Top 15 free Link Building Tools for SEO ranking in 2018

As you know, SEO is very big ocean but some of best free online link building tools which I’ve found for you. Your site can’t perform well in the search engine without having good link building strategy. You can also increase domain authority of your website. This is the most important element which you can’t ignore it.

There is a lot of confusion as a blogger what should do or what shouldn’t do?

Brain dean said that there are more than 200 factors which Google’s consider a website for ranking. One of them is link building.


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You can see in above image link building 22.33% dominate in ranking. So, you should practice for making good links to your sites from an authoritative website.

For your kind information Link building is not an easy task, It will take a year or more than that. This is a boring job which I personally don’t like but yeah for the long run you should do. Not only link building, you should also focus on a good piece of content because ” Content is King”. List of  free online link building tools is below:

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15 Link building tools:

Link building is a part of Off-page SEO. For ranking, a site always needs to be good in off-page or on-page SEO as well. Here, I’m only talking about best 15 Link Building Tools that you can use to win SEO game.

  1. Majestic SEO:

Majestic SEO is a great tool for finding competitor’s website backlink from where they are getting links. You can easily determine how difficult to beat them in SERP and how can build backlink to your site. It has a largest indexed link on the internet almost 1413 Billion which you can see in below Image:

Majestic SEO indexed link

There are three different pricing plans including a free plan. In the free plan, you can see inbound link, external link, referring domain, Anchor text backlink etc.

2. Open site explorer:

This is offered by MozSEO where you can see the detailed insight of your competitor’s site. You can use only three times in a day for free if you want more site to analyze then you have to upgrade to a trial version.

It allows you to create a complete analysis of your site and your competitor’s website. Just enter the site link and what opportunities you can use for link building.

3. Raven SEO tools:

Raven SEO tools provide you an extensive option for competitive analysis as well as comprehensive marketing tool. You can check where is lacking your website that you can solve your weakness quickly. This is a perfect solution for your link building strategy with extra features to level up your SEO.  You can use for 14 days trial version after that you can upgrade if you want to continue using it.

 4. Ahrefs: Competitors research tools

This is my favorite link building tools for researching about competitors website. You can analyze from where they are building links and track them by following same to beat them in search results. Ahref tool gives you power that you can easily do keyword research, content research, backlink research etc. You can see what your competitors are hiding, which keyword their content are ranking and outrank them.

5. MOZpro:

This is not just about link building it’s a complete All-in-one SEO tool. They offer everything that you can use for performance, ranking and comprehensive reports for analyzing the competitor’s website data.


You can get 30 days free trial of Moz Pro. Later you can upgrade with 99$ per month which is similar to Raven and Ahref). With Moz Pro, you can track rankings, monitor for onsite issues, improve your onsite SEO, monitor social growth, see exactly how traffic is performing, benchmark against your competitor, steal their best backlinks and much more!

6. Semrush-Advance SEO tools:

We have already reviewed about Semrush-SEO tools. It helps you in-depth analysis of the website to find and fix On page/Off page SEO issues. This is also known as keyword research tools. With the help of Semrush, you can check competitors profile links and use to build the link to own website.

You can get SEMRUSH 30 day free trial from here.

7. Buzzstream:

Buzzstream is a software for link building tools and a comprehensive link management system. It allows you to Send personalized, efficient, relationship-based outreach that gets great results. It is highly recommended for link research, backlink tracking, and analysis. You can save time to speed up the research process. There are three different pricing plans starting from 99$ per month.


SEOquake is a chrome extension for analyzing SEO or keyword research. Whenever you search something It tells you everything about your competitor’s website. It is very handy browser and let you know keyword difficulty, traffic signals and internal or external backlinks pointing to sites. As you can see below:


9. Ninja Outreach:

Ninja outreach is a no-brainer link building tools for anyone that deals with list building or blogger outreach. I can say this is a phenomenal tool for different link building campaigns and then automating the necessary outreach. It helps to reach key influencers on your content with over 5 million influencers in their database.

10. Buzzsumo:

Buzzsumo is the most important tool for content marketing and SEO campaign. It allows you to find latest trends and their outreach that you can create most linkable and sharing content to get more links on your website.


You have to upgrade then you can find your competitors backlinks and social shares. This tools that every content marketing expert or blogger are using for making good shareable content on planets.

11. Wholinkstome:

This is a very helpful tool and easy to use that provides link data, extensive report of your competitors. You can easily monitor their success and keep eyes on what they are doing. This way you can optimize your link building strategy to find links that point to their websites. Their premium plan starting from 40$ per month to get full accessibility.

12. Microsite master:

It’s time for a smart rank tracker. Yeah, it’s right if you don’t then you are wasting your time on link building. You can take a free 30-day trial to find what your competitors are doing. It provides you complete comprehensive data that you can analyze and then optimize for your link building campaign to get success overnight.

13. SERP:

This is mostly used the term in SEO that you already knew. You can optimize your search engine performance and maximize link building effort with the help of SERP.

If you’re in SEO and don’t use SERPs, you’re not doing it right”

Ian St. Clair, Clicks and Clients

14. SEOptimer:

SEOptimer is a free link building tools and website analyzer that suggest you where your site is lacking in performance. You can analyze quickly to fix what they are suggesting then you can optimize it.

15. Advance Link Manager:

This is also a very popular tool to manage your links. They provide you all access which combines on-site optimization analysis with link prospecting and relationship management tools. This way you can use link building tools for maximizing your link building campaign to get ahead in SEO game.

Final touch:

After using these 15 best free or paid link building tools you can optimize your link building strategy. There are a lot more other tools available on the internet but here I have suggested to you best one which can help you in link building. If you found useful please give a share.