So, You want traffic. Am I right? Most of you drive traffic from Google or Bing. Do you know? There is 1000+ High PR Search Engine Submission Sites list which I’ve prepared for you.

Everyone Loves traffic especially if that is organic from search engines. Expert marketer uses Google and it’s difficult for newbie bloggers or internet marketers who are entering in digital marketing.

Why not you drive traffic where is less competition than Google. Here, I’m going to share 100+ Free search engine Submissions sites list where you can submit website and get unlimited targeted traffic.

Increase traffic by submitting these high PR search engine submission sites will boost your site ranking. If you start getting little traffic from all search engines is vital benefits for you. The competition is very less and chances of ranking on top positions will help to drive traffic. Why are you missing this opportunity?

Follow these link building strategies for better off page SEO. Also try to these activities Web 2.0 submission sitesDirectory submission sites, Social bookmarking, and Blog commenting sites etc.

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100+ High PR search engine Submission Sites List:

Search Engine Submissions Sites List:  DA:
Google 98
Bing 94
Yandex 86
ActiveSearchResults 69
Exactseek 68
GigaBlast 66
Similarsites 65
Sonicrun 65
Entireweb 64
HotvsNot 63
Amfibi 61
https://viesearch.com/submit 61
https://www.linkcentre.com/ 60
http://www.infotiger.com/addurl.html 57
http://www.somuch.com/submit-links/ 57
https://www.anoox.com/add_for_indexing_free.php 56
https://www.intelseek.com/add_url_form.asp 56
https://www.similarsitesearch.com/webmaster/ 56
http://www.1abc.org/submit.php 55
http://www.pegasusdirectory.com/ 55
http://www.submissionwebdirectory.com/submit.php 55
https://www.cipinet.com/suggest.php?action=addlink 54
http://www.sitepromotiondirectory.com/submit.php 53
https://www.businessseek.biz/page.php?page=submission-policy 52
http://mastermoz.com/register.php 52
http://www.sites-internationaux.com/anglophone/submit_link/add_url.php 52
https://thalesdirectory.com/submit/ 52
http://www.amidalla.de/add.htm 51
http://www.a1webdirectory.org/ 51
http://www.botid.org/ 51
http://www.gainweb.org/submit.php 51
http://www.secretsearchenginelabs.com/add-url.php 51
https://anaximanderdirectory.com/submit/ 50
http://www.fat64.net/submit.php 50
http://www.itzalist.com/url-submission.html 50
http://www.add-page.com/siteadd/add_0_0.php 49
https://www.directory-free.com/submit/submit.php 49
https://www.gimpsy.com/gimpsy/searcher/suggest_compare.php 49
http://www.247webdirectory.com/submit.aspx 49
http://www.finest4.com/submit.php 48
http://linkpedia.net/submit.php 48
http://www.9sites.net/addurl.php 48
https://www.onemilliondirectory.com/submit 48
http://www.onlinesociety.org/submit.php 48
https://www.skoobe.biz/ 48
http://www.01webdirectory.com/ 48
https://www.daduru.com/suggest.php?action=addlink 47
http://www.elitesitesdirectory.com/ 47
http://www.hitwebdirectory.com/submit.php 47
https://www.1websdirectory.com/ 47
http://onemission.com/ 49
http://polypat.org/submit.php 44
http://www.blackabsolute.com/submit.php 42
http://www.exalead.com/search/web/submit/ 67
http://www.feedplex.com/add-url.php 43
http://www.fybersearch.com/add-url.php 49
http://www.wotbox.com/addurl 43
http://www.towersearch.com/addurl.php 43
http://www.illumirate.com/ 46
http://www.nexusdirectory.com/submit.php 42
http://www.priordirectory.com/submit.php 39
http://www.sitelistings.net/submit.php 41
http://zhanzhang.baidu.com/sitesubmit/index 69
http://www.official.my/addurl.php 51
http://beamed.com/search/index.php?p=2 51
http://referencement.ke.voila.fr/ 48
http://www.usertown.de/submit/ 39
http://www.madsubmitter.com/submit-website/ 45
www.free-web-submission.co.uk/‎ 43
http://www.boitho.com/addyourlink.htm.en 41
http://www.directoryfire.com/submit.php 46
http://www.kiwidir.com/submit.php 39
http://www.whatuseek.com/addurl.shtml 59
https://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html 92
http://www.socialsubmissionengine.com/ 30
http://www.piseries.com/ 42
http://www.ghetosearch.com/add-url.php 41

What is Search engine Submissions?

A search engine is a directory where users find information via WWW (World Wide Web). Information can be types of web pages, Videos, images, infographics, article and other types of files etc.

Users search by keywords in the given search engine to find the relevant information. To drive traffic from the search engine you to submit your website into these Search Engine Submissions sites. The list of search engine I listed above where you can submit your blogs or websites which is free.

Web search submission helps to increase SERP of your websites and more visibility. Two-term which you must check before start submitting to these High PR search Submission sites in 2019.

Crawling: When we submit our websites to the search engine then search engine spider or crawler crawls sites. After verification, they start crawling the main page and later all web pages of your websites. So, it’s very important to submit your site into each search engine sitemap manually for fast crawling.

Indexing: Once your site has crawled by search engine spider it will include in the SE database automatically. If not then there is no option left than submitting your websites to these Search engines.

Search engine will starts indexing your website based on the suitable keywords of the post content. So, it’s highly recommended for a website owner or webmaster to submit to these search engine submission sites.

Benefits of search engine submission sites:

There are many advantages of search engine submission sites. Some of them listed below:

  • Highly targeted traffic without spending a penny.
  • Increase SERP ranking in major search engines and more visibility.
  • Fast indexing and crawling to appear on the search results.
  • The user can found easily if they search on that particular search engines.
  • Less competition in compared to Google, Bing or Yahoo.
  • Chances of ranking higher and it helps in building a brand.
  • It’s free ways to promote a website and generate high ROI.


If you want to increase organic traffic to your websites then I would recommend using these High PR search engine submission sites list. Submit your website to these search engine and drive quality traffic.

At the time of submission, try to use the right keyword and create quality backlinks to rank higher in SERP. If you haven’t started a blog then read here: How to start a blog in 2019.

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If any questions do let me know via comment or please share it to help others. Thanks!

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