Best Online Grammar Checker Tools & Software in 2019

Are you looking Best online grammar checker tools & software in 2019? You can Correct the sentence with answers with these top 10 grammar check app free. There are thousands of free grammar check online or plugins for WordPress which you can find on Google for grammar check

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Best Online Grammer Checker Tools:

These are the top 10 online grammar checker tools to check English and punctuation of various English proficiency tests. If you are starting a blog and want to improve your writing skills then these grammar checker tools will help.

To be a writer, grammar is an important aspect where most people failed. Nobody will give you any content writing jobs if you made a mistake in your grammar part.

I’m going to share with you free online grammar checker sites for proofreading and fix the grammatical error. All experienced writers & bloggers use grammar checker tools for checking content accuracy before work submission. Some of them are free and some are paid but all are giving a free trial. Make your writing perfect & improve quality.

Let’s get started!

Find the list below for best online grammar checker tools and select anyone which you find suitable. I’ll describe in brief so, you can correct the grammatical error & fix it.

Top 10 Free Online Grammar Checkers:

1. Grammarly:


A grammar checker Tool developed by a foreign Developer, known as the world’s most accurate grammar checker tool, provides online, extended version (Chrome, Safari, Firefox), desktop version (Mac, Windows) and plug-in version (Word, Outlook).

Registering an account for free, creating or uploading a local document, you can edit the online content. The whole page is fresh and concise. The experience of writing in English is very good. After automatic checking, the words or phrases in question will be automatically underlined with red. These include Spell Checking, Contextual Spelling Check, Grammar, Punctuation, and Sentence Structure. You can also prefer Grammarly alternative if you don’t like it. This is used by millions of people and known as World’s popular Grammar checker tools.  You can import your text or start writing inside the tool by signing in to Grammarly. Download the chrome extension for free and premium plan starts with 30$/mo. It helps to correct 150 types of errors. For more, visit here.

2. WhiteSmoke:


Like Grammarly, WhiteSmoke is also one of the most widely acclaimed text-checking software in foreign countries. As a complete English writing and learning solution, WhiteSmoke introduces natural language processing and artificial intelligence technology to provide efficient full-text translation, multi-language dictionaries, as well as punctuation, spell checking, and grammar checking. Statements, vocabulary and writing style. Hundreds of letter templates are included to aid in quick writing.

WhiteSmoke’s Style Checker allows you to call server rules and replace the existing article content with a smart synonym lexicon, which is very user-friendly. Get it from here.

3. Ginger: 

Ginger is highly used Online Grammar checker which detects Misuse of words, subject-inconsistency, contextual spelling… Ginger can correct our grammatical errors, including punctuation, sentence structure, and language style. Whether it’s for business writing, emailing, completing school assignments or posting a new circle of friends, Ginger can make sure your articles are clear and fluid. The website also provides services such as translation or sentence rewriting which helps in getting Content writing jobs very easily.

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The free version of the function is relatively basic. If you need to check a large number of documents, you can download Ginger Software to try it out. If you need to meet your needs, then consider purchasing. The paid version has no restrictions. Click here

4. AutoCrit Online Editing:

This online grammar detection website is favored by many foreign writers and editors. Just enter the content that needs to be corrected and click Analyze My Text.

The only trouble is that AutoCrit will require you to enter your email address and identity, such as editor/author/publisher, etc. Once submitted, the test report will be sent directly to your email address.

5. Virtual Writing Tutor online Grammar Checker:

The Error detection capabilities of Virtual Writing Tutor are very diverse, allowing you to count words, detect word spelling, detect sentence grammar, look up dictionaries, print, and more. Use this Online Grammar checker tool and copy the text you want to detect into the text box and select the desired function. You can try it for free, Click here

virtual writing tutor

6. Hemingway Editor APP:

Hemingway editor

Is the statement you wrote purely authentic English? Or is it the most common “English” for All students? Try this site now and see how it work as given in the image above.

Hemingway scores the readability of the article, which gives a more appropriate alternative to context and emotional color and highlights the degree of modification by highlighting different colors.

7. Jetpack- free grammar checker:

  • Simple, accurate statistics without the need for additional load on the server. Previously provided statistics.
  • Email subscribe to your blog post and your comments on this post.
  • Social network function, comment system.
  • Monitor and manage your site’s activity on the toolbar with notifications.
  • Simply put, Akismet supports the contact details.
  • I’s URL shortening service.
  • Hovercard pop-ups pass gravatar to your reviewers.
  • Easy to embed media from popular websites like YouTube, Digg, and Vimeo.

8. ProWritingAid:

Prowriting aid


ProWritingAid’s grammar checking service is very powerful, and the classification is very detailed. It can check the spelling mistakes, check whether the words are old-fashioned or fuzzy abstract meaningless, whether it is a formal expression of writing, whether the sentence and paragraph length is appropriate, There are many errors such as plagiarism.

You can log in to the website to register your account separately, or you can log in using your LinkedIn or Facebook account. This is all in one Online Grammar checker which you can use for style editor, writing mentor and checking grammatical errors as well.


Nonplus is a free online grammar checker site with a clean and Short interface and is available in three languages. Copy the English you want to check into the rectangle to quickly find the syntax errors in the text and provide the modified content for reference.

In addition to grammatical errors, nonplus can also help learners find spelling problems in the text, which can be said to be very comprehensive and detailed. Get started

10. lang-8:

This Chinese Website Helps You Also Learn 190 Countries Languages.

Lang-8 is a forum-style English grammar exchange website. You will help each other with learners from all countries and languages ​​to make progress together. For example, we can write articles or journals in English, and friends who are proficient in English will help you to correct mistakes. Of course, you can also take the initiative to help friends who are learning Chinese. Currently, members have covered 190 countries in the world.

Unfortunately, the current website has stopped registering new accounts. You can find account sharing through the online forum, or simply buy one. Click here

Final Words- Online Grammar checker tools:

This is the best Online grammar checker tools which I personally use. You can try the free version and choose the best grammar checking sites which suit your budget to get a premium plan as well. This helps to improve your writing skills very fast.

If any question then please ask me via comment or share it also. Thanks!