Top 15 Free Pub films Alternatives in 2020

Do you like to watch movies online free and popular TV series on mobile? You are looking for Pubfilm alternatives because this site is not working. There are some sites like Pubfilm where you can enjoy the daily shows, TV episodes, and anime streaming also. I have prepared a list of best free online movie sites.

Pub films lovers want to know about:

 “What happened to Pubfilm

How to install Pubfilm on Kodi

 “Why Pubfilm is not working

These are the questions that are now people searched over Google often but they don’t get the right answer. In this post, I gonna answer all the above questions related to Pubfilm where you can enjoy watching all your favorite movies, Anime Shows, TV episodes.

Get the Sites like Pubfilm, Pubfilm alternative, and Pubfilm ac Online 2017? There are lots of options available to watch free movies online or download.

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What is Pubfilm?

Pubfilm is a video streaming site where you can enjoy nonstop all genres popular movies and TV shows. On this site, navigate by scrolling down where you can see all the “Most Popular Today”, “Newly added episodes and recently broadcast TV shows, etc. 

Most of the movies and videos available with the subtitles and also get the recommendation. Find the genres based movie which you like the most and watch movies online free. Unfortunately, Pubfilm is not working right now but you don’t need to worry because we are going to share Top 15 sites like Pubfilm or Pubfilm alternatives also.

Top 15 free Sites like Pubfilm in 2020:

This article takes a closer look at the top 15 choices instead of Pubfilm sites and indicates that Netflix is more competitive than society imagines.

1. Putlocker:

The website was initially launched in the UK, first opened in 2011, and since the closure of Mega upload, it has received millions of visitors every day. Although the website was blocked at the request of the British High Court in May 2016, during the peak period before the temporary closure of the second half of 2016, Alexa ranked the Putlocker among the 250 most visited websites in the world. The American Film Association considers Putlocker to be a significant threat of copyright infringement.

Like Pubfilm, Putlocker is the most popular Movie streaming site to watch all the latest and newly launched all genre movies & TV-series. You can filter the movie by a year, genre, and also by most-watched categoriesApart from the Putlocker website, it is also available on a play store where you can download Putlocker App also.

2. Popcorn Time:

Popcorn Time is free cross-platform BitTorrent client software with a built-in media player. You can browse and view media lists by sort or category. When the user clicks on one of the titles, the movie is downloaded through the BitTorrent protocol from that. They provide the downloaded content to other users until the video is deleted. 

3. Vumoo:

Vimeo is a rival to YouTube that offers free video viewing services on its New York-based ad-free video platform. They had launched a variety of products that enable the production of large, high-quality videos, but They recently used Vimeo Stock in the fall of 2018. Vimeo is a software as a service (SaaS) and offers subscription services that serve a diverse group of customers. You can use Vumoo instead of Pubfilms alternatives.

4. 123Movies:

The American Film Association called the world’s most popular illegal site, and the site was shut down for criminal investigation by Vietnamese authorities. Since December 2019, the network is still active via the replication site. The location changed some names after leaving another domain. The name can be displayed in the form “123Movies” or the form “123movies“. The original title and URL were, but after was changed to another domain, such as, before switching to Go movies. Is Before the change, it was replaced by, then via go to and stay there until you leave. 

5. Rainierland:

If you are a movie buff and you enjoy watching movies in your spare time, you must have heard of Rainier land which is another alternative to Pubfilm. There is a lot to learn about each category on the Rainier land free movie viewing site. Rainier land is popular with people around the world in terms of excellent functionality and practical operation. Unlike other movie sites (such as Hulu and Netflix), Rainier land offers free if you have to pay a small monthly subscription that requires an appropriate subscription.

Meanwhile, legal content downloaded from sites such as Netflix violates the law. Rainier land had thousands of viewers and thought it was a popular website, but there were still a lot of problems. Is it legal? Watching a movie in Rainier land can be punished in one form or another.

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6. Kanopy:

Kanopy Kids, the Kanopy subdivision, includes a children’s program. With access to all Kanopy Kanopy Kids member accounts, Kanopy offers a customizable dedicated website for each participating public library and university, allowing members to stream movies. The service includes subtitles, scripts, creating clips, creating playlists, etc., and users can share videos. Kanopy is an educational tool for colleges founded in 2008 by the Australian company Olivia Humphrey in Scarborough, Western Australia. It started in Australia and is now based in San Francisco, California. On September 5, 2017, the international documentary agency conducted an extended interview with Humphrey, CEO of Kanopy, explaining the history and ideals of Kanopy. In October 2019, he became CEO as a successor to Kevin Saya Olivia Humphrey.

