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Upwork is the largest marketing platform for freelancers with over 12 million registered freelancers. Around 250,000 jobs are posted monthly by Clients. Around 80 million worth of work is done monthly. The Competition rose tremendously and aggressively after Elance and oDesk merged together as Upwork. So it became little hard to find one’s share in the market place.

Why should you start Freelancing at Upwork?

  • Freedom of Work

Not everyone will like their 9-6 Job at their office under one’s slavery. People feel dissatisfied with their dreary work that they were doing up for years and hence, often end up in depression. People generally want to work in a field they love. At Freelancing, you can be your own boss.

  • Money

Any motive to do work is naturally to end up getting money. More you get, more satisfied you are.


As many may say, Freelancing is generally risky, but when you take calculative risks, chances of losses are too low. All you need to know is to have a simple skill. Learn it as much as you feel that it can fetch you money. Some popular ones include Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Virtual Assistant Course, etc


Getting Started with Upwork Freelancing

There are 3 important aspects to work as a freelancer in Upwork.

  • Strong Upwork Profile

                     Before posting your gig, you should ensure that you have a strong profile built. It starts with having an original display picture to bring about a trust on the seller. It should also list out your previous work out and in Upwork, so that the buyer gets to know about your experiences and the quality you can give.


  • Bidding Techniques

This includes Verifying whether the buyer is a genuine one. There is no point in approaching someone who is not verified and not ready to shell out money to pay the seller. Fixing the appropriate price for the service is important. Sometimes, extreme or dynamic pricing may lead to the buyer losing trust on the Seller. One more technique is by staying patient and believing that the right buyer will approach us to hire us as a freelancer.


     Interviewing Techniques

This is the integral part of starting to work as a freelancer. You need to prove your mettle to the employer. You need to convince him as a worthy buy for his organisation or project. Clients who take in freelancers want them to remain as such and you shouldn’t try to fit into the corporate tradition.






  • There are about 12 million freelancers who have preferred Upwork upon other freelancing counterparts. So, hiring vast number of freelancers is comparatively easier.
  • As suiting to its fame, Upwork maintains high level banking security in terms to their bank accounts, card transactions.
  • Upwork doesn’t compromise on backend server maintenance, anti-hacking and high level data-encryption.



  • Due to its high amount of user traffic Upwork was found to be a very probable lagging and slower website.
  • In order to suits its name it has earned Upwork is a lot costlier than most of its counters. They work of membership basis rather than hourly contracts.
  • Due to the large amount of users reliability issues tend to form around the corner. Clients tend to be misguided to fake and amateur freelancers which could lead to loss of required intrications.

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