Nova Launcher Prime APK 6.0 – Download Latest Version 2019


Android great third-party desktop Nova Launcher short time selling price: $ 4.99


IT House Dec 26 Reports Nova Launcher is definitely a well-known Android third-party desktop app, due to its high level of customizability is generally acclaimed, and lots of hands-on people are satisfied to talk about their particular patterns.


Nova Launcher by itself also comes in a no-cost version. If you wish to look for a local Android desktop application and simply for light personalization, you should use the free version. To get more customization or unlocking all features, you should spend the money on Nova Launcher Prime APK.

Nova launcher APK

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What is a Nova launcher Prime APK?

Nova Launcher is the Paid version of Nova Launcher Prime APK, the leading Android desktop launcher for USD 4. You can adjust the desktop display mode to include folders in the assembly, to set up an application, to set gestures, and to increase the unauthorized work. There is also a free version of Nova Launcher without any indication or unwanted calculations. The following Nova Launcher Prime APK has been described as a basic tutorial with native population 6.0 and Nova Launcher lover.

Five tricks for using Nova Launcher which you don’t actually know:

Currently, Nova Launcher Prime’s exclusive freezing point is just 4.99 $. Thankfully, the cost decrease in Nova Launcher Prime APK has truly helpful for students. The message on Google Play is As you have seen, obviously, the latest freezing point on Google Play remains, and students who may have confiscated can simply click to buy.


Nova Launcher’s function upgrades do not stop, and robust customizations will help you fix numerous problems that other launchers cannot fix. Prior to the small section, there is a short article discuss in the skills of Nova Launcher along with a version 4. practical experience. As a user who seriously really likes Nova Launcher.

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Widget finishing:

nova launcher widgets

As opposed to iOS, Android’s desktop not just has applications, folders, and widgets, however the several factors that make Android desktop completing happens to be an issue. With Nova Launcher, you are able to modify your widgets to the preferred state faster.

When including a widget towards the desktop, if the size of the widget isn’t proper, you are able to long click “Re-size”. Not like most Launchers, the lowest unit of the Nova Launcher desktop is usually a half-grid icon, which makes it much more versatile. It is truly worth talking about that for Widgets which are too small and small, you can even focus on Widgets with a limited range.

Additionally, as well as the desktop, Nova Launcher’s Widget will also be put in the bottom tray, that is easier for the one-handed procedure and will save some space on the main screen. If you need to spend less screen space, you can even use Snap or flipper to place the Widget into the drop-down notification bar or make it an easy task to call out.

In the Nova Launcher, when the widget is moved, the widget will instantly adjust to the size and style, although the size is certainly not best, the process of adding and dragging is ignored.

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Icon processing:

Nova Icon Processing

For most users, the domestic icon design is extremely difficult, they are prepared to take time to arrange these icons. Nova Launcher not just helps icon packs, but additionally edits the icons and names of individual applications. You are able to modify icons you do not like to other types, even your preferred ones which can easily modify the application icon to attain a unified result.

Additionally, you can add an “action” on the application icon to create Nova Launcher actions, open up applications or shortcuts by “scratching” around the icon.

Many unique desktops don’t support desktop icon working. Users have to pull icons towards the folder one after the other, That Is really annoying. In Nova Launcher, you simply need to add the “App or Folder” widget in your desktop, you are able to select the application you would like to add to the folder from all of the applications, and you may include “Automatic Sorting” inside folder once. Complete the classification procedure.

The dropping action in the folder is extremely useful. Whenever you set the “slide open folder”, clicking on the folder gets “open the 1st application in the folder”, and also the folder icon will also be the icon of your1stapp. .At the moment, exactly the top row will open the folder.

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Application drawer optimization:

Application drawers are a function of Android phones, but as the number of apps is constantly on the boost, it might be more and more difficult to get software while in the app drawer, and a lot of people today basically abandon it. If you want to stop using the app drawer, you are able to delete the Nova Launcher’s “App Drawer” icon and after that open “Automatically add shortcuts” in the “Desktop” so that every time you install the app desktop, you’ll automatically add some icon, you are able to completely Get rid of the app drawer.

For many who love the app drawer just like me, the latest type of Nova Launcher’s application drawer not just has got the most classic vertical and horizontal slides, and also adds a list design with Android 6.. You are able to decrease the time period of the search with the addition of “folders” or “tags” to the app drawer.

However, personal favorite is Nova Launcher’s “regularly used apps” and “drop-down search” features. The previous displays several applications you have often within the first line of the program drawer, which not only makes you very convenient. Search for the applications you’ll need, and also show you the recent installation or upgrade of the application, easy and efficient instantly, the animation effect is also excellent.

Animation effect:

Nova Animation Effect

As the main indicator of the appearance of the desktop, the importance of animation effects is self-evident. At this time, Nova Launcher provides for us a lot of combined space, from folder expansion animation, desktop transitioning animation, drawer transition animation to application opening animation. Can be customized, you can choose a combination you like.

Although Android 5. has recently made a lot of optimizations to the notification bar, there’ll be no more “sitting” in the notification bar, but some people prefer the iOS corner reminder. For Nova Launcher, just match Tesla Unread or Missed It! It is possible to get the same effect, and also support more customization options, you can’t only choose the position, color, style of the corners, but also exclude applications that you don’t want to be reminded, only open reminders for specific applications.

Classic Launcher:

nova scroll effect

As the classic launcher that has been with us for many years of Android powder, Nova Launcher Prime APK has met our needs of personalization and fluency. The new material design is also very eye-catching. I believe that it can be liked by many new and old users.

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Nova Launcher prime APK has more features waiting for you to explore. There are just listed some features to introduce it. Some features need to be supported by the Prime version, and the special price is only $4.99.

You can download the free version or purchase a paid version on Google Play.