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Putlocker Alternatives 2020: This is an era of streaming where everyone can watch and download favorite movies, TV shows & web series in a click. There are tons of movie streaming sites on the internet and the one popular name is Putlocker. This site facilitates the users to watch movies online free or download in HD quality. And, the bad news is that this is currently not working or shut down. The users addicted to Putlockers because this is the most visited Movie download site in the world. If you are a movie lover then you also have visited on putlocker.com while surfing the best movie downloading sites and you found it on Google’s top position. Their official website is shutdown permanently but we have found the sites like Putlockers are putlocker.acputlocker.me.

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What is about Putlocker Official Website?

In the world of free movies download websites, Putlocker is a name unknown to no one. Starting its journey from the United Kingdom in 2011, Putlocker became the most popular free movie download website sheerly on the basis of its huge database of movies and tv series. While this website has forever stayed in limelight, it has not always been for the right reasons. Putlocker works by hosting movies and tv series from different Torrent proxy servers all in one place which is the reason why it’s database is so huge. If the movies cannot be hosted, Putlockers provides you with the direct link of the website making sure that you always get what you want as far as entertainment is concerned. Because the movies are hosted from different servers, Putlockers more often than not host illegal sources that do not have legal rights over the displayed content. This has led to production and media houses to lobby against Putlockers which has eventually led it to get banned in many countries. While it is still debated whether sites like these prevail or not, we have compiled a list of its pros and cons for you to decide.

Pros & Cons of Putlocker Movies Download Site:


  • Huge Collection – Putlockers has a huge collection of movies and tv shows which have a solution for all your movie download needs.
  • Free Content – Everything on this server comes free of any sort of cost which is the biggest merit.
  • High Quality– While Putlockers allows you to choose the quality of the video that you want to download or stream, all the high-quality prints of the movies and shows are also available making sure that you get the best quality movie-watching experience for the elite in you.
  • No Sign Up – Putlockers makes sure that all you ever need to do is come to their website, find the movie that you want to watch and bingo, you are all set. You don’t need any sign-ups or registrations which can become really annoying at times.


  • Legality – Putlockers host its movies and tv shows from Illegal sources that have no ownership rights over the content which has led to countries making it illegal and blocking it from the web.
  • Unsecure website– Putlockers often take you through proxy websites that are designed to infect your devices with malware that are used to hack your devices.
  • Banned– Questioning the legality of this website, Putlockers is banned and blocked in almost every country now. While many proxy websites have come up on the internet, it is still under question if they are any good.

How to watch movies online Free that is safe & legal?

The biggest risk of online movie streaming is that you are inviting hackers because of most of the sites like Putlockers offers free legal content. This is the main reason for the shutdown of Putlocker’s official website. As you know, online piracy is a crime and illegal.

If you still want to use such free movie downloading sites, be careful, and here are some safe methods that you can use for watching movies, TV shows & web series.

Safe method for downloading or streaming movies using VPN!
Your safety is our priority, so we are sharing the method by following that you can browse anonymous website content on the internet without being hacked. A VPN is a great way to hide your IP addresses and it secures your internet connection so that no virus and malware can enter your devices while browsing free streaming or any types of content. If you visit such sites that offer copyrighted content for free is an illegal offense and can easily be tracked by your IP address because you have not secured Your IP. NordVPN (70% OFF) Secure your device with NordVPN and enjoy movie streaming or visit anonymous websites and hide your IP addresses.

While watching movies on these free streaming sites don’t click any pop-up ads or any other ads that may harm your device. Don’t visit such websites if your internet connection is not secured with a VPN, Grab Now>>  NordVPN (70% OFF)

20 Best Putlocker Alternatives websites:

Get the best online movie streaming experience on these Putlocker alternative sites. We know that entertainment matters a lot in our life but it should not be stopped due to Putlocker.com website is down. We’ve compiled the 20 top sites like Putlockers are:

1. Fmovies:fmovies, fmovies alternatives, Sites like fmovies


This is quite similar to Putlockers and other torrents websites, FMovies has a superior user interface which is quite appealing. The website is very efficiently designed which aims at wooing its users. While the overall user experience makes it very highly rated, it might become a bit tiresome due to the low-speed loading in case of heavy site traffic and seemingly never-ending advertisements. But the overall reviews for the Fmovies website are good and definitely worth trying. This is a popular movie streaming sites like Putlockers. Enjoy your favorite movies by genres and watch in high quality from the comfortable zone. Use the VPN for better experience without compromising the quality.


