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How to change low battery notification Ringtone in Android

How to change low battery notification android:

An awful scenario while using a mobile phone is that you which is battery low. Change low battery notification android and You don’t do anything but your phone battery is consuming a lot of charges. Sometimes you don’t get notifications about your battery is low and your phone gets switched off. Today I am going to tell you about the way you can set Low battery notification Ringtone on Android.

Now we often do important work and we get an issue with 5% battery. We just missed the 15% battery notification and we get this notification in this scenario, it is really difficult to find the charger for your phone and charge it.

You can set ringtone in which the application will be started ringing when your phone will be fully charged. Now, this thing avoids us charging overnight or when you are sitting at your home and you don’t know when your phone is fully charged.

This application is very useful in the situation where you have multiple Android devices in your pocket. We often forget to charge our phone. This is the best part where you will be notified and Change low battery notification android.

There are many applications available on play store which helps you to do so for you. But the thing is that you need a perfect time to get a notification this is the reason why? I am going to tell you a good application which will work absolutely fine.

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Change low battery notification android:

This application is good with a pretty simple user interface. This application is not having many functions. The developer has tried to make this application light-weight. This is one of the important factors while developing any application.

Now, most of the application is having one of the worst features in which they cannot hide notification of the application. We don’t love bulk in the notification in our status bar. This developer has added the feature in which they can easily hide the notification.

This application is quite simple to use and you don’t need to be too much geek and do too much editing in the software. The best thing about this application is you can just edit the application in just some clicks.

This applications best advantage is that it is less in size and doesn’t consume too much memory and you can download it from play store.

You can set up notification of low battery and high battery alarm. You can set up any ringtone you want and in just some clicks you are done.

This application is also having the feature in which you can set up the Temperature of your phone and it can be changed into Celsius and Fahrenheit. This is the good feature of the application. Let’s check out the application features and how to set up.


  • Setup notification for battery low and battery charged.
  • Change the notification size and customize it.
  • Battery temperature which helps you to check if your phone is having any heating issues.
  • Allows you to hide the notification.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Small in size and ability to do many task simultaneously.

How to Change low battery notification android:

  • Download and Install the Battery Notifier BT Free from Play store.
    • Open the application and you will see an small Notifier and you don’t need to do any changes in that thing. There you will see an option of Menu.

    Set Low Battery Notification Ringtone

    • Now, click on the menu button and you will checkout option of Battery Notifier Settings.
    • Just click on it. Now, you will check out the options for Low Battery Charge options.

    Set Low Battery Notification Ringtone


    • Then in the next line you will see an option of Full battery notification.

    Set Low Battery Notification Ringtone

    • You can do changes and select the appropriate option of your choice and done.


    This was the article about the way you can set low battery notification ringtone on Android. You can do setup and add the appropriate ringtone.

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