Top 10 High paying tech jobs without a college degree

Top 10 High paying tech jobs without a college degree

Are you unemployed or not earning due to lack of degree?? Then don’t worry because these Top 10 High paying tech jobs without a college degree where you can earn like other degrees holder.

The days were gone where only Diploma or Degrees holder were earning high. Now the day has changed. Only you need some skill that you can use to earn big bucks. It was a misconception before if you don’t have Bachelor’s degree that means you can’t get high paid jobs. Now, plenty of jobs out there that can save you from the student loan.

Here I am going to tell you about those Top 10 High paying tech jobs that you can do without a four-year degree.

Top 10 High paying tech jobs without a college degree:

1. Computer support specialist:

Computer support specialist provides technical assistance to the users by answering over calls or chat. They solve problem-related to the computers that user are facing. This can be a person who worked independently and provides support to their client( over chat messaging or telephone calls).

Minimum wages: 51,470$

The big companies like Apple, DISH or DocuSign who’re hiring such skilled person.

2. Data Analyst: 

Data Analyst is responsible to handle to create a spreadsheet or conduct searches for data. They generate materials for companies or make easier for complex work in maintaining their massive data. The people enter in this field by holding degrees while others do not have but they earn good money from it.

Minimum wages: 52, 188$

The Organization like Tesla, NASA etc who hires Skilled data analyst.

3. Web developer: 

Web developing is booming nowadays and growing fast. Each startup needs a web developer who’s responsible to develop a website or provide assistance to manage their client data through the website. Best thing is you can start your work as a freelancer or work from home services. There is no need for a degree, experience matter most.

Minimum wages: 64,970$

Most of the companies like UnitedHealth GroupAmazonAerojet Rocketdyne hires web developers.

4. Blogger:

Blogger is the best option which gives you the opportunity to become own boss. Either you can set up own blog or work for the popular blogger who is earning $30-50k per months. This is now which can start from zero but time will take to fly high.

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5. Programmer:

Programmer means who can write code for website or mobile/IOS apps and work their own. You can work as a freelancer or as a part of organization team who are responsible for handling designing or creating algorithms. In this, you don’t need degree only experiences count if you have then it will be best for your career. These are one of the best Top 10 High paying tech jobs without a college degree which you can do from home or work for big MNC.

A programmer who has 4-5 year experience can get 70,000$ perk per year. There are various companies like AmazonZillowNVIDIA who hires these professionals.

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6. System Analyst:

System analyst is an occupation in the field of Information technology. A system analyst who solve the problem related to computer technology. They can create a computer system or software application to increase productivity. You can enter in this field at entry level without any degree to gain exposure after having experiences you can work for companies like CSCUnitedHealth GroupAT&T and earn 80,000$ per year.

7. Network Engineer:

They are professionals who can develop, setup and maintain the network for the device or handle server of organizations. Network engineer solves the people communication over the internet through the device. They deal with physical hardware rather than software. Many get this job who hold minimum Bachelor’s degree but at entry level no qualification required.

These are AT&TLevel 3 CommunicationsSirius Computer Solutions who hires network engineer professional and give minimum wages Appx 70,000$ per year.

8. Digital Marketers:

Digital marketers who work for big companies to promote their products through the use of the internet. You can start working on self-learning reading or watching live project training. After certification, You become the professional and get the client to work with and earn good money. You can work as a freelancer or set up your own startups with less investment. Top 10 High paying tech jobs without a college degree.

You can apply to UnitedHealth GroupRodan & FieldsUline and pay up to 50,000$ per year.

9. Cybersecurity analyst:

Cybersecurity analyst job in demand now because everyone cares about data and their privacy. The main role of CSA to protect from illegal activities that are done by the hacker. In this companies preferred degree holder but you can enter if you have the skill or have experience then the recruiter will hire you.

Minimum wages: 90,000$ per year.

You can get jobs in AT&TNorthrop GrummanState Farm.

10. Mobile app developer:

In today competitive business world, Companies not only need a website at same they want Mobile apps. You can work on designing, coding, testing or debug the application. In this jobs, experience and skills matter more than formal education. A good experience mobile apps developer earn minimum wages 72,361$ per year.


This is the research based Top 10 High paying tech jobs without a college degree which are mentioned here. You can choose according to your skills or experiences. There are many other jobs which you can do as a part time jobs or as a freelancer. Thanks! for visiting and don’t forget to comment or share for more updates here.

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