How to start blogging in 2017[Beginners guide]

How to start blogging in 2017[Beginners guide]

How to start blogging in 2017:Beginner’s Guide

I can tell you very easy way to start blogging in 2017 perception has changed because many people have started blogging in young age not for money only blogging as a career option now a days. So, don’t take it lightly

then, ok.

Are you passionate about researching or writing stuff according to your skills or want to earn money online from blogging then it’s for you.

well, It’s for all that you need.

How to start blogging:

First, you need some money that’s requires to buy domain( Like from Godaddy that cost 3-5$ per year which is less than a cup of coffee.

Second, you have to choose hosting service minimum charges 3-4$ per months which requires to live you website on online world to see you from Bluehost,Godaddy or Globehost.

Third, Choose which platform you gonna use for blogging like, Drupal, Joomla or wordpress  I personally suggest you to select WordPress because this is very easy to use, no need of coding expert it just using notepad means very easy.

Fourth, It should be very clear which niches you will start your blog like (Money making, tips and tricks, product reviews,tech stuff) in you have deep knowledge to share that other are looking to read your blog.

 Fifth, think what user will get after reading your blog post and what will they learnt or help him that they are finding online since long time. Keep your topics and content very clear that easily can understand by reader otherwise they don’t want to come again to waste time.

Why you should start blogging:[Five Major points]

  1. Identity: As we have name but you get fame in blogging that people wants to hear you and follow you for your idea or knowledge that you shared through blogging.
  2. Recognition: Getting recognition for something that you are good at is a great feeling. You don´t need to be subject matter expert but you do need to know what you are talking about.
  3. Make money:through blogging you can earn passive income by affiliate marking, building email list that many known blogger are doing.Blogging can be very profitable but you have to work at it. There is no such thing as overnight success and you may find yourself burning the midnight oil but if you are anything like the overwhelming majority of bloggers, it will be a labour of love. Keep well clear of anyone who tells you how you can get rich quick.
  4. Popular: After successful in blogging people know who you are. They will hire you that they require your skills or your Ideas of creating wealth in online that he is doing.
  5. Be own Boss: At last,You don’t work under any circumstances because you have own lifestyle that make you own boss. Work in own style or go foreign trip and live luxurious life without affecting your work.



After following each steps you will be entrepreneur that will help other or live in own way:

so, Don’t wait start today! Keep sharing and spread Love. Thanks!

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