5 tips to increase domain authority (DA) of your website

“How can increase domain authority” that is the most obvious question which raises in your mind. So, we are going to expose each and everything about it.

There is a lot of people having a problem increasing DA of their website. It’s not a short-term game but if you will use these 5 proven methods to increase domain authority. I’m sure that after following our guide then you will get a better result.

According to Moz ” Domain authority (DA) is a search ranking score or website metrics and measured on the scale of 1 to 100″.

It means high DA of your website will rank higher in SERP result.

I think the Term”DA” every webmaster or blogger or SEO people knew about it.

Everyone wants their website High DA but it’s not rocket science that you will get in a day or months. But yeah, there are some steps on which you take action then sure you can increase faster then you think.

Before doing anything first check what is your website domain authority?

A free tool by Moz is Open Site Explorer that you can use to check.If your website is low DA then don’t worry because it takes time but you can increase by taking some action.

You can learn more about Domain authority in details.

Now, coming to the point.

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How can increase domain authority?

That’s a good question. Before answering your most awaited question is how strong your link profile. If you have strong link profile then you are a step ahead in this game. Firstly, know “what mean of strong link profile”

  • Remove bad links
  • Get good links

As soon as possible, remove bad links from the website and start building the good quality link that can help to increase domain authority.

What mean of strong link profile? 

A website is said to have strong link profile when:-

  • Incoming links to your website should be from high authority sites.
  • Build links from niche or related website.
  • Get links from the number of unique domains.

You can use this method to create a strong profile by doing Off-page SEO.

Let’s get started:

How to Increase domain authority?

After knowing what is domain authority, we are going to tell you” how to increase domain authority”. Just follow few steps and increase Domain authority of your website.

  1. Quality content:

If you want to increase domain authority then create a unique piece of content. It means the content which attracts visitor and use an image, infographics, videos wherever possible to make appealing or interesting.

Your content length should be minimum 800-1000 words which look professional. If you are beginner then you can use this tools and fix mistakes.

When you create content:-

  • Focus on creating the long blog post that drives quality traffic.
  • An article should be informative and relevant to your topics.
  • Avoid SEO mistake and get more share on using social media trends.

2. Build backlinks:

It’s a boring job but initially, you have to do this task which every blogger does. There are various ways which you use to build high-quality backlinks for your site.

A. Share on social media: As you know, social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn which are very high authoritative sites. If your content is good then you will get more share and go viral any time.

statista reports

The number of users is growing every year which is good to reach or build a new audience on social media. Don’t spam otherwise your website will penalize without any notice. If your content is useful for readers then you will get more share automatically.

B. Guest posting: This is old techniques but a powerful method which is still working. Guest posting is a key to grow your website exposure and a way to get referral traffic with good backlinks.

C. Internal-Linking: Internal linking is good practice to engage user that reduce bounce rate. If you are writing a new post on your blog where you can link older post link where is necessary. This will help search engine bot to find your’s site content and crawl them easily. Internal linking also help in spreading link juice and increase your website page authority (PA) of your website.

3. Page speed: Page speed insight

Page speed is also important things to increase domain authority. Your website page speed also matters for Google’s ranking algorithms- faster loading time will increase your chance to get high ranking in search results. You can check your website speed using Pagespeed Insight. If your website loading time more than five seconds then it can affect in ranking. So, check now what is your website load time and improve your page speed if less.

You can see my website page speed which is fully optimized and secured good score in Pagespeed Insight.

This way you can check and optimize your website.

4.  Conduct SEO analysis:

Technical SEO of your website should be good otherwise it can impact in ranking or increasing Domain authority. Moz also considers that improve your overall SEO in order to improve DA. If you want all things to get done then you can you focus on SEO aspect rather than DA because Improving DA is also part of SEO.

You can do SEO audit for your website then know technical SEO problems.

Here is SEO aspect which you might consider to work on:

  1. Meta Tags: Title tag and meta description are the key factor of On-page SEO. These help reader to visit your site that is relevant to keyword searches by the user and increase CTR to help in ranking on top.
  2. Mobile friendly: Make sure that you have used responsive design which is mobile friendly.
  3. Off-page SEO: Off-page SEO technique is also important because you have to focus on social bookmarking and link building strategy. Apart from this, do regular directory posting and forum posting that can help you in building quality backlinks or getting traffic to your website.
5. Be patient:

This is not that game which you will get result overnight. You have to work on a regular basis to increase domain authority. It will take time to evaluate by Moz but you can see the better result within 30 days if you do these tasks.

Always remember- “Patient is a key to success

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These are 5 simple ways to increase domain authority which I know. I hope this way you can increase domain authority of your website. what’s your thought? Did you find it useful then please give a share and subscribe blog for more upcoming updates.