How to earn 1000$ from Clixsense without Investment?

Are you a guy like me who want to earn money online? Ohh, seriously is that possible if I say “yes” you wouldn’t believe me? I know you don’t but once you read this post till the end you got to know how I earned my first 30$ from Clixsense without any investment.

In this article, I’ll show you exactly my strategies to earn at least 1000$ per month from Clixsense. You can follow the strategies that have worked for me.

I know many of you are struggling to earn money online but no one wants to work. Stop dreaming, start doing, as soon as you start doing, the dreams will start following you.

Of course, you have searched for the term “Make Money Online” or ” How to earn online” over Google.¬†You will get to know plenty of things on the internet.¬†Different blogs have different results and you confused in between, don’t know exactly from where should I start first. If you still looking for part-time jobs that pay you directly in the bank then you are in the right place. Clixsense is one of the PTC sites that full fill your money need.

I can proudly say one of the easiest ways to start earning online is clicking ad jobs, even I started my online journey with this back in 2014. In this job, you don’t need any prior experiences. Only a smartphone or Laptop with a good internet connection is enough to get started. You must have basic English and some time that is required to start a living laptop lifestyle. you can¬†join Clixsense here:


Clicksense is a trusted PTC site where you can earn money by completing small tasks like Playing games, Paid Surveys, Cash Offers, etc.¬†There are very few legitimate sites like Clixsense (Ysense) that still paying. When I talk about real and 100% working PTC sites, the first site came in mind, Clixsense because I have been associated with it for more than 4 years. They paid me on time.¬†You can join Clixsense by clicking here (It’s Free).

Now, Read the Full exclusive Clixsense Review and How it works:

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Clixsense Reviews India 2020:

I’m going to share each and everything about Clixsense in detail and will talk about my strategy to earn at least 1000$ per month just spending 2 hours a day.

Are you ready?

What is Clixsense?

Clixsense now becomes Ysense and this is one of the oldest and trusted highest Paying PTC sites and GPT sites as well. It has launched in February 2007 and now they have more than 8 Million members and paid out more than 33 million $$ to their members. Clixsense is owned and managed by Prodege which is an American online marketing company. They offer different ways like Paid online surveys, Cash Offers, Figure Eight Tasks, and Referral Bonuses. Anyone from anywhere can join Clixsense for free.

When you reach a minimum threshold payment which is 10$ you can cash out via (Payoneer, Tango Card, Dwolla, Skrill). If you are from the US, UK, and Canada then you can cash out through Bank Cheque. For Payoneer, You need 20$ to get cash out.

If you don’t have a Payoneer account then click below to register and get a 25$ bonus.

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How to join Clixsense?

If you are living anywhere in the world then you are eligible to join Clixsense by clicking here and click the confirmation link that you received in your email Inbox.

After clicking the validation link, log in to your Clixsense account. You need to add some details in your profile like phone number, Address, gravatar (your image), and payment method also. Further, you can participate in offers, tasks, and surveys to get paid.

  • Click here to signup Clixsense¬†and Fill the required details.
  • After filling ” Required Details” and click on Join now
  • You’ll get confirmation link on your Email, so check inbox and click that link to confirm your joining successfully. Now login to your account and add details in your profile like phone number, Address, and payment methods also.
  • Now, you have done and starts completing offers, tasks, and surveys, etc.

How can earn from Clixsense?

There are different ways to earn money which I’ve explained below in this post.

Clixsense, Clixsense offers

As you can see in the image above these are the four major earning sources.

