How to create verified paypal to use in india?

How to create verified paypal to use in india?

How to create verified paypal to use in india?

If you are looking to work online or, want to receive your payment then Paypal is necessary. Here you will find all the details that you need to create Paypal or use it after verification.

What is Paypal?

PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company which operates a worldwide online payment system that supports features like money transfer, and also serves as an electronic alternative to traditional methods of checks and money orders.

What we need to open Paypal Account?

Nothing special, you need to have Bank account and PAN Card to open it(only for Indian).

[Opening a PayPal account is FREE & your email ID is the your PayPal account.]

Steps to create paypal and verification process:

STEP 1: Visit this PayPal India & click on Sign up:

STEP 2:  Select Individual account & click on Continue.

STEP 3:  Enter your name & email address & click on Continue.

STEP 4:  Fill the form completely as shown below & then click “Agree & Create Account”-

STEP 5:  You will be asked to link your credit card or debit card. You can add if you have & want to add otherwise click “I’ll link my card later”.

Step 6:  Your PayPal account is created.

Step 7:  Now you will be asked to confirm your email account. Check your email for the activation link & activate your account.

Step 8:  Next, you will be asked to provide security questions. Do it properly as PayPal asks this at the time of account password recovery.

Step 9: Next, it will ask to add bank details. You can add the bank account number & IFSC code. PayPal sends 2 small deposits between Rs.1 to Rs.1.5 in your bank account. You need to check your bank account & provide the exact value to confirm the account.

Step 10:- Later on, you need to add your PAN card so that your account will be verified. Your name in bank account should be same as in your PAN card otherwise it will not work properly.

How can be verified?

Add your bank details to link Paypal account then you paypal will be verified.

Two things you need to get verify.

  1. Purpose code: Add a purpose code
  2. Bank details:

a) Name– Enter your name as it mentioned on PAN card.

b) Bank’s Name– Enter your bank full name, like State Bank of India.

c) NEFT IFSC –  Either you can ask your bank customer care or refer your cheque book                                   for NEFT IFSC code. Or you can visit to find fast.

d)Account number –Enter your Bank Account Number & repeat the number again in                                               another ‘re-enter account number’ field.

Click on the check box to make your account auto withdrawal.It means when money will be received in your PayPal account it will be automatically transferred in your bank account within 2-3 days.

I hope this will help  you to create paypal account in an easy way without any problem:

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