Top 25 Free Movie Streaming Sites List 2019

Are you searching for Movie streaming sites to watch movies online free? if yes, You’re at right place. In our research, We found 25 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites List 2018-2019. These sites require no signup, just visit and enjoy your favorite movies for free.

There are many movie enthusiasts who like to watch movies, and sometimes purchasing these movies can become a difficult task. There is a number of free online movie streaming sites that allow you to stream movies for free, but some of the streaming sites have some legal complications. These websites have digital rights for the movie or simply go through entire internet searching for independently available movies.

There are many movie download sites that store the movies on their site, or some of them have the non-legitimate sites that don’t store the movies on their site but search the web directory and the torrents for the movies and the TV shows. Sometimes the websites that you search for the online movie streaming are not genuine and inject some malware into your device, which could be fatal for your device. These websites are, therefore, potentially harmful and malicious for your system and data, and are capable of harassing the privacy and collecting the sensitive information from the devices.

After researching and going through many free movies streaming websites, I have made this list. Here is the list of Top 25 free movie streaming sites list of 2019 that would surely ease your way of movie streaming.  These are the best free movie streaming sites no sign up required for watching online and legally. Now, find the right one for yourself.

 25 Best free movie streaming sites no sign up required to Watch movies online free :

1.Sony Crackle:

This website is controlled by Sony Entertainment and is a free online service having its presence across 20+ countries. This website lets you stream movies and TV shows for free. Since this is a Sony entertainment product, you can expect a large amount of movie and TV shows collection. The website has also partnered with many production houses such as Century Fox, MGM, Lions gate, Funimation, Walt Disney and many others that allow the website to add new movies and TV shows and be updated the whole time. Since it has a wide range of movies and the trust of Sony, this free online movie streaming website is highly recommended. They stream all the latest Movies & TV shows free.


TUBI TV is an online free service which is available globally. This website has a bunch of movies and TV shows which cannot be found elsewhere, making this website, one of the most preferred and loved movie streaming website. TUBI TV has a library that has more than 50,000 titles. This website is second to Netflix and is the best source of Movie and TV shows. This is a free movie streaming website that requires no sign-up and runs on Ads. This website has something for everybody with genres such as comedy, drama, kids, classics programs and Korean dramas. TUBI provided free content which is ad-supported from major production houses such as Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Lionsgate. This website also has content that is not available on Netflix.


Viewster is a legal and legit website for watching the various movies and TV shows. This Application is the best place for the people who like to stream Anime, TV Shows, Movies, Documentaries, and many other programs. Viewster has a decent quality of the website streaming, and this quality keeps on fluctuating with the time, making this not-recommended for the big screens. Overall the website is very smooth with a clean interface and lets you watch movies online free without downloading. The only thing that could be a setback for the website is that it comes with many Ads which keep on playing within the movies. You can watch free movies online no sign up or subscription.


YouTube has over billions of visitors in one month and is undoubtedly one of the most popular best free movies streaming sites. YouTube has a very giant collection of independent movies and shows. You can operate YouTube on any device you want to, and if you don’t want to watch these movies online, you can also download them. There are a number of Indian, Spanish, Turkish, Hollywood Cinema and other Golden Age movies which one can stream for free. There are many pretty great things on the Internet including quality settings, subtitles, suggestions, and many other things.

5. SnagFilms:

SnagFilms claims to have more than 5000 movies in their catalog. The website is very well known to hold Documentaries and Independent Films from various cinemas such as Indian, Korean and Chinese.  This website has one of the best content that ranges from cult horror to the classic movies in 15 different languages. SnagFilms takes your expectation of movies and TV shows to another level.

6. Vudu:

This is another best free movie streaming sites that deliver good content over the internet. The main thing that makes this application so loved among the people is that this application has full-length movies in the 1080P making this as the best choice for the HD Streaming. Vudu has categories that have content into the comedy, crime, and suspense along with the action, family, and kids. There are various movies that are available for rent and you can watch over 1000 free movies that are AD supported. It is important to have a user account on Vudu in order to enjoy unlimited free movies online. The registration for the website is completely free.

7. Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime is a perfect platform for the people who are looking to watch new and latest movie shows completely for free. This free online movie streaming website is becoming very popular day by day. The main advantage of this website is that there are no advertisements between the movie or TV show and it also supports all the devices. Amazon Prime is much more than just streaming free movies, it also lets you listen to songs and read books. Amazon Prime also offers advantages for online orders. This is one of the best movie streaming websites in India which is highly recommended.

8. Vumoo:

Vumoo is one of the oldest and most preferred movie streaming website available over the internet. This is the online free movie streaming sites that don’t require any registration. The website has a very clean and user-friendly layout. This website lets you stream movies online without any signup or registration. This is a tremendously organized and nice looking website that has a large collection of movies and TV shows.

9. Afdah:

This is the best choice for the people who are looking for something that is easy and user-friendly. This website also doesn’t require any registration. This application came in succession to the Vumoo app and has taken its place after that. There are no redirects and advertisements on this application due to which this is very much beloved by the audience. The application also lets you explore movies from over 20 different countries and languages and also provides information on new releases and IMDB rating. Must visit this website to enjoy the latest content for free.

10. Look Movie:

Look Movie is one of the best Free movie streaming sites that requires no sign-up. The application also doesn’t contain any advertisements or pop-ups. The big thing that these websites have to offer is that it provides all the movies in highest quality. All things given by this website is in the favor of the audience and is the second alternative of Netflix. You must visit this website for enjoying great content for free.