2. 123movies:


A name that is as popular as Putlocker, 123movies is a free movie streaming site with no sign-up. All you have to do is find the title for your mood and you are ready to take this journey. With a huge database and easy to browse user interface, 123movies has been the closest rival of Putlockers. The database of the movies is efficiently managed according to genres making it very easy to locate the right movie saving you plenty of time which you can spend watching even more content. You can sort shows, Movies & videos alphabetically, by genre, by release year, or by the number of views.

This site has the largest streaming library than any other movie streaming site like Putlocker on the list. Just enter the name of movies, Tv shows and it will pop up right in front of you. The main downside of 123movies, it takes time in loading due to heavy traffic, and the server can’t load faster. So, you have to wait a bit more.


3. Pirate Bay:

pirate bay

One of the most popular torrent sites on the web, Pirate Bay is a site like Putlockers which is also the best alternative for Putlockers. It has also been in controversies like Putlockers but it has managed to evade law enforcement agencies continuing to provide free entertainment to its users. The only change that has come is that you might have to use a VPN to access this site or go through a proxy server. The database is as huge as Putlockers and it functions in the same manner such that you might even call it a twin of Putlockers.

4. Kickass Torrents:

One of the pioneers in the free movie download website world, Kickass is also one of the most popular torrents out there to unblock proxy sites. A very trusted and secure source of free movies and tv shows, this site is easily accessible. The database of the site is huge and very regularly updated with the latest releases never disappointing its users. Having a solution for all your needs, Kickass Torrents is the most traditional and reliable source for binge-watching. While Kickass Torrents has also been under legal scrutiny, Kickass has always managed to get the better end and still continue to serve its users.


5. Popcorn Time:

popcorn time

While the difference in the interface will be evident with the very first look, Popcorn Time is still one of the best Putlockers alternatives. While it is advised that you browse this website through its application, the application doesn’t consume too much storage on your device and is easy to install. While you are able to watch the latest of the websites and movies online for free, it is also advised that you maintain your privacy by going through Popcorn Time VPN in order to avoid any sort of potential threat.

Download Popcorn Time App on Windows or Android. Enjoy movies & TV shows for free in HD quality without any restrictions. I would suggest, don’t download such an app or software on your laptops or mobile device if you don’t have a VPN connection.

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Watch free movies & TV shows on Popcorn Time App:

                         For Windows 7 and above other operating systems and platforms

                       For Android 4.0.3 and above other operating systems and platforms


6. Solar Movie:


Solarmovie: If you have a good internet connection and a desire to watch a movie or tv series, Solar Movie is the alternative for Putlockers which might even be better than Putlockers because of its super easy and smooth user interface. All you have to do is to enter this website, run a search for the movie title that you desire and voila, you are all set for some nice time. While this website solely aims at providing good quality entertainment, there is no buffering on the site and the site is almost free of annoying advertisements making it one of the best free movie streaming sites no sign-up required.

This site offers you to watch movies & Tv-series online for free without registration. Get your favorite movies in a click on Solarmovies free streaming movies website. It has large databases of movies and you can sort it by genre or, by country and top IMDb rated.


7. Kodi – Home Theater Software:

This is an open-source free media player and it is available to use on Windows, OSX, Ios, Android, and many other platforms. You can use Kodi with televisions & remote controls. It has designed in such ways that you can enjoy movies like home theater on your TV with the help of Kodi-Addons. You can access the content on any device you choose for free streaming from your comfort and make the entertainment a level up or better experience.

It is not safe because your IP address is visible on such websites. You can hide your IP address and secure your personal information on these free streaming sites with the help of NordVPNDon’t take the risk while watching Movies, Tv shows & sports streaming.

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A unique movie playing media player, Kodi is an alternative for Putlockers unlike it. With very advanced design, this media player comes with a lot of addons which lets you customize the content according to your taste and preferences without any troubles. While the interface is advanced yet simple, there is a huge database of movies and shows which will let you binge-watch for hours if you want to without any problem or trouble and like all the other mentions on this page, this is also free Tv streaming App.

8. Popcornflix.com:


Watching movies & Tv shows on Popcornflix are legal and safe also because of it a Newyork based LLC company that is owned by Screen Media Ventures. This is a top-rated free movie streaming site that offers ad-supported streaming video and webisodes

You take care of the popcorns and they will take care of the flix for the evening. With a wide genre of movies available for free, this website has a very high download speed and all the videos come in the best quality available out there. While you can easily search for something already on your mind, you can also browse the categories based upon the genres in order to fumble on something for the evening. The best part is, you don’t even have to register or worry about your security. While it can become really annoying to watch a movie because of the weird dubbing, all the movies on this website come in their original languages. You can also watch videos that went viral over social media.


