How to promote your blog post free to increase traffic[10 ways]

Hello! folks today I’m going to tell you How to promote your blog post free?

If you are writing something but not getting visitors attention, that means it all waste of your time. Here, you’ll know the tips that make your content to the level which could increase traffic on your blog.

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Above are the tips which are required before hitting publish your blog post. In next, I’m telling the method after publishing a blog post to get traffic and helps in acquired reader attention.

Only a few methods which I use that are describing here for you.

How to promote your blog post free

Table of Contents:

 How to promote your blog post free[10 ways]:

1. Talk other Blogger:

One of the effective ways to getting word about a new post is to let other bloggers know. That’s not an easy way to get if you don’t have relation or some sort of profile that you’re pitching. Be polite and show them your angle.

So, You can find your niche blog and talk with them to give the link.

There should be a relevant post which they’ve  published. In that post, you can ask to give you a link.

2. Social sharing:

Social sharing is the more powerful tool in this era to promote your blog post. You can use top 12 social sharing sites to increase visibility and readability. Follow this method how to increase blogging productivity. Don’t forget that “Content is the King”. After writing share post as many you can on social media like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

3. Social Bookmarking:

You can take advantages of social bookmarking to promote your blog post free. Choose the best post which is based on depth-based research content because user gives more attention. So, write what you know most and explain in detail will help to boost traffic through social media.

4. Advertise your post:

This is not for everyone and definitely, you can apply to special one written for targeted traffic. You can put little budget aside to promote the key post using Instagram or Facebook.

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Why is Advertising important for online business?

5. Link building:

Link building plays a key role in blogging. You can use this link building strategy which increases your SERP result to rank your blog post. That’s either Internal Linking or external linking which I’ve already discussed.

6. How to promote your blog post free using email signature:

You can use email signature services like Feedburner to add that highlighted your latest blog post. Some of the blogger who does the same to add one or two key post in email signature for “Feature post”.

7. Blog commenting:

If you’ve got a post that which relates your post then you can comment their post leaving the link. Don’t spam and comment related your post that they had written there you can do only. The other option you can ask him to put a link then you can a link introduce it with ‘I’ve written more about this at….’ type comment.

8. SEO:

SEO is one vital thing that you should do regularly for your blog. You can do either Off-page SEO or On-page SEO. So, no need to be expert in SEO just, you have to optimise your keyword through SEO which helps to drive more traffic to your blog.

9. Guest blogging:

Guest posting is the best way to drive traffic to your website. Many new bloggers follow this method to attention on other blog and increase visibility. You can read how guest posting help blogger to increase traffic on the blog.

10. Newsletter:

You can create a newsletter and send your subscription to read the latest post. You have to write good quality of content to keep in mind your reader which can enhance your relationship. Day by day your traffic will grow and you can make money through blogging.


In the above, I’ve written about How to promote your blog post free. It’s up to you now how dedicated towards your blogging and make sure if you use it properly then sure you gain more visitor to your blog. keep visiting and sharing!