11. YesMovies:

YesMovies is another free online movie streaming site that offers a wide array of online movies for free. All the movies databases are well organized and that too without any registration. Due to the highly organized database, you can easily find a movie of your choice with the help of various filters such as Genres, country, and top IMDB. This application has a unique feature that lets you watch the trailers and see the IMDB ratings so that you can make a smart choice. Visit here and watch movies online free without downloading more than  9000 free streaming movies, documentaries, and TV shows.

12. FMovies:

Fmovies. Watch Free Movies Online

FMovies is another website to watch free movies online that are highly organized but has a distinction that this website requires no-signup. This free online movie streaming website is available for 13 countries only. Finding a movie over this website is very easy and also lets to find the movie by the application of filters such as release year, most watched movies, country, genres, etc. It streams all the latest Movies, TV-series for free.

13. CMoviesHD:

If you want to try a website that lets you stream free movies online and also doesn’t require any signup, you must go for this website. You will surely find this website very useful. This website helps you to search and stream almost all the latest movies and TV shows available. The streaming quality of the movies over this website is also good. This website includes many popular searches and media links from other websites as well.

14. Yify TV:

If you are still scrolling and searching for something different, you must try this online free movie streaming website. This movie streaming website has a decent quality of the content and also allows to watch online stream movies from different genres and countries. This website also provides an advanced search option with lets you to search movies on the basis of the various filters. All the content is available in high quality(HD).

15. MegaBox HD- Free Movie Streaming Apps:

This is a movie streaming application that allows you to stream movies and TV shows very fast. The website is well updated with the new content at regular intervals. Therefore, if you are looking for the latest free online movies you must visit this website. The application can be operated on both Android and iOS. You can also download movies from mega box HD and start streaming for free.

16. PopcornFlix: 

PopcornFlix is one of the best and widely searched website for online movie streaming. Our free movie streaming sites is incomplete without this application in the list. This is the go-to place for everyone across the internet for watching the movies. You can easily watch movies and TV shows from different categories and genres such as horror, Sci-Fi, thriller or romantic. This website also doesn’t require any sign-up, which makes this more hassle-free. This website also has a straightforward interface and doesn’t confuse any widgets or additional navigation options. This website is also compatible with various movie streaming websites, just browser PopcornFlix and watches the latest movies online free.

17. Moon Line:

This application offers high-quality(HD) movies online with limited features. Although this website has some limited features but is included in this list because the streaming quality and content is very good. This website lets you stream movies from 2019 to 2004. The only thing that is a setback for this application is that it contains pop-up which keeps on flashing on your movie screen.This free movie streaming site is becoming very popular day by day. The main advantage of this website is that there are no advertisements between the movie or TV show and it also supports all the devices.


This website is one of the most visited websites for online free movie streaming on the internet. This is my all-time favorite movie websites that allow you to watch movies from different genres. It has a user-friendly interface that offers movies and TV shows that can be watched in a sophisticated manner and easily find feature movies on the home page.

19. Classic Cinema Online:

This is another one of the most preferred best movies streaming online sites. Classic Cinema Online is also a website that allows you to stream movies online for free without any downloads. Overall this website is also good and can be visited for the movie streaming. There are various movies that are available for rent and you can watch over 1000 free movies that are AD supported.

20. Movies Found Online:

Movies found online is another website for free online movie streaming site. This website also allows you to stream online movies for free without any download. This website also doesn’t upload any content on their website, instead, they have added links to the movies on the other websites. Most of the links are to the movies that are uploaded on YouTube and therefore, this website is legit and legal and doesn’t involve any risk.

21. RetroVision:

RetroVision is the version of the Classic Cinema. This application is packed with the classic and public domain movies and therefore is legal to operate. This website also offers a brief description of every movie. This website has one of the best content that ranges from cult horror to the classic movies in 15 different languages. These descriptions can help you to find the perfect movie according to your choice and taste. This website was also listed on many best free movie streaming sites 2018.

22. Pluto TV:

Pluto TV allows you to watch online movies free without any registration fee. You can also watch live TV on the Pluto TV. They also have an on-demand movie library which can be used for the online free movie streaming. Pluto TV allows you to enjoy free movies.

23. Hotstar:

This is the best application and Free movie streaming sites for the people who are living in India and love to stream online movies, documentaries, seasons or TV shows. There is a huge library of the latest Hindi movies in this application. There are Hollywood movies, seasons and TV shows as well on the application. This application allows you to stream online movies for free without downloading. Although this application does require sign-up and registration but is overall one of the best website for the Indian audience.

24. Documentary Heaven:

There are various websites that are mentioned on this list that allows you to stream movies for free, some of them doesn’t even require sign-up and registration, but this website is different from all of them. As the name suggests, this website allows you to stream hundreds and thousands of available documentaries. They also have a very simple UI which makes this website, very easy to operate. The Documentary heaven also hosts the documentaries on YouTube, which is also a big advantage. Overall this website is highly recommended to watch free online movies for documentary lovers.

25. Kanopy:

This is one of the best free movie streaming websites that are mentioned on this list. This website has over 30000 movies and TV shows that you can stream for free. If you are unable to find any movie on any other application, you would surely find that movie or TV Show on Kanopy Application. This website is also advertisement free, which means you can enjoy your show without any interruption. The only thing that makes this website difficult to use is that you can only access this website in the USA and also need to have a library card from any library in the USA. Apart from this, Kanopy is the best online free movie streaming site no signup required.

Conclusion – watch free movies online:

This post compiles a list of the best 25 online free movie streaming websites that helps you to watch online movies without any hassle. You can use this website without any data leaks issues.  The entire movie streaming website that is mentioned in this list lets you watch online free movies. All these websites are legit and don’t involve any risk. These websites allow you to enjoy free movies in order to have a great time.

Hope you would find the list of these 25 best free movies streaming sites useful while streaming your next movie. Kindly share it with your friends and help them.

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