9. Primewire:


Primeware is the only place where you can find the collection of the latest movies and best TV shows in HD quality. This is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker- watch movies online. I personally don’t like the user interface like other streaming sites.

While most of the devices support high-quality prints and super-fast internet connections, there are times when you have no other option but to compromise on certain aspects like the quality of the video. Taking care of those moments, you can watch movies on this site for free in different quality according to the need of the hour. Their main aim is to provide entertainment for all and hence they have a very basic website design which is primitive in nature but nevertheless, still solves the purpose it is meant for. Enjoy the movies on Primewire without worrying about mobile data.

10. Rainierland:


While the name of the website might seem a little strange, you don’t worry about it because that is the only strange part of Rainierland which is an amazing alternative for Putlockers. The newest releases are displayed right on the homepage, the best in class movies under classics, and regular movies under the genres so that you can find what you are looking for without any trouble. The interface is friendly, and it is very easy to find the movie that you are looking for. The advertisements are closed and the buffering speed is high in order to give you the best movie viewing experience.


11. Movie Share:

Making it super easy to watch movies not only on your laptops but also on your smartphones, Movie share flaunts one of the largest databases of free movies. Movieshare has a huge viewership making it one of the biggest and most popular players in the market. While they understand that you cannot always manage to watch the movies in High Quality, they let you stream movies in different quality depending on the requirement. One of the most efficient websites for watching free movies, it is a very reliable alternative for Putlockers. This website homepage is very simple and clear.

12: Gomovies:


Like any alternative of Putlockers or Putlockers itself, this website runs on a similar interface. While the struggle of keeping the entertainment easily available for free is real, you’ll find a few advertisements popping up when you are visiting this site. This being the only drawback, Gomovies has a huge database of thousands of movies and shows which we guarantee you can’t watch in one lifetime. Why will you pay for NetFlix movies when you get that for free. No sign up is required to access the content of Gomovies bid.

13. YesMovies:


Streaming ratings from the top movie review website IMDB, Yes Movies has aimed to make the life of every movie and tv series buff easy. While the movies can be browsed through different categories like genre, countries, and top IMDB, you can also browse your favorite movies, TV shows & Most viewed Videos from the vast collection on this website. Boasting a database of over 9000 movies, documentaries, and tv series, this website is the place where you will find all your cravings related to entertainment here.

YesMovies New website links are:

Yes, movies, Yesmovie, Yesmovies.to, yesmovies.io, Yesmovies is, Yesmovies 123, etc.

14. Moviewatcher:


With only one purpose in mind, movie-watcher has a very direct approach towards its existence and that is providing a large database of free movies and tv series. They have a very easy user interface which lets you navigate between the content without any troubles. A very reliable best alternative for Putlockers, Moviewatcher has every movie that you will ever need. You can sort based on your preferences and enjoy while watching the movies in HD quality for free. It is the best site like Putlocker and sure you have a VPN connection while browsing or streaming.

15. AZMovies:


Suggesting all the movies on the website in alphabetical order from A to Z, you just need to know the name of the movie that you want to watch or maybe just making up your mind to watch a movie and you can find the pick for the evening here. With a very unique and different categorization, AZMovies also has a reputation of never disappointing its end users. You can install AZmovies APK and enjoy watching movies online free in 1080P.


The Bottom Line for Pullocker:

We understand the importance of entertainment in our life. These days people love watching movies online while sitting on the couch. In that case, you try to find free streaming apps or sites where you can watch Movies, TV shows & Web series. As we know, Putlocker is one of the best movie streaming sites but it’s currently not working. So, we decided to provides you some alternatives sites like Putlocker.

While we understand that finding an alternative for something as close to you as Putlockers is nearly impossible, there are many sites like Putlockerworld available on the internet which are worthy of your time. While the chase between the torrents and the law enforcement agencies is never-ending, it is advisable that you know about the alternatives for your favorite sites, just in case.  Grab the deal on VPN>> NordVPN (70% OFF)

Please know that some of these alternatives are even better than Putlockers in a lot of ways and you will never know till you try. Also, do make sure that you are browsing these websites through a VPN make sure that you get an uninterrupted vast supply of high-quality videos for entertainment. Moreover, you never know when these sites go down because of the re-energized tries of the law enforcement agencies, this list makes sure that nothing comes between you and your favorite free entertainment.

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Don’t take with your personal information and hide your IP address so that no can trace your device location and brow anonymous websites very safe when you use a VPN.