Watch Cartoons Online Free -Top 40 Cartoon Streaming Sites in 2022

Do you want to watch cartoons online free? If yes then thank me because in this post I am going to share the best Cartoon streaming sites in 2021. These free streaming sites allow you to watch cartoons without paying a monthly subscription fee.  You can find all the Old genre, new cartoons show on the best 40+ Cartoon streaming websites.

Most people love watching cartoons in teenage life or even after having their own child. If you also watch cartoons only when you at home, don’t worry. Now, you can enjoy your favorite cartoon shows like  Scooby-Doo, Batman, Tom, and jerry.

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What is Online streaming?

Online streaming is the live broadcasting of multimedia to deliver real-time exposure to the end-users. It is also known as Live internet streaming of media in the form of Videos, Audio, screen capture, etc. You can also say the transmission of audio and video over the internet to computers, mobile devices, and android apps. 

A cartoon is an animated video, an illustration typically non-realistic or semi-realistic. This is one of the best forms of entertainment and there is a huge variety of such cartoons that are available on the internet that makes us feel happy once we watch them. Today you can also watch cartoons online free. There are many different cartoon sites where you can watch the old as well as recent cartoons for free. Here we have found the Top popular 50+ cartoon streaming sites for watching free cartoon shows online from the comfort of your place at any time. You can visit these top 40+ free cartoon streaming sites list 2020 and watch cartoons online. Let us know which one is your favorite?

Top 40+ Free Watch Cartoon Online Sites 2022:

1. CartoonsOn:


This is one of the most popular free cartoon streaming sites. It has the best collection of cartoon shows. There are different categories like the shows and the series. There will be a small description that will be given with the video which can be very helpful.

The users can also filter movies and videos as per the cartoons, shows, time, etc. This is free and you need to go through the ads and one can skip them as per the time. If you do not like the ads, then you can skip or block them up and watch free cartoons online.

2. Toonjet:


This is another best site to watch cartoons online for free. Find all the latest and new cartoons so far because they have a big database of cartoons by studio, character, shows & series. Watch your favorite cartoons and enjoy the time with family and loved ones.

They add new cartoon shows and update content often so you enjoy watching your favorite classic cartoons. You can access this cartoon site through mac, Windows, tablets, etc. There will be no ads and hence you can watch cartoons online free without any disturbance.

3. YouTube:

Watch Cartoons online free

YouTube is one of the top sites to watch free cartoons online. There are more than thousands of well-known videos from all over the world. Also, you can save your favorite cartoon to watch later at your own convenience for free.

You can also get that cartoons dubbed in your native languages so you can share them with ease with your friends. You can also save them offline and watch them later. This is where you can get to watch them for free. This is very famous, and you can also get them downloaded on your device with ease. This is the website where you can find all classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck to the modern updated version.

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4. Nick:


Nick is the place where you can watch all the famous. You can watch the latest episodes of Alvin, power rangers, etc. Also, you can participate in the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and give a vote to your favorite cartoons. You can also try some online games and you can also listen to online radio. You only have to click on one link for unlimited fun.

5. Anime Toon


Anime toon is very famous all over the world and can enjoy cartoons online from various countries like Japan and Korea. They are dubbed in the right way to fulfill the needs of all the users. You can watch this for free. This site is updated regularly, and you can also rate the videos and also share them on your wall. The most important part about the site is that there will not be ads and you can watch them without any disturbances. Anime Toon is the place where you can watch cartoons online, Rick and Morty. 

6. Disney Junior:


Disney Junior is a popular Cartoon Streaming site, and it has well-known shows like the mickey mouse, Tarzan, and many more cartoons that will take you down memory lane. This is mostly relayed with the animated cartoon character, and this is also free of cost. This is very famous among children as well as adults. The video quality is best, and there will also be links so that you can listen to music or play some games.

7. Super Cartoons:


Super cartoons is another choice for watching cartoon online free. You can search for the most liked episode here. There will be a different category for each, and every cartoon character and one can have their own search here. This is user-friendly and easy to use. You can watch these cartoons for free. This is the best watch cartoon online app.

8. KissCartoon/Kiss Anime:


Here, you can see watch cartoons online as well as anime streaming, and you can have the best entertainment. This is where you can get to see many different cartoons for free. The videos with KissCartoon are of very good quality and this site also has a link to read manga magazines and also known for movie streaming sites

9.  Vimeo:


In Vimeo, you will see a massive collection of Cartoon videos of all types. Just create your free account here and upgrade to the premium to get entry to all the features. You can also upload your cartoons and share views with people of similar interests. This is available on websites or Apps which is supported by all the major devices.

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10. Go Anime:


Go Anime is another site to watch free cartoons videos. You can get the videos downloaded, and the process is simple too. There is a search bar, and you can quickly locate the videos. On the home page, you can see what is recent. You can see a list that has an alphabetical order and then search the item that you like the most.

11. Hulu:


Hulu is an anime website where you can watch cartoons online for free. You can have the best search option here. You can see a free trial here and also its features. Once you know the test and like that, then you can go for the up-gradation. You can also watch TV and movies with this. The video quality is too high here.

