High paying part time jobs for college students in 2018

High paying part-time jobs for college students in 2018: If you are looking free and legit method to make money online. Here, we come up with best 10 high paying part-time jobs that you can use to earn up to 2500$ per month without investment.

In this post, we provide you with the best part-time jobs to earn money online. You don’t need prior experience and any qualification. If you know few things like writing or can spend 2-3 hours a day then you’re eligible to start earning.

Only you need patience or hard work to earn money from home. Don’t think about fast or quick rich overnight.

We all know nobody is satisfied with 9-5 jobs because there is no life. This is best jobs for part time jobs seekers who can earn a full-time income with these listed works.

But the question is how to find real online High paying part time home based jobs and how it works. you’re at the right place where I give you tested money making method to earn money online without investment.

I’ve faced money problem during college life but now in this article, we share you some effective tactics. You can use and live life without any financial problem which designed for the college student, part-time job seeker, work from home.

Let’s begin and read the article till the end to know everything.

Table of Contents:

High paying part-time jobs:

These are 10 high paying part-time jobs for college students to work from home jobs. After research or personally tested method which I’m sharing with you here that you can also earn money online.

1. Online surveys job:

Online surveys jobs are best ways to earn money from home. Those who want to make 1000$ per month just by working 1-2 hours from home sitting jobs.  You can join more Surveys sites to earn more.

There are hundreds of free sites where you can signup and get paid up to 5-10$ per surveys. These are the 10 highest paying surveys site to join and make more than 1000$ per months.

2. Data entry jobs:

There are dozens of Data entry sites where you can join as online data entry worker. The best thing these companies don’t charge any penny to join. We have already posted 15 high paying data entry jobs and make money from home.

3. Online writing jobs:

Top 10 best sites to earn money by writing articles in 2017

If you have writing skills then Content writing job will be the best option for you to work from home. These are top 10 best content writing sites which give good earning fro freelancer.

There are many online writing jobs like writing reviews, blog content, emails, social media writer, story writer etc.

You can earn 2-5$ per 500 words article and get paid via Paypal.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

This is one of the best methods which I personally use to make money but its bit difficult from other mentioned here.  Affiliate marketing means become affiliate from any other merchant online and promote their product to get paid per sell as a commission. You can find the best affiliate program here to start earning.

5. Blogging:

Blogging is the oldest and trusted method high paying part-time jobs to earn passive income but it takes some time with patience. If you haven’t started your blog then you can read our guide about blogging: How to start a blog?

This is recommended for the student, housewife or anyone who can work with consistency.

Here are the few things that you’ll require:

6. Work on GPT sites:

GPT means get paid to complete the task where you get paid per 2-5$ per completing the task.  You can easily earn 200-500$ per months if you will join these top 5 high paying GPT sites.

7. MLM(Multi-level marketing):

MLM is my favourite method where you can earn thousands of dollar per months. By the ways, lots of MLM program available online but I’m making through Bitcoin. Read more about How can earn 10,000 BTC in a year?

If you want to any MLM program then you’ve to invest few dollars and need to promote for building network. This method can make you a millionaire but you’ve to stick with one program, not quick jump in other.

You can also earn bitcoin free: Top 5 free bitcoin sites

As you know, the Current rate of Bitcoin crossed over 6000$ per BTC. So, you can start earning free bitcoin with these free High paying Bitcoin faucets and subscribe our newsletter to get more earning option in your inbox.

8. Freelancing jobs:

Freelancing jobs are trending job nowadays because everyone wants to earn from their comfort. This is the best high paying part-time jobs option for those who can perform a specific task.

There are thousands of tasks available such as Logo design, Article writing, website designer, SEO etc. You can join free on freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Elance or Fiverr.

9. Earn from YouTube:

YouTube is best and free method that you can earn money by creating videos. Nowadays everyone has smartphones so why don’t you try to earn from YouTube.  You can shoot video on any topic then upload on your channels and monetize with Google Adsense. Top 10 YouTuber who are earning millions of dollars per months so you can too.

10. Earn for sharing links:

There are a different kind of jobs available if you spend 1-2 hours daily on social media then it’s for you. We share stuff on social media but not earn. Have you ever think? Now, You can just share thing using URL shorteners which is the best method that I’ve seen many are earn 2-10$ daily by using this method.

11. PTC(Paid to click) jobs:

This is very easy jobs to earn money by clicking on ads daily. These are 10 best Highest paying PTC sites where you can join free and complete task like watching ads, Surveys task, Spin, Surfing, Playing games etc.


One thing which I want to say that be persistent and work with patience then sure you can achieve goals. Here are high paying part time jobs which we’ve mentioned above for you. If you follow the steps and work in all method then you can 2000$ per month easily from your comfort zone. Keep reading and sharing!