How to set up a blog on WordPress [Ultimate guide]

Are you a newbie or wants to start blogging, but don’t know “How to set up a blog on WordPress“.

Then don’t worry, I will tell you in this post each and everything about creating a WordPress blog from scratch.

Let’s start How to set up a blog on WordPress tutorials then stay with Us and read the post till the end?

Setting up a blog on WordPress is no tough tasks in nowadays.I hope You can create first WordPress blog easily by yourself after reading How to set up a blog on WordPress.


how to set up blog on WordPress

To set up a blog on WordPress only three things requires:

  1.  A domain name like (Ex- which you can get it at just 0.99 cents from Godaddy
  2. A web hosting (this is where your website will live on internet)
  3. Which niche do you want to start writing or have expertise?

This is the basic requirement which you should have and within 10 minutes your blog will live. There is no technical skill required to set up a website on WordPress, just follow the mentioned steps below.

How to set up a blog on WordPress[Step by Step]:

1. Setup: Most people make mistake in choosing blog platform. Don’t get confused between or You’ve heard that WordPress is free, No wonder because here you have to set up and host it yourself.

While I recommend you to choose a domain name or web hosting why?

Because a domain name can be your brand, a thought that you want to share over the internet. A domain name is an address that user type to get your websites like or

So, select your domain name very carefully which niche you will go live…

Another most important, Buy a web hosting, the cost would be probably 3-5$ per months.

2.  Installation:

After getting Bluehost hosting, Login to your account and go to Cpanel. You will see small Icon which is shown in below image.

Bluehost cpanel

You will be redirected to Bluehost marketplace to the quick install screen. Click on get start Button and you will be asked for a domain name and click on next:

After that, you need to enter your site name, username and a password for logging. Make sure, mark all checkboxes and then click on Install and your WordPress have successfully Installed now. You can choose WordPress theme during installation.

Congratulation, you’ve created your first website which is live now.

3. Selecting the theme:

Designing is most important factor for website owner or blogger. You can choose the best theme but by default, your theme will look like this:

By default WordPress theme

As you can see in above image, By default theme not good for appealing. Now, Choose Light weighted and Seo friendly theme then starts customizing it properly.

You can customize your theme by following step by step guide:

  • Login your admin panel in WordPress using link( www.yoursite/wp-admin)
  • Go to dashboard then click on Appearance tab>> Add new
  • Click on Install and activate it
  • You can customize by clicking on customize link under the Appearance

4. Create your first post:

You can write your post by clicking on post>>Add New in your WordPress dashboard. Once you have finished writing then click on publish button.

WordPress post Publish

If you are a beginner and don’t know about writing How to write the first blog post or also you can use content writing tool which will make you a good content writer.

5. Plugin and customization:

After publishing your first post, you need to customize and add pages like Contact us, About us, Privacy policy etc. You have to install some useful WordPress plugin for improvement or ranking in Google.

6. Make money from blogging:

This is last but not the least, everyone start blog for making money. yes ?

You heard right, Even you can earn too from Affiliated marketing, content writing.  There are many other ways to earn money online.After all, you can monetize your blog with Adsense or other ad networks.


There are the basic steps How to set up a blog on WordPress. Now, I’m confident that You can create a website by yourself and if you need any kind of assistant. I am here to serve you always.. so keep reading and sharing. Thanks!