12. New Grounds:


Newgrounds is a community-based site where a group of artists, Musicians, Game developers, Writer and Voice actors share their best stuff with everyone. There are many sections such as Movies, adult Games, Art, etc and you can find your favorite shows, episode very easily. There may be many episodes, and you need to watch what you like. This is the best for all the cartoon lovers to watch Cartoon online free.

13. ToonGet:


Toonget is a Europe based popular cartoon site to watch cartoons online videos free. Find the latest cartoon shows, Dubbed Anime, popular Hollywood movies, and cartoon series like Betty Boop, Popeye, Looney Tunes. You can watch without account registration.

For additional options, you can sign up for watching cartoon videos and give a rating as well as leave the comment. You can add cartoons and bookmark your favorite cartoon episodes by joining. Toonget is available in Apps to download from clicking here and finds the classic cartoons to download or watch it online for free.

14. Cartoonito:


Cartoonito is a UK based website which is most watch cartoons sites for kids. This site has some old classic cartoons series like Looney Toons. It is a complete entertainment with educational videos for preschool children. 

Cartoonito is a British television channel which is also known as a sister channel to the UK cartoon network and Ireland. It is operated by Warner Bros. Find all the popular anime, games, songs and cartoons episodes. I hope your child will like it and they would enjoy watching cartoons videos, shows here.

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15.  Disney Video:


If you are a Disney lover, then this is the best one for you and must visit this site. This is the official portal of Disney. This is a site that is full of all the videos that made Disney very popular. As you see the home page you will see the recent updates there. This is the best place where anyone can Watch free Cartoons online

16. Cartoon Network:


Cartoon network is s designed in such a manner that cartoon lovers will definitely like it. The videos are of very good quality and this is the paradise for all the cartoon lovers.

17. Kiss Panda:


Kiss Panda is the best one for pandas cartoon web series lovers. Most of the episodes are uploaded here and this is simple to use too. You can have this on your mobile and there is no need to sign up for this. You can see all the seasons in bet picture quality.

18. Boomerang TV:


Boomerang is a Kids TV channel to watch free kids cartoons online. It has some of the best and popular collection of cartoons on the net. You can see some old ones like Mr. bean here. This is the best one if you wish to be nostalgic. This is free and very easy to use. There is also real-time gaming and you can spend a very good time with that. Now you only have to select the best boomerang character and have some good time.

19. Cartoon Park:


Cartoon Park is a website where you can get all the best ones for free. Also, there are English subtitles available and there is no issue or the language. You can have your refined search for, and you can filter the search by its status or names. This will show you cartoons of only high quality and you can also download them in an easy manner. You can use the search bar so that you will find the right cartoon, or you need to choose the one given on the homepage. You can also have these with smartphones.

20. Side Reel:


Side reel is the place where you can find many stylish shows like family guy and many others. This will also display the cartoon premiers and the release date will also be mentioned. You can enjoy watching these cartoons without any interruptions. There is no need to sign up with the side reel and also get benefits like tracking the favorite series and add them to your cart list to watch later. You can also see the Cartoon movies, web series &  ratings given by many users all over the world. You can also comment and share your views with your friends. You can keep searching or the recent series every time. 

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21. Watch Cartoons Online Free:


Watch anime dub is the best site that loves to watch the animes. You can also see the list of dubbed categories. There is also a different list of all the cartoons available and you can watch them for free. There is a search bar to find your most liked anime or cartoon episode that is useful or most watched. Find a short summary of the video provided.

22. 9Cartoon:


9 cartoon is the best site to watch free cartoons. This has a simple design and there is a big fan follower group here. You can watch all your much-liked series with high-quality resolution. This site is regularly updated, and you will be able to see the recent animes. This has different videos like horror, comedy, etc. You can bookmark the site for you.

23. Watch Cartoon Online TV:


Watch cartoon online TV site has a no-ads policy and you can watch your favorite videos without disturbances. This is very simple to use, and you can use the filter option. You just have to click on the title and the video will get started. Most of the videos run on two servers and one can switch between different episodes with ease. There is no need to have any extra tabs. There will also be a summary given and also some important data.

24. Toonova:


Toonova will allow not only to watch the cartoons but also some dramas, free series & movies. The site updates almost every day and you will find the latest shows & the best one. There are the right sidebar and most popular ongoing cartoons added with the number of episodes. You can click on the cartoon link and see the whole list of cartoons database that arranged in alphabetical order. Here, you can find more than 10000 variety of Cartoons, anime shows & free series and movies, etc.

25. ToonMe


ToonMe is a popular site in the USA that has more than 25000 anime and cartoons in English and there is the home page divided into three sections. There is the latest episodes section where you can see the cartoons. There is a toon list in which you can see all the available cartoons and you can use the list to see the anime content on the site. This is simple and easy, and you can enjoy this well.

26. Watch Cartoons Online.LA

Website: Website II:

Watch cartoons online LA is a user-friendly site with a sidebar and there will not be many ads. The cartoon list will take you to a page where you can see all the available cartoons that are divided into alphabetical order and some of them have more than a thousand cartoons. This is totally free, and no registration is needed or this.

