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When we heard that Mangastream is gone in mainstream media like Twitter or Reddit that the official Manga Stream website is down or dead (whatever you say). It’s really bad news that hurt me because when it comes down to our childhood memories, we cannot deny the special place which anime and manga hold in our hearts.

While any animated movie or series originated in Japan is called Anime, their comics are called Manga which has been a favorite pastime for many people like me. When it comes down to the most popular sources to read manga online free, Mangastream has been the most popular choice amongst the manga lovers. While this popular website for Manga stream has remained in controversies more often than not for posting scanlations and fanart even before the release of the official chapters, it was finally shut down in 2012 causing many broken hearts. While this website shuts shop leaving a void in the hearts of all manga lovers, there are some best Mangastream alternatives that are lesser-known and lost too many because of the convenience that our most favorite website has provided over the years. While the closure of the Mangastream is extremely heartbreaking and came to us through Mangastream Twitter, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end of our relationship with manga which has developed into something more than a pass time over the years. So, make sure that your supply of manga and scanlation doesn’t stop, we have compiled a list of the best sites like Mangastream to read free manga online. 

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List of 10 best MangaSteam Alternatives in 2020:

1. Mangadex:

This is one of the most popular Mangastream alternative sites that allow users to read free manga online. You can sort manga by titles, featured, and follows the mangas you like the most and stay updated. Join their community over social media (Facebook, Reddit, #IRC) and own groups & forums. While there have been some hiccups that have caused a temporary disruption on the website, this website is back to the core through its cc domain which leads you to the main site with all the features and content.


With an amazing user interface, there is everything from the manga community to forums that a manga lover might need to spend those countless hours from. They have a huge database with new chapters being uploaded on a daily basis. One of the most popular choices on the internet after Mangastream down Reddit, this website comes with a promise of filling the void which Mangastream shutting has left in our lives. If you are a manga lover and looking for a steady source to read and watch manga and scanlation, this might be what you are looking for. Visit here and enjoy the manga streaming live on App.

2. Mangapanda:


A world in itself, Mangapanda is an alternative to Mangastream which might even be better than the later in some aspects. A very well built website with advanced filters and search engines, this is a website where you can spend hours away from the monotony of the world. The user interface is very similar to the Mangastream and would be very convenient for you if you have been a reader of the popular former giant. The most popular manga strips and best works are listed right at the homepage so that you can get straight to the reading without wasting any time in searching for something to read. This website is absolutely free and provides you access without even having to register. The best feature of this website is surprised me, which will randomly find you something to read without going through any trouble. The database of this website is huge and makes up for the delayed updates which have been an issue with this website lately and enjoy.

3. Manga rock:

Manga Rock is the best place to find the latest manga for free. They provide the best quality manga through Manga Rock App. They have databases of 21182 manga which you can easily filter by status, rank, and genres. This website has some amazing features like push notifications for the new content. Manga Rock has been a very popular choice for hangouts for Manga lovers in recent years. Find the updated content on their website.

manga rock

The user interface is very modern and advanced which will woo you to spend innumerous hours here. The content is cataloged in an amazing manner and the navigation through the content is as simple and hassle-free as possible. If you are looking to read a one-piece Mangastream, this is definitely one of the best MangaSream alternatives that you can have which will make up for any lost love. From the most popular manga strips to the new additions, this website has it all for your satisfaction.

4. Mangafox:


While the popularity of this website has led to the advent of another website of the same name which we do not believe is the real thing, Mangafox is a unique platform specially designed for its users. They understand the preferences of their viewers and also the changing world and hence, they have also launched their application which is available on the web outside the main stores without any trouble. This application has improved the manga reading experience many folds and has amazed its viewers by the lightning speed with which the new chapters are uploaded. Mangafox makes sure that you get to read the new chapters the same day they are released on the official website so that there is no irritable waiting involved. While everything about this website is amazing, the only drawback is the limited number of titles available which can be a bother at times when you are looking to read something new and indie. And, this is the best Mangastream alternative website to read the latest manga comic book online free on MangaFox.


5. Manga Here:


With a whopping collection of over 10,000 manga comics, MangaHere is one of the most popular choices to read manga online without having to pay anything. While there has been a lot of pressure over the recent years because of scanlations, they keep on changing their website address very frequently in order to provide us with unlimited manga to satisfy our taste buds. While most of the websites only provide you with the traditional manga, you can browse this website to access other variants of manga like Korean manga, European Manga, Hong Kong Manga, Chinese Manga and many more which is sure to make any manga lover go gala. This website also lets you add comments on the magazine itself which is a very unique feature. Browse unlimited mangas in high quality and the list updates daily. Install the App or APK and enjoy the free read English manga online.

