How to Turn your Android Smartphone into IOS [6 ways]

How to Turn your Android Smartphone into IOS [6 ways]

The best a part of using an iPhone Launcher for Android is that you simply get to see those slightest details that are a gift in iOS interface. Once you download iPhone Launcher for Android, you’re undoubtedly going get a unique feel. The iOS launcher would provide you with a unique feel and a brand new look to everything.

You can customize the design of the screen through any kind of launcher you wish. no matter whether or not you wish it to convert into windows look or an iOS platform, you simply have to be compelled to download an app from the play store and run over your phone to induce that feeling.

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Best iPhone Launcher for Android

So, we have enlisted some of the most popularized iPhone Launcher for android. You can download them from the play store and enjoy the feel of iOS in your android handset.

1.One launcher

There is no doubt that One Launcher is the best if you want iPhone launcher on your Android Smartphone. The launcher will exactly give you the same look as iPhone. This launcher tops the list because it’s enormous popularity and simplicity. One launcher is one of the highly rated launchers available over the play store. With more than one million downloads, it is one of the most popular launchers.

Download Here

Due to its simplicity, not much of customization options in the launcher. But still, have the customizations options like Notification toggle, App menu, Lock screen setting and much more. You can also change the background wallpaper, move around apps and create folders. It will run very smoothly and flawless on your Android smartphone.

2.xOS Launcher

Unlike other launchers APUS, Hola, GO, etc which are loaded with lots of visual eye-candies and hardly any use features, xOS is simple and beautiful iPhone launcher for Android. xOS Launch does not hog your precious memory resources, nor use up your CPU cycles. xOS is Easy to use, light, smooth, inspite of Minimalist design does not mean under-featured. xOS Launcher comes preloaded with 10 authentic handset themes Apple iOS, OPPO, Vivo, XIAOMI, Huawei, LG, Samsung, etc.

Download Here

This Launcher will let you experience the super speedy and smooth operation and gives the very much similar to the iPhone. You can easily move the app and place them wherever you want also you can edit the home screen, lock screen.


Download From Here

The name itself resembles iPhone! Well, this launcher exactly matches the home screen of IOS and supports the icon packages. iLauncher is the best iOS launcher for iOS experience on Android. With the iLauncher, you can change the style of your android phone to iOS. You can customize everything beyond imagination like zoom-in and zoom out animation, iLauncher allows creating folders with multi-app, missed call & unread email, message notification, and Blur backgrounds.The launcher is somewhat slow and needs little patience during the installation and launching process. buut still it is a nice and decent iOS launcher.

4.iLauncher OS 10

iLauncher OS 10 is absolutely free to download and has quite a high rating and user reviews over the play store. The launcher is very much stylish, smart & personalized application for your Android phone. The launcher provides you the exactly iPhone 7 experience with quick response and even more beautiful, gives you an unprecedented experience.

Download iLauncher

Unlike other android launcher apps, the unlock screen of your Android smartphone will not remain same. We know that lock screen of the android phone is an integral part of the android experience. But now you can enjoy the iPhone 7 lock screen with this launcher.

5.OS10 Launcher HD-smart, Simple

This is yet another application that offers amazing IOS experience. The launcher closely resembles the IOS interface. The clean look works best in the phones that have a brighter display. The light in weight app blurs certain background apps similar to the iPhone interface. The usage of this app is definitely going to give you an unforgettable experience.

Download Launcher

The sliding screen effects, icon size, the desktop icon arrangement, capricious change, are more customization the unique feature of the Launcher. OS10 launcher is a stylish, smart & personalized application for your Android phone. Moreover, you must try this launcher for OS 10 experience.

6.Launcher for iPhone 7


The ones who prefer their phones to remain free from any clutter specifically use Launcher for iPhone 7. The “Launcher for iPhone 7” will make your Android phone or tablet look like original iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Launcher for iPhone 7 plus is a very cool Quad HD resolution ready launcher for your Android Smart Phones. The power and memory efficiency of this application makes it cooler than other launcher application. The interesting thing about the launcher is it does not consume the battery and increase the mobile idle time.

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