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27. Top Cartoons:


An easy to use the website,  and you need to click on the cartoons so that you can see the cartoons. You can also click on the thumbnails so that you can watch them directly. There is a streaming page with some required data and there is a basic video player. Also, there is a volume control and you can enjoy the best quality videos with this. There will not be interruptions with some ads.

28. Stream Cartoons Online:


Stream cartoons online have a home page that has two choices two visitors  “80s Cartoons” or “90s Cartoons”. On the top bar, there are two options  “Our Top Picks“, and “All Cartoons“. There is interface or kids and you need to click on the thumbnail to see that cartoon. You can switch between the episodes and series using the links that are on the lie hand sidebar. These videos are taken from YouTube or some other sources. No ads are there, and you can enjoy watching this without interruptions.

29. Alisontott:


In this site, there is a database made up only for the cartoons. Users can select a suitable genre from the “Genres” option on the top-bar, and also there are some other options like the cartoon series, etc. below the top bar, you will see the  “Newest Cartoon” section that filters and shows the cartoons by the newest additions. You can also click on the “Newest Episode”, or “Most View”. The cartoon thumbnails are very interactive, and they will show the details of the cartoon. The streaming page will display  “Nothing here” till you go through the available servers till initially, a server gets any content.

30. B98:


This is a legal platform so that one can watch cartoons online free. Now no more ads and pop-ups and you can watch the cartoons without any interruptions. This is a kid-friendly concept and also there is a top bar that has three options “Cartoon”, “Series” and “Studios”. There is good content on the site and more than 24 cartoon series in total are available. This will not need any registrations, and this is aster than the most similar sites. B98  is an all-inclusive platform to watch the cartoons and also free from nonstop ads. This is a legal source and very much simple to use. There are filters on the site to use and search.

31. Nickelodeon:

Nickelodeon is developed from the ‘Nickelodeon’ TV Channel. There will all the cartoons were shown on the TV channel. Also, there are a few games and shows that you may like. There will be some shows to enjoy too. You can watch the most famous Motu Patlu and Rudra on this site. This is a user-friendly site for kids.

32. Star Cartoons:

Star cartoon has a range of old and new cartoon-like Bugs Bunny, scooby doo, tom and jerry and many more. In the library, you will find all the episodes of these cartoons. You can get them all for free. You only must have a good internet connection with you.

33. Cartoon network:

 One of the oldest cartoon and the website will have all the episodes on the TV channel. You can also play games and watch cartoons online for free without signup.

34. Kim Cartoon:

Here you can have a variety of cartoons to see like supernatural, adventure, etc. You can get them for free. You can watch cartoons online adventure time.

35. Cartoon extra

Cartoon extra has stream cartoon series and also animated movies like Elena. You need to only make use o the search bar on the home page o the site so that you will be able to search the cartoon with ease. One video can be played on many servers. You can also try any server to watch that.

36. South Park Studios:

If you like to watch the south part show, then this is the best site or you. You will be able to see the full videos or also some particular clips. This will also get you a brief description of the cartoons. You can sign up here for free and start watching them online. 

There are many popular shows in south part studios such as Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick. Watch your favorite south park characters by tapping on “WIKI” then “Characters” to see the list of all popular characters here.

37. Kai plays:

 The home page of this site will show all the newer and well-known anime series that can be displayed with a single click. You can read the summary of a cartoon that is being displayed.

38. Mickey Disney:

Micky Disney will help you watch the latest Micky cartoons. You will also be able to play games with this. This is easy and simple to use and operate. You can enjoy watching these cartoons here.


Alluc is the best site for all cartoon lovers. It has the best cartoon series and documentaries too. The cartoon characters are listed alphabetical order wisely and you will be able to search your favorite cartoon with ease.

40. Ovguide:

Ovguide is another site where you can watch the latest cartoon shows for free. There is a much-liked series too. You can sign up and enjoy what you like. This is all in one place for watching the latest anime series, shows, and movies, etc. 

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How to choose the best site for the kids:

There are many sites for the kids, and you need to choose the right for you. You need to make sure you choose the best for them. While you choose you to need to see which ones are free. You can watch old as well as the new cartoons from the sites. You need to see the description and then decide which one is the better one for you. Just go for the best one and you can have a very good time. You need to select the site that is user-friendly. You need not choose the one that is complicated to use. This is the best way you can entertain the children. Just go for the best one and you can have a very good time.


Benefits of these cartoon sites:


You can watch the cartoons at any time and any place, and you will not have to b at home. You can watch this at your convenience.

Easy to use:

The sites are easy to use and with only one click you will b able to watch your much-liked cartoons.

Free of cost:

You can watch the much-liked cartoons free of cost and you can also get them downloaded on phone for free. You can watch a variety of cartons here.

Final Thoughts- Watch Cartoons online free:

These are the best 40+ sites where you can watch cartoons online free without registration. Enjoy the cartoons, games, anime to make a day better with your kids.