LG Android Phones Challenge Apple iPhone for Smartphone Market Share

With the growing market demands there is a great competition among smart phone vendors. LG android phones Almost everyone is confused when selecting a smart phone from market. We cannot under rate any smartphone because every phone has its own worth with some merits and demerits.
While Apple was battling to be supreme in the smart phone market a grounded Korean brand LG rose to fame with its unique features and stylish shape. Also use this method to Back Up An IPhone, IPad Or IPod Touch .

And with the passage of time when their sale started to arose they started to challenge apple iPhone’s in number of ways. LG android phones started appealing people in a short time span and their sale got 5% more than the apple iPhone’s.

What we will learn?

In this article our main focus will be on those major points on the basis of which the LG android phones are occupying market and according to which positive aspects LG phones are giving tough challenge to apple iPhone’s. We will go through the merits and demerits of each brand and then conclude which smartphone vendor will be the successful one in upcoming days.
Following are some of the aspects explained and may be helpful in understanding the scenario based in differentiation of LG phones and Apple iPhone’s.

Trendy shape
LG android phones come in a trendy and appealing shape. They are even smarter than apple iPhone’s and are noticed by almost everyone when kept in hand. Although apple iPhone is the most selling brand of history but now the sale of it has been declined somehow. Android phones collectively can beat the apple iPhone’s in coming era. Experts predict that in near future there will be a huge faceoff between android and apple.

Memory/ Storage

The memory of iPhone’s is built in and is fixed. We cannot enhance the memory of iPhone’s in any condition. But on the other hand LG android phones have built in aswell as other memory options. We can also insert the memory cards with greater GBs which help us to save more data in theses android phones.

The Bluetooth system of LG smartphones is pretty better than the iPhone’s as you can transfer the data via Bluetooth from LG smartphones to any other android phone. On the other hand in case of iPhone’s you cannot transfer data to any android smart phone but rather you can only transfer from iPhone to iPhone only.

Cheap prices
LG android phones can be easily purchased and are cheap to buy and on this base their sale ismore as compared to iPhone’s. These android phones can also be purchased online. While iPhone’s are little expensive and every person cannot afford these. LG android phones are available with the proper LG cases in Pakistan which are very cool for their protection.

The battery issue is really a very common and hot issue which is arising now-a-days. Whenever buying a smart phone always have to keep this battery issue in mind. Seemingly the battery of LG android phone is much better then iPhone’s and this is a positive point for LG phones to occupy market on this point.


By observing all the above mentioned features it has been concluded that apple iPhone has to work on all these little issues as the correction of these can lead the apply iPhone one of the best vendor in the world. And on the basis of these LG vendors are challenging openly in smartphone market. Although people like to buy apple phones but still if they keep in mind all these key features they will surely be interested to buy LG android phones.