Smart Phone Flash Tool- Download Latest Sp Flash Tool Version

Smart Phone Flash Tool allows you to flash any stock or any custom on smartphones. Here is all about SP Flash Tool and it’s features that you should know before Downloading. All Sp flash tool software and drivers are made or provided by Media Tek Inc. To download the latest spd flash tool and software follow the steps below. There are two versions of Sp flash tool available and each has a number of subversions. This tool allows the download of ROM and other functionality to MTK enabled devices.

Table of Contents:

What Is Sp Flash Tool:

It is more deeply than usual Google android flashing. Because of this procedure, you can back up and recover all the parts of the NAND processor, and many types of partitions, not only Android mobile phone and kernel particular types for example boot, program, data, storage cache but also nvram, uboot, GSM radio and all of various parts.

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Primary elements of Sp flash tool are:

  • bin and that is set up in the first block of the headset’s eMMC processor – it is software which mobile phone run after a cool start.
  • ms windows drivers which are host-side component essential for DL/DA standard protocol as used by SP Flash Tools.

Both of them are important. Without having preloader.bin in your smartphone storage, you may have a difficult brick which can’t recover till use jtag or panel remains ineffective.

So, anything you do, remember that you should also have preloader.bin on the mobile phone.

If you work with format tools, never format preloader space. This SP Flash Tool is needed to have the clone selection as this is a good way to make a complete backup with the partitions saving devices with your phone.

You need to be aware some data like NVRAM are unit particular, they contain IMEI, SN, and GSM standardization files. You cannot use that from one more mobile phone, even when it is from exact same company and model.

The reason why everyone has their own personal full backup created using SP Flash Tool.

Here you can download the Smartphone Flash Tool. Grab it from direct downloading links.

  • Smartphone FlashTool v5.1744 – Latest
  • SP Flash v5.1736
  • SPFlash Tool 5.1628
  • Download SP FlashTool 5.1524.00
  • Download SPFlashTool for Linux – 64 Bit
  • Linux 32 Bit version
  • Download SPFlashTool v3.1224.0.100

How To Download And Install Sp Flash Tool:

MTK Brush Tool SP Flash Tool Graphic Course: Download SP Flash Tool

Method / step

The first step: download SP Flash Tool (the use of the same version of each version, this article uses v1224 version as an example)

The second step: download the SP Flash Tool is a compressed file, you need to extract the decompression method: mouse select the tool file, right click, pop-up menu click [Extract to SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1224.01]

Step 3: Go to the SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1224.01 folder

Step 4: Find Flash_tool.exe and double-click to run

Step 5: Brush the main interface of the tool, click Scatter-loading to load the brush file.

Step 6: Find your Brush Pack folder in the pop-up window and open it.

Step 7: Find the file named MT6577_Android_scatter.txt in the Brush Pack and open it. Note that the MT6572 here is based on your Brush Pack, and maybe MT6575, MT65xx, etc. such as MT6575_Android_scatter.txt

Step 8: Click Download to start the flashing machine 8.1, install the battery to the mobile phone, press and hold the side up button (volume +), do not release, connect the mobile phone to the computer with the data cable. Pay special attention: some mobile phones need to hold down the side down button (volume-)

And thinking about use SP Flash Tool for recover?

Just in case you inquiring me, We are most happy once I do not need to, but you’ll find situations if it is the best option,

Mainly because however tough you brick your smartphone, given that preloader sets inside, it is easy to restore it completely working condition, way as opposite for customized recoveries which wants some functioning partitioning (restoration, boot, …)

SP Flash Tool is basically efficient you can set up customized restoration even with no root.

Features of SP Flash Tool

  • This powerful software program helps you flash spread primarily based firmware on MTK based mostly Android mobile phone. Also, it is possible to update or reduce or eliminate the unit firmware within a few clicks.
  • You may flash customized recovery for your gadget. All you need to do is add some spread document inside the SP Flash Tool and do find the recovery picture and flash it.
  • The Ram memory on external memory is usually checked out and verified with the SP Flash.
  • You can arrange details for the write and read features.
  • You can even format the MTK Android device by using SP Flash. All you need to do is load the spread document and be connected the smart device to the pc and click the File format button.

Requirements Of SP FlashTool

  • Computer or Laptops
  • Flash data cable for that device
  • Drivers, You will see over the article and installing links
  • Scatter document + data files to become flashed
  • Back up the unit
  • SPFlashTool Download from the above links.

How to use SP Flash Tool?

Before the brush machine, please make sure that the computer driver has been installed. How to install the driver? Many people may not install the method manually.

In fact, Lenovo officially provides a fool-type one-click installation program, which is the “PC Suite-Driver” in the built-in card. Don’t worry if you have deleted it, here is the download

Step 1: Run the main program Flash_tool.exe in the folder with administrator privileges to open the main program interface.

Step 2: Click “Load Scatter” and select the brush configuration file MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt, as shown in the figure.

(Note: The MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt file must be in the same directory as Recovery. )

For example, it is placed on the desktop. When loading Scatter, you need to select the desktop MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt, and then the recovery.img on the desktop can be brushed normally.

My map may have missed some of the oil, sorry. If it is a line brush package, the Scatter file will be directly selected in the folder after decompression.

Step 3: Click the “Download” button, the phone is completely shut down, the battery is deducted, the data cable is connected to the computer, and the machine is started. Click “Yes” in the pop-up dialog box.

(Special note: It is estimated that many people have the same idea as me. If the line brush is used, it is too much trouble to deduct the battery every time. Here is a good reminder for everyone. The actual test does not deduct the battery and the data cable, but remember Live is completely shut down, some ROMs such as Huawei have a “quick shutdown” that is not a real shutdown, wait 5 seconds after shutdown, then use the data cable to connect to the computer. If the battery brush is not successful, then re-batter the battery and reconnect the data cable Not too late)

Step 4: waiting for the brush to finish, after the progress bar is finished, a green circle window will pop up prompting the brush to succeed.

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