How to Start a Pay Per Call ad Campaign

To embark on pay per call you must understand the basics of pay per call. It has a very simple motto of driving qualified leads to a trade in a way that can easily be tracked so that the parties involved can assess the value of the marketing campaign and the root of the lead.

There are two basic ways of tracking phone numbers you can employ in Pay Per Call. The more basic genre is to allocate an individual tracking number to each publisher and/ or campaign. When the publisher gets direction connection with its customer their connection gets strong rather than weak.

Pay Per Call

Pay per call is kind of performance marketing that permits marketers to start quality calls on an advertiser’s behalf. This is very equal to how performance networks track clicks and conversions but the good part about pay per call is that it does track calls. It has brought a very beautiful idea of connecting with customers directly over the phone with yourself or an agent.

As customers become eligible to have proper information and needs about their customers. It is depending on the explained conversion point of the pay per call campaign, if an associated with successfully sends a call, then they will get paid with each call.

Things to do before starting Pay per call

Let’s say you are a customer looking to install solar panels in your home. First, you will be connected to associated publisher set up an ad campaign with forms and tracking phone numbers targeting the right websites and multiple channels either online or offline to start calls that will be directed to company XYZ.

There is a reason why pay per call received such a positive response because it has rendered something new what others have not presented that too with good consequences and responses. In the company of pay per call conversion rates tend to be low because all the process and things get done in a click of a mouse. As in the websites, this shit happens visitor visits on your website and remains few second and then vanishes forever.

But there is a different story with pay per call when a prospect makes a phone call, this strongly renders they are interested in your product or service. It is due to it needs the effort to pick up the call and give time for talking with someone. If a prospect puts aside a couple of minutes out of their busy lives to make an inquiry, it has good chance your advertiser will close the sale.


You just have to do smart work in the field pay per call. It is very easy to start you will need a few things that have been mentioned above. So, go with pay per call and bright up your future as an entrepreneur and advertise your products.