Pictory.ai review 2023: Is this Video Creation tool worth?

Have you ever imagined a day when you can make videos or convert your long-form content (blog post) into video as quickly as Pictory AI does? If not then read this Pictory AI review 2023.

In a world driven by visuals, harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology has become paramount.

Pictory is an artificial intelligence software that can easily generate videos through any text description. It was launched in 2019 by the co-founders of Winshuttle which is a well-known tech company.

In just 3 months, this AI attracted over 5000 customers and just after a couple of years, the Seattle-based startup managed to gain investments of over $2.1 million for its futuristic AI abilities.

Back in 2022, we were just introduced to an awe-inspiring AI called ChatGPT which was only capable of generating text content. Little did we know what was in store for us!

In no time, we witnessed AIs that are capable of generating mind-blowing images, such as Jasper AI. Want to try Jasper for free?

Now we are all set to dive into the exciting world of AI video editing! But do we have any AI that can edit videos? Well, yeah! Meet Pictory AI. 

This is a game-changing AI video editing software that automatically creates powerful short videos from long-form content or video in high quality. The best part, you don’t need to download software.

It’s free to signup, Get started Now (no credit card required)!

Try Pictory AI for Free!

  • Its quick, easy, and cost-effective
  • No technical skills required
  • It’s free to get started
  • No need to download software

Table of Contents:

What is Pictory.ai?

Pictory.ai is a cloud-based SAAS product that helps you create and edit high-quality videos or turn long-form content into short videos in just a few clicks. It is designed to revolutionize video creation by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. This is a must-have AI Video editor for marketers, designers, researchers, and businesses that comes with tons of awesome features and makes video creation easy.

Pictory ai review

What Can Pictory Do? 

For many bloggers, content creators, YouTubers, marketers, agencies, and many social media influencers, Pictory is a breath-saving solution. It has generated over 3 million videos from scripts, blogs, or informative prompts.

It not only generates but also edits your video with just a text command. As it’s based on the cloud, you can use it anywhere on any device. With this module, YouTubers can edit their videos on their phone.

The simple-to-use and drag & drop interface of Pictory is much amazing, which helps you save hours and money.

You don’t need to hire anyone. Use the best AI writer to write your scripts and then use Pictory to create your desired video. What’s more attractive is that you can personalize it too.

Not only this, but you can also perform seamless video editing. You can:

  • Add your brand logo, font, colors, introduction, or description to build your name.
  • Integrate your own voice or choose any AI voice for noise-canceling in the video. The voice cover is available in various variations of English, such as UK English, US English, and Australian English.
  • Use automated captions/subtitles, which help the audience understand and take notes during any webinar, presentation, streaming, or podcast.
  • Shorten your long-form videos into short ones without losing the context. It collects the key points of the video and automatically summarizes them.
  • Boost your video blogs with suitable size, length, and speed according to Google or YouTube’s SEO ranking.

How Do I Edit A Video In Pictory AI?

This AI is straightforward to use. You just have to upload the video and start editing. Here is a little guide for you:

To get started with Pictory, you have to log in/signup. It has a free trial without sharing any credit or debit card details. Enter your name and email and choose a password to create your account, or you can simply use your Google account.

Signup pictory ai

After signing up, it will ask some questions about your interest. Once you’re done, you’ll be directed to the Pictory dashboard where you’ll find four video use cases:

  1. Article to Video
  2. Script to Video
  3. Visuals to Video
  4. Edit or Summarize Video using Text

Let’s see how these cases work.

Pictory member dashborad

Let’s see how these cases work. 

Script to Video

This tool is helpful for YouTubers and educators who have to provide listicles and informative videos. Click on the “proceed” button and start typing your script or just paste it.

Once you’ve prepared your script, click on Proceed and choose the ratio of your video, i.e., 16:9 landscape, 9:16 portrait, or 1:1 square. It’ll take 1-2 minutes to create your video made up of multiple clips along with key captions.

Take a preview, add a voice cover, trim the length, choose a clip background, or edit/optimize each clip as you want.

Article To Video

Video or visual content has always been a part of basic whitehead SEO. If you’re a blogger and want to add a video clip relevant to your article, this tool is totally worth it. Put the URL of the published article into it or paste the article here if it’s unpublished yet.

It will start extracting the key points of your article automatically and show them on your screen. Edit or add points and click on the “next” button to generate your video.

Visuals to Video:

You’ll be familiar with this kind of tool that can create video clips through images, GIFs, and video clips. It’s similar to them but better. So, you don’t have to keep extra apps on your mobile or desktop to eat up your storage.

It has a huge library of 3 million+ licensed stock images and videos that you can use for free.

Editing Videos with Texts:

If you want to optimize your video, here’s the editing tool for you. Upload your video, and it will transcribe the whole video’s voice.

You can summarize the text and cut portions of the unwanted parts. You can add your logo and introduction or create video highlights as well.

Is Pictory AI free or paid?

Pictory isn’t a free service; you have to pay some money as it comes with two paid plans: Standard and Premium.

The Standard plan is specially made for beginners, starting at $19 per month. The Premium plan is for professional video creators at the price of $39 per month. See the brief difference between these plans:

Features Standard Plan Premium Plan
Monthly Video Credits 30 60
Maximum Video Length 10 minutes  20 minutes
Monthly Video Transcription Length 10 hours 20 hours
Customized Branded Templates 3 10
Music Tracks 5,000 15,000
Text to Speech AI Voice 34 60

However, the premium plan has something extra as well, such as:

  • You can edit your video recordings, which can be as long as 3 hours.
  • You can sync voice covers automatically.
  • You can integrate Hootsuite.
  • You can download videos in bulk in CSV format.
  • You can create video highlights.

If the video credits aren’t sufficient, Pictory also offers a custom plan. You can contact the sales team to negotiate your needs and budget with Pictory.

How to use Pictory AI for free?

Pictory has a free trial for both the Standard and Premium plans. You can use Pictory AI for free, but only for your 3 video projects, which should be a maximum of 10 minutes each.

As it doesn’t ask for any credit card details, you can use it without any risks. But are 3 credits sufficient to test it?

In this case, Pictory has a 15-day, 100% refund policy, and you can use it risk-free for 15 days as well. If you don’t like it, you can claim your refund without any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the most common questions asked below.

Can I use Pictory in Mobile App?

No. Unfortunately, the Pictory application is not available on any Android and iOS-based mobile phones. However, you can use its web app on your mobile through any browser.

How does Pictory AI work?

Yes. With Pictory, you can create animated videos with its 200+ animated templates.

Does Pictory have an API?

No. Currently, it doesn’t have any API to integrate.

Conclusion: Pictory Review 2023

Pictory is an exclusive AI tool that is gaining popularity with its professional-like video generation. It can create any type of video as per your desire for YouTube, Instagram, Shorts, and other social media platforms.

So, don’t wait here anymore, go and try Pictory AI for free.

I hope you liked this  Pictory.ai review article. Don’t forget to share with your friends and colleague.