Top 10 ways to make money from blogging in 2019[ultimate guide]

Big question now, How can make money from blogging is most searched question by blogger who want to get in to or who already have blog but they don’t know how to make passive income from blogging.

Even few of blogger earning 20000$-50000$ from their blog per months yes, here is Top 10 Blogger and their earning in India but it’s not an easy that all we are wanting, it takes long time effort with dedication or working like a hobby then it possible. If you have this kind of internal strength then you can start earning good amount after few months .

Now, you should have follow these step  to make money from blogging:

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Top 10 easy  way to make money from blogging in 2017:

We just find out some cool tips and Follow the effective ways to make money from these methods.


This is the most common way of making money. Almost 90% of the blogs on internet use Google AdSense on their blog to make money. Any blogger find it very easy to earn by placing AdSense ads on their blog.

But many of the blogger does not use any trick to increase their AdSense earnings. They simply follow other bloggers and copy the way they place the ads. But this is not the best way of earning from AdSense.


This is another way of making money from your blog. There are people who are making even million dollars through affiliate marketing and they are known as super affiliate or internet marketing gurus.

Affiliate marketing is for those people who work hard and who love internet marketing. There are hundreds of best affiliate programs available on internet. Choosing the right affiliate program and right way to promote it is the key to the success in affiliate marketing.

Just a single affiliate program can make you thousands of dollars months after month. You can create niche sites to promote it or you can also promote through paid advertising using Google AdWords or MSN AdCenter.


You have a blog and you have lots of visitors on your site. Why don’t you sell some of the space on your website to the advertisers. This will bring you real monthly income without any headache.

There are many websites like or which can help you sell your ad space. You will get paid fixed monthly income from the advertisers. You can also create a page and place a link to advertise on your site so that advertisers can directly deal with you and you can more as there will be no commission to middleman.


Selling a product means you can sell anything you own. You can create an eBook and sell it on your blog, you can sell your services or you can even sell physical products. If there is quality in your products, you can really do well.

But be careful to sell something not related to your blog category. If you are writing about health, you can sell health products, if you are writing about making money online, you can create an eBook on this topic and sell. This will bring a better conversion from your targeted visitors.


If you think, your contents are worth thousands of dollars then why don’t you create a membership sites. There are thousands of blogger who charge either one time payment or monthly subscription or even yearly to access the premium contents.

This way you can make life time recurring income through your blog. As the number of members increases & so your monthly income.


This is one of the best way of making money from your blog. You can put a PayPal donation button on your blog and ask your readers to donate if they liked your contents. People who really get the benefits from your contents will likely to donate you.

If you are not using any other ways of earning, there is nothing like hesitation for using a ‘donate me’ button on your site. Even one of the biggest website Wikipedia make money from donation only.


This is something writing paid reviews of other’s product and services. There are thousands of advertisers who wants to review their products or services on famous blogs and they pay hundreds of dollars or even thousands for single review.

This way they can sell their products to your loyal readers. A positive review can bring a lifelong income to them from your blog.

But you need to be careful to not publish any misleading review. Check yourself the product by asking a sample and after your satisfaction, go for this. A review of wrong product can destroy your reputation.


Website flipping is nothing but buying and selling of websites to make profit. In most cases, people make blogs on their own and make it popular for a period of time after which they sell it. The more you grow a website, the more are your chances of selling them at 10 times or 15 times the amount of its monthly income.

There are many sites like FlippaWebsiteBroker, where you can put your blog for auction. This is one of the hottest business now a days. An investment of $100 to your blog and some of your efforts can turn this to $2000 or even $10000 depending on your efforts on your blog.


There are many sites like AdSense who pay per clicks for running their ads on your blog. Some of them pay even better than AdSense and many people are making good money through these pay per click sites. Some of the popular sites are Chitika, Infolinks, Adbrite, Yahoo Publisher Network, Kontera etc.


Millions of people worldwide making money though Amazon associate program. Amazon associate is one of the best program to make money by displaying Amazon’s hot selling product in your blog sidebar.

Conclusion: The above 10 methods are the best easy way to make money from blog. So if you are a blogger, don’t get de-motivated and focus on which one is the most suitable way of making money for you.