Best Kickass Torrents & Proxy Sites List in 2022

Kickass Torrents is one of the most visited proxy sites in the world. Kickass proxy is also known as KAT. Torrenting is one of the best-secured ways for file sharing using peer to peer (P2P) file transfer protocol. These are the best torrent sites to unblock the torrent search engines like Extratorrent, Torrentz, torrentz2, Utorrent.

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What are the Kickass torrents?

Changing the movie watching scenario around the world, Kickass Torrent emerged as the messiah for the movie buffs around the globe. Using peer to peer data sharing protocol which is essentially a fancy name for sharing the data through the internet by simultaneously uploading and downloading files, Kickass Torrent opened the doors to a world of free unlimited entertainment. By using the movies and tv series collections of so many users out there, Kickass Torrent had managed to create a huge database of movies and tv shows which was matched by none.

Since Kickass took data sets from anybody who was connected to the server, the authenticity and genuineness of the source remained unknown. Due to this, the sources providing free unlimited entertainment were more often than not illegal who had no ownership rights over the content that they were sharing. Because of this questionable method, Kickass Torrent was forced to shut down recently by the USA government which had left a temporary void in the lives of its users.

While the main site was shut down, Kickass torrents place has been taken by its proxy sites. A kickass Proxy site is something which is the same website running with a slight difference in the domain name. While there is no loss of data or change in the user interface, these proxy websites are often run by the same team that ran the main server. This is a unique way that has allowed our favorite websites to prevail on the web even after countless attempts to shut it. While the proxy website does the same thing. The data and everything else almost remains the same on the proxy website. Using a proxy website has its own merits and demerits which you must keep in mind before entering these URLs in the address bar because they have implications and those implications are listed below:

Pros & cons of the kickass torrents✅


  • Proxy servers separate you from the web URL making an additional wall between the website and you. Due to this additional wall, your personal information is comparatively safer.
  • Using a proxy website helps you in accessing the websites which would otherwise be deemed shut.
  • Proxy websites at times might speed up the browsing and download of data.


  • Proxy websites often save cache which might lead to phishing attempts on our system under jeopardy.
  • The proxy websites generally have a bad performance.
  • There are limited servers available for proxy websites.
  • The sources are often unknown and it promotes piracy.
  • Not all websites can be fully accessed.

While it is hard to decide whether there are more merits of using the proxy website or demerits, we have compiled the most popular free proxies sites list for Kickass Torrents which you can easily browse for your entertainment needs.

List of kickass proxy sites 2022:

Top 15 Kickasstorrent alternative & proxy sites list 2022:

