Free Online Image Compressor Tools: Compress and Resize PNG and JPEG Images

Image optimization and Resizing is also very important when you upload images in the post and it helps to save hosting disk space. So, These are top 10 free Online Image Compressor tools with the help of it you can do it easily by uploading your original images and optimize without losing image quality. It becomes now easier using CDN for online publication. In general, there is a lot of Image compression WordPress Plugin available here which you can try if you are using WordPress.

This is a free Online Image Compressor if you not using WordPress or want to use images somewhere else like Blogspot, Tumblr, etc then this is a very helpful post for you.

You can search Free online Image Compressor and resizer you’ll see massive results. So, I will help to save your time and here are some best tools for image compression which I’ve listed down which you can check for yourself to use.

Why should you use Online image compression?

It helps to reduce page loading time of your blog or web page. This is very effective and user-friendly for Search engine ranking as well as SEO. Page loading play an important role in Search engine optimization So make sure compress it before use.

Having an image in the blog post is useful for user experience and make your content rich and it makes easier to rank in search engine and drive insane traffic free from Google. In this post, we will talk about some amazing image compressor and resizer.

These free online Image Compressor tools help to compress or resize images without losing image quality. You can check your website page loading speed in Google Page Insights. These are the top 10 free online Image compression & Resizer tools.

Table of Contents:

Top 10 free Online Image Compressor Tools:

1. is a great Online Image Compressor which maintains quality when you upload an image to compress up to 90% in size. It supports four types of image format to compress like PNG, JPEG, GIF, and SVG. You can even export compress images in DropBox and Google drive. This is very easy to use and do compress images in high resolution. Here is an example as you can see in the image below and a great UI.

Compressor tool

2. Optimizilla:

This is another great free online image compressor which gives you an option to maintain your desired level of quality. You can choose a possible combination to compress images in possible size. The best thing about Optimizilla that I liked most, It allows to upload up to 20 images at a time and it gives you a preview to check the quality of an original and compressed image using mouse/gesture. It supports only PNG & JPEG image format. Toepub is sister’s site of Optimizilla which let you convert.PDF files into various format free including EPUB, Kindle MOBI/AZW3, FB2.

3. TinyPNG:

TinyPNG is one of oldest & popular online image compressor website that offers WordPress Plugin and Magento extension for images compression. It supports for PNG & JPEG image format to reduce the file of PNG Files. They allow a free account to compress 100 images per month. TinyPNG compressed more than 1 Billion images and counting. They also available in plugin and you can get API Key from Here.


kraken image optimizer is also a premium online image compressor tools which allow you to compress multiple files in one go by simply drag and drop. Kraken comes with Pro Features and offers Full API access, Web interface Pro, WordPress & Magento Plugin and Kraken Cloud Storage. You can upload files using URL and select the image optimization mode as per your need. The best thing you can import files from BOX, Google Drive and DropBox. You can even upload a ZIP containing image files and save your data. The cool feature is you can download Compressed images into Zip files. As you can see in below images data saved using Kraken image compressor.

Kraken Image optimizer

5. BeFunky – Free Online Image Resizer:

If are you looking Free online Image resizer then I would recommend Befunky.  There is a lot of option in it like Photo editor, Collage Maker, resizing images etc.

You can upgrade for using more features to access like Photo Filter & effects, Touchups, frames, text and many others. In the free version, you can edit and resize your photo by Height & width or by percentage scale. It also gives “Lock Aspect Ratio” box which you can uncheck if you want to adjust height & width by yourself and maintain the quality. Because This can make your photo quality worse when the ratio change.

6. Image Resize– Image Compressor Online:

This is an advance PNG & JPEG image compressor online. It allows you to upload via computer or URL up to 20 images to compress at one time which is free. They use the latest image compression algorithms to lower your file size without losing quality.

Here is an example that I used for Image compression and it saved up to 50% size.

Image resize

7. Toolur- Image Compressor & Resizer:

In Toolur, You can select multiple image format like JPEG, PNG, BMP format ( it will convert PNG to JPEG Format). This is a free Online Image Compressor which lets you allow to specify the compression rate and the image dimension to reduce file size significantly. You can upload up to 25 images and set the image dimension by yourself to resize images. They also offer cool features and convert PDF to JPEG and Web proxy etc.

8. Compress JPEG Image Online:

Compress JPEG is good to compress JPEG images online. You can select up to 20 JPG or JPEG images from your device or simply drag and drop files. The best thing you can download compressed image separately or get them all in a zip file.

Compress JPEG

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9. JPEG Optimizer- Free Online Image Optimizer:

This is free Online Image Optimizer where you compress and resize your images. You can select compression level and resize a photo by checking box.

Here is an example after optimizing image from JPEG Optimizer:

JPEG Optimizer

10. BIRME: Bulk Image Resizer

This is a Bulk Image Resizer which are available in two versions: Version 1 and Version 2 which is new. BIRME stands for “Bulk Image Resizing Made Easy” and it helps to resize multiple images at one go. You can set Border to each image and the pixel you want. You can select an image format and the quality of images that you want.

11. CompressNow:


This is another great online Image compressor tool that allows bulk image upload. Image formate can be PNG, JPEG, and GIF. The best things about CompressNow, you can set compression level that you want to compress and download it.

Select the images up to 10 at a time and set a level for compression by drag and drop. You can download compressed images one by one or get all in one zip file.

12. GiftOfSpeed – Online Image Compressor:

Giftofspeed JPEG compressor

GiftOfSpeed provides a set of tools for website speed test and Image Optimizer. You can find JPEG compressor, Image optimizer, GZIP compression, etc. Visit here and select the image compression tool from website optimization tools and minimize the image size.

You can also resize as per your need for better site performance. Adjust the compression level and scale the images to reduce the file size and site loads faster.


There are many others are available but here I’ve listed my favorite Free online Image compressor & Resizer. It’s over to you and can use any of them from the list and let us know which are using for image resizer and compression. If you liked, please share it.

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