7. Yesmovies

It had gained popularity recently, and many users are wondering if it is legal or safe to use. Indeed, there is a possibility of active prosecution in the event of illegal streaming or downloading of films. Almost all free legitimate websites broadcast independent movies and use advertising to pay for licenses or a combination of both. To indicate that it is illegal in most cases, you can find danger signs such as the brand logos and televisions of the new Camcorder Ripped Content Premium Source product. Yesmovies makes it easy to watch free Hindi movies with different quality movies on Android. Yes movies are a thoroughly English app, and of course, it’s a catalog, so the only downside to the app is that there are no Spanish movies. (Hindi Links 4u) It is good to know what you want to watch a video for free using the app. This app is a Yesplayies app and cannot be used on Google Play, so you must enable the installation of the app using a third-party source on Android. Indeed, our policies do not support most content.

8. ExtraMovies:

Extra movies is a free download site for Hollywood, Bollywood and Hindi movies. Download the latest and latest Hindi movie called Hollywood. Extra-films can download files from the server. If you want to download a recently released video and watch it online, you can use a new film for free. Therefore, in India, the film’s website is banned, and the government blocks IP addresses in the region. New cinema teams are offering current versions: Bollywood or Hollywood and Hindi dubbing films. Movies can be downloaded anywhere in the world from any device. Whichever device you use, you can download it from devices like Android, PC, and laptop. Since this site offers your movies for free, they are sure to use different advertisements to supplement the cost. I am using a third party ad to explain why an error occurs during the download. The ad will try to get you to your website. To download the movie you want, you have to bypass it.

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9. 1337x:

1337x becomes increasingly popular in 2016 after the closure of Kickass Torrents, founded in 2007. In October 2016, they introduced a redesign of a website with new features. This site does not appear if you ban Google search terms and do a search on Google search. This was done at the request of Feel-good Entertainment in 2015.

10. Vex movies:

Vex movies is a free online movie streaming site that lets you watch full HD movies. The site has a number of the best movie databases that make it easy to find and distribute each film for free. Each film on this movie streaming site contains several types of action, war, science fiction, romance, love and more. Each category has its film to watch. Some essential methods include the advanced search box, where you need to sort titles by name, date, country, or view categories by entering title names, tags, or other content related to the video. Inaccessible sites can make requests and download content within 24 hours.

Vexmovies are top Sites like Pubfilms for anyone who wants to know the subtitles, ratings or other similar content from their favorite movies. It also includes some key features such as the Popular Movies section, updated daily with new titles to watch videos of varying quality.

11. Movies4u:

The film is famous because it is a source of entertainment and can send messages between the lines and often stimulate the creation of rock legends, leaving no trace. Today They introduce the Movies4U app to watch free movies on Android. MX Android knows that Movies4U is the best Pubfilm alternative app for watching free Hindi films and TV shows on Android devices today and have fun with this show.

12. MovieFlix: is the leading provider of broadband video and online personal video download service. The full HD movie streaming without MovieFlix. MovieFlix is entirely free and top competitors of the Pubfilm site. No monthly credit card fees purchased in the app. Only during movies, commercials. MovieFlix lets you watch movies on any device anytime, anywhere, so you can grab and enjoy the popcorn.

13. Hotstar:

Hotstar currently offers more than 100,000 hours of television content and movies in nine languages, and all major sporting events are live. By focusing on highly developed video streaming technologies and environmental quality across all devices and platforms, Hotstar becomes the most comprehensive video target for Over The Top (OTT) video consumers.


Accurate search results suggest completion, quick navigation Move users to video with minimal navigation friction and ease of use. Hotstar has invested in creating content based on the emotions and attitudes of its customers and has had great success in content from original programs such as On Air with AIB, M Bole Toh, and One Tip OneHand.

14. Youtube movie channel:

Youtube Movie Channel is an advanced American network belonging to ViacomCBS in the home network sector. This network programming mainly includes films of the first public and independent production, films for adults, individual film stories and promotions, quizzes. The film was initially released and sold as a separate service, but now a bond is paid to television subscribers primarily as part of the parent company’s Showtime multiplexing layer.

15. New Movies Online:

NewMoviesOnline is a movie streaming website that offers excellent movies or movies to your visitors. There are many high-quality movies readily available from all over the world. There are three ways to get information from a website. The first was to use the NewMoviesOnline search pane area.

From there, you must provide the correct video and movie name. The second is an overview of the categories categorized in the latest movies, including movies, TV shows, movies, and newly released highlights, chips, alphabet games, release year. The third method is to investigate the most common moving parts: pop, sports, theatre, puzzles, music, short films, games, and thriller.

For some video content, movies, and TV shows, NewMoviesOnline cannot investigate all of the largest upload databases on the Web. Like most video and movie websites, NewMoviesOnline can be sent without registration.

There is also an option to download your favorite movies without restrictions. Videos and movies with access to NewMoviesOnline have been shared on other sites advertised on third party sites.