  1.– One of the most popular Kickass proxy sites, this is almost a duplicate of it. Providing high download speed of downloading, the database on the website is huge and you will find what you are looking for here without any hassle. Also, they have multiple sources listed for different qualities of the same video so that you can choose according to your needs.
  2. – Another mirror site for Kickass Torrents, this website looks the same as the torrent itself and functions as the main site as well and is a major Kickass proxy alternative. Downloading through this website is easy and the security is comparatively more in comparison to other proxy websites out there. Access this website for hours on unlimited information without any worry or trouble to satisfy your entertainment taste buds.
  3. Kickass torrents. stream – Flaunting one of the largest databases of entertainment, this website is a home of Movies, Tv Series, Games, Music and much more. While the website has a different user interface than the original torrent, it still serves the same purpose with a lot of efficiencies. The community of its peers is large and downloading speed amazing making for the perfect partner for home entertainment. This is not it, you can browse from movies, tv shows, music, games, and documentaries all under one URL which is just astonishing making it one of the best solutions for entertainment needs in 2020.
  4. – With a very easy to use user interface and simplified advanced search engine, this website is home to one of the largest databases of motion pictures around the world and is also a trusted website for many. While the Kickass Torrent shut shop due to pressure from the legal authorities, this website has made sure that we do not miss the torrent by its many similarities with the original website. If you are looking for a kickass proxy list, your search should end here because this is the best alternative you will ever find with this much utility and similarity to the original host and pioneer of online free movie downloading websites.
  5. – With a website that closely resembles the original website, this is a must-have on the free proxy sites list due to its awesomeness. Just like a mirror image for the main torrent, this website has scores of never-ending entertainment content for you to download and much on. So, no matter the mood, just log in to this website and leave the tiring, loud and mean world behind.
  6. Kickass torrents. video – While the internet is swarmed with unlimited proxy websites, not all of them are safe and worth your time. This particular proxy website is one of the best alternative proxies for Kickass Torrent which some might argue works even better than the original website with a database as huge as the original website. The new home for entertainment, this is an amazing website which you must try.
  7. kickass torrents. stream – Streaming high-quality content all around the year without any disruption, this is one of the best proxy websites for Kickass Torrents which looks the same as the Kickass Torrents and functions as smoothly and fast as the original host. Seeding content from so many connected users, this website is very much user friendly and quite safe which cannot be said for many.
  8. – A website which is exactly the Kickass Torrents and yet nothing like it, this proxy website has been serving its user without any faults since its inception into the web. The downloading speed of this website is very fast and the firewalls strong which keep you safe from unwanted phishing attempts keeping you and your data safe from the malware.
  9. – A most trusted solution for your entertainment, browse this website to have an experience of browsing the Kickass Torrents itself. With downloading speed as high as the original website, this is one of the best proxy websites for Kickass Torrents which has the same database as the original website and is easily accessible. The URL works efficiently without any disruption and aims at providing you with free unlimited entertainment content.
  10. – If you are looking for a Kickass Proxy List, you have hit the jackpot. While all the websites listed in this list resemble very closely to the main website, this one is special. The downloading speed is extraordinarily fast and the server so secure that it almost feels like they have an iron wall protecting you from any unwanted and annoying malware. While the sources are as secured as they can be, the browsing through this website is easy and the user interface along with the color combinations just like the main site.
  11. – While some may argue that this is a temporary proxy server, the consistency that it has shown in providing entertainment to its users just confirms its resolve. Even if this URL fails for you, it will host you to the next best working alternative so that you do not ever have to go out looking for a source for entertainment. Being one of the best mirror websites, the only difference that you can spot between this proxy website and the main Kickass Torrent is in the URL. Rest everything remains the same.
  12. – While there are so many websites launching and un launching every day, finding a consistent website might become like searching for a needle in a haystack. You’ll probably turn old and yet not find one trusted website but this proxy alternative for Kickass Torrent is 100% genuine, secure and efficient in providing you with a solution to all your entertainment needs. Making sure that you never have to go out fishing again, you will find this website as closely resembling the main legend which sadly went down. While there was an initial void which was created in our lives when the Kickass Torrent went down, the website was quickly replaced with servers like these which made sure that you might not have the real thing but you always have the next best thing which this time is as good as the former.
  13. – If it is about the entertainment, there is nothing better than Kickass Torrent and when it is about an alternative for Kickass Torrent, truly, there is nothing like which is a wonder in itself. Same face, same database, same downloading speed, and same everything, we wonder, why the URL is not the same as well. The database is extraordinarily huge and regularly updated with all the latest titles always available in high quality and also low quality so that all types of devices can play it without any interruption. While it is most famous for movies and tv shows, you can also browse this website for music, documentaries, games, etc. Because of the menacing law enforcement agencies, you must have lost access to the main site but you have nothing more to fear as is here.
  14. – One of the proxy websites which is still live even in 2020 when the law enforcement agencies are tightening the noose around such websites, seems to be the new solution for Kickass Torrents. It seems that this website is here to stay for very long, you must have this URL on your list. One of the best Kickass Torrent Proxy, don’t get deceived by its URL which looks unrelated yet takes to the same world of entertainment through movies, tv-series, music, games, etc for many fun-filled hours.
  15. – While you might have to go through a VPN to access this website, you will understand that this website was worth the effort once you reach the landing page which is a replica of the original Kickass Torrents and also does the same job without any problem or complaints. With additional security layers, this site has made sure that nobody other than you has access to your private information. There is a wide range of databases listing all sorts of genres and categories. Each movie and tv-series is available in multiple video categories which makes sure that you get what you want. The database is very regularly updated and you will find all the latest launches here as soon as they are out making the journey through this website amazing.

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Final thoughts:

While there are thousands of servers being launched and un launched every day, these Kickass proxy sites have stood the test of time and served us continuously. If you are looking for a replacement for Kickass Torrents, you just have to pick any website mentioned above and indulge in entertainment. There are many websites out there specially designed to install malware and hack your computers, it becomes imperative that you only browse trusted and verified sources. All the websites mentioned above are handpicked after testing and verification so that you don’t get what you don’t deserve like viruses and malware which are meant to harm your devices. While it is suggested that you practice due to caution while browsing proxy websites, you can browse these Kickass Torrents alternatives without any danger of getting tricked.