Top 10 Instagram tools for advertising that we should use in 2017

We should use this Top 10 Instagram tools for advertising because Instagram has become today more powