your business to list the first time or managed if you already own any business, just claim now. Complete the profile by adding the right information like Name-Address-Phone number (NAP).

Step 4: Verify your business with PIN

Google will send you PIN through the postcard to your address. This usually takes 12-15 days and sometimes, you’ll be given the option to receive a PIN through text message or automated phone call. 

Step 5: Enter your Google My Business to Confirm and you’re done.

This is the best way to gain customers in a very short period of time and boost the ranking as well as a business trust. Get potential clients and grow the businesses.

Business listing vs local listing:

Business listing: List your business under the relevant categories to showcase your business to potential customers. The details you need NAP (Name-Address-Phone number) for listing your business on the internet. You can also add in listing like Website, Working hours, etc. This is the best Off-page -SEO technique.

Local Business listing:

Submitting your business to local listing sites helps in advertising or showcase of business in the relevant categories locally. This usually requires such as NAP(Name, Address, PIN) for listing or getting PIN to verify your business.

100+ High PR Free Business Listing Sites 2020:

Business Listing Sites:Domain Authority:Link Type:

http://www.justdial.com60Do-Follow 59Do-Follow
http://www.wherezit.com37 37

Final Words:

Take the right steps in your business and list to as many business listing sites are possible. Include it in your digital marketing strategies and grow the business faster in India. The number of Online businesses is increasing rapidly so the competition will be higher as well. List your business as early as possible and rank on Google’s top position.

Use all these free business listing sites and build your site authority as well as drive traffic. It also helps in connecting with potential customers by rating and reviewing the brands. You can improve business with the help of these business listing features.

Also recommended submissions are:

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200+High PR Free Business Listing Sites in 2019
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