  1. Paid surveys: Every day you receive new paid surveys jobs that is the main income. So, you must log in two times a day and complete these surveys to earn more rewards. To find these offers simply log in and you’ll see top left in your dashboard.Clixsense To get more surveys based on your targeted or demographic country, You must have to fill the survey’s profile as shown in the image below. Fill the required details and give the correct information to receive more surveys that match your interest and profile. The average reward for each survey invites you would get from 0.40- 1.50$.Clixsense Surveys profile You have to click all the available surveys in the survey invites section and if you qualify then you can complete the surveys and get payments after 30 minutes.
  2. Completing Cash Offers: You can also earn by completing cash offers from 9 different companies on their websites. E.g- You will get paid for signups, downloading apps, shopping, booking flights, Playing games, etc. Clixsense OffersTo earn by completing offers is very simple. Log in your account and find the offers in the top left corner. As you can see in the image above, you will see the types of offers and rewards amount. To get more offers login 2-3 times a day and click the offer section to find available offers and complete as many as possible.
  3. Daily Survey Routers: These are also a type¬†of Surveys that you can attempt unlimited times every day. Some of the survey routers will allow you to take once in a day while others give you more chances to complete it. So, it’s better to check several times in a day to get more such surveys to earn more and keep checking when you logged in.¬†Clixsense Survey routers
  4. Complete Clixsense Tasks:¬†This is another great way to earn by completing Clicksense tasks. To find all the tasks, click on the “Top Left Corner” on ” Tasks” that are available for you. By clicking on tasks it will be led to given sites and open in a new window where you have to signup then take participation. You can also see the top tasks worker at the bottom of the tasks page.
  5. Earn through Affiliate Program: You can also earn by referring people that will give you passive income. To find your referral link, Sign in Clixsense Account and will see a link in red color that is your Affiliate link which you use to promote and earn commission up to 30% as you can see given below image. Clixsense Affiliate Programs

Clixsense Strategy: How to Earn 1000$ per month!

Become a Clixsense affiliate and earn thousands of dollars every month. Clixsense offers you various types of income including affiliate programs to earn referral commissions.

There are 3 types of income you earn from your referrals:

  • Earn up to 0.30$ when your referral becomes active members.
  • You will earn 2$ when your every referral earn 5$ with extra 2$ bonuses.
  • When your referrals complete tasks, offers, surveys successfully then you earn 30% from their earning. So, start referring as much as you can.

Let’s do the math for an example: if you referred at least 5 downlines each day for 30 days continuously by putting your effort then you will have 150 referrals at the end of months.¬† Now each of your referrals earns a minimum of 30$ every month then total earning will be 150*30=4500. Your earning will be 30% of 4500$ is 1350$.

In simple term, 5 referral each day for 30 days= 5*30= 150 Referrals

Each of 150$ earn 30$ in a month then total earning will be= 4500$.

Total income is 30% of 4500$ is 1350$( Appx 92000 Rs.) every months.

You can earn more if your referral also makes the same referrals like you. All of your referrals also refer to 5 people each then the total referral will be 750. Each of these 750 referrals earns 30$ every month then total earning will be 22500$.

Your earning will be 22500$*0.05% i.e means  1125$+1350$=2,475$

Are you ready to make 2,475$ every month online from Clixsense? it’s free!

Note: It’s just for motivation even you can earn more than this. If you work hard and take it seriously then must follow blueprint that I explained above.

How I earned My first 45$ from Clixsense?

Clixsense Payment proof


As you can see my payment proof, Total I earned appx 45$ and withdrawn successfully. I am showing this that you can trust Clixsense is paying and working.

I am not working for 2 years but now I started again and everyday people joined under me. You can see the image below and the list is growing. So, I aspect the same from you.

Clixsense Referral list

Total 64 people joined and why are you waiting for join now: Click Here

Tips to earn more from Clixsense:

To earn more and passive income from Clixsense, follow the tips as given below:

  • Join from here Clixsene and do Clixsense Sign in every day2-3 times and check the tasks, offers, or surveys¬†available and complete it every day.
  • Try to refer at least 3-5 people and explain them to do the same as stated above.
  • Download the ClixAddon extension in your Chrome browser that will notify instant if any offers, tasks, or surveys available and complete to earn fast.

If you follow the same routine for 30 days then you can earn more than 1000$ within 2-3 months. Don’t dream just do it and work hard to make it happen.

Clixsense (ySense) FAQs:

Is Clixsense legal & safe in India?

Yes. Absolutely. This is operated by Prodege a registered American online marketing company that is 100% trusted and legal. It is being used in 198 countries including India.

Is there any free or it’s free to join?

No. It’s 100% free. You don’t have to pay a single penny for joining.¬†Join now!

How to get payment through Clixsense?

There are multiple payment options available like PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and eGifts.

It’s your turn!

I have done my job and explain everything through Clixsense Review. Now, it’s your turn & time to take action and make money online from Clixsense without investment. If any problems and question which you want to ask please let me know via comment.

Clixsense Review 2020- Is it Scam or Legit
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Clixsense is a very old and trusted paying PTC site since 2007. You can join it free and earn $1000 by following the strategy I shared in this Clixsense Review 2020 guide. Join Here!


  • It’s free
  • No MLM
  • Paying on Time
  • Anyone can join from the world


  • It’s slow methods
  • Very low paid surveys
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