6. Mangareader App:


From the most up to date reading list to manga games, this website is a hub for manga readers to satisfy their guilty pleasure of escaping to the world of amazing manga. With a website that is updated with the latest of the content that is updated on the website the moment it is released on the official page, they have a very advanced catalog and categorization of the content which is sure to keep you occupied for hours all together without a single disappointment. Since the moment, Mangastream twitter made the closure of the website official, Manga lovers have been looking for a source to satisfy their taste buds and this website has emerged as one of the most popular websites which are absolutely free and has a huge database too. From the popular manga strips like One Piece and Naruto to all the new indie releases, they have it all here which is absolutely stunning on its own. MangaReader is a top Manga Stream Alternative on the Internet.

7. Mangahome:


From the latest releases to the most popular manga strips, this is a home for all the manga lovers which is comfortable, satisfactory, and designed to perfection. With an astonishingly easy to use user interface to their amazing categorization, there is nothing about this website which is unlikable. They have a regular inflow of new content on a daily basis which makes sure that you never run out of content to read manga online or view no matter how much reading you are doing. They also have a list based on ratings and user opinions which is sure to help you choose the new or old content for your reading and viewing purposes. With a website that helps you make life as simple as possible, they also let you navigate to other popular manga channels just in case you do not find what you are looking for which is a rare occasion in itself. So, whether you are looking to read an old classic or feel like exploring something new, this is a home of the manga which is sure to provide you with whatever you are looking for without any hassle. Manga Home is the best online manga reading site, especially for girls.


8. Manga Zone:

This is one of the most popular Mangastream alternative sites, some people may even argue that this platform is even better than the Mangastream since the Mangastream down Reddit. This platform is unique because it comes in the form of an application which is available for download on all the major platforms.


One of the most recommended applications even by many other online manga stream sites, this application is a must-have for all the smartphone users who know the value of a good manga reading through an efficient platform. The application has an amazing user interface and is easy to browse and navigate to every reader’s delight and is also storage-friendly. They have a huge library of manga ranging from all the popular to the new releases which are sure to fascinate even the toughest cookie to crack because this application is purely adorable. With APK files easily available supporting amazing user ratings, this is indeed the best alternative for Mangastream to read one piece Mangastream and other mangas to your hearts delight without having to pay a single buck or even register making sure that you get nothing but the best because that is what you deserve. It has more to give and among the top sites like Mangastream. Enjoy the best manga reading experience on their mobile app and download 15000+ best manga for free.

9. Mangadoom:


From the latest episode of the longest-running manga/manhwa series to read one piece Mangastream to the starting chapters of the newest launched manga indies, there is everything that you will find here on this best manga streaming website. The website is designed in such a manner that you do not get distracted from the most important task of reading manga with perfection. They have one of the best catalogs out there which makes this website one of the most popular choices for all the manga lovers after Manga stream got shut down. Preventing the spread of chaos between their sad readers, this website has brought the smiles and other emotions back on its readers face through its seemingly endless database which is sure to impress the hardest manga connoisseur which cannot be said for many websites out there. So, if you are a manga lover and looking for something new or old, this is a website where you want to be for the satisfaction of your Manga taste buds without having to worry about anything. All the content on this website is available for free and no sign up required to read manga online in the best high quality.


10. Manga Town:

manga town

From fan pages to the Maga community and discussion forum, they have everything sorted to the bone to any manga lover’s heart’s content. This is a super cool website specially designed for its unique viewers equipped with one of the largest databases of all genres of manga available. It is even rumored that they have all the manga available out there which whether true or not still shows how large their database is. Not only their website is amazing, but their website is also second to no manga app which is a feat worth mentioning. With one of the most well planned and efficient categorizations of the manga, they have everything that one might need to spend countless hours doing what we absolutely love, which is reading manga series. From the latest episodes to the complete series of the most popular and indie manga strips, they have it all.

Watch the Best Manga Movies Online of All the time:

If you have been thinking that your life will never be the same since after the Mangastream got shut down due to some pressures from the law enforcement agencies, you need not worry anymore. While our most favorite website for Manga reading has shut down, other applications and websites serving the same purpose in a better way have surfaced to every manga lover’s delight. The amount of manga inflow has never been like this before. Some manga connoisseurs even argue that this is the best time to be alive for the manga lovers because of the quality content that is being made on humongous scales. If you think that nothing can Mangastream’s place, you might be right but you will never be sure till you browse these MangaStream Alternative websites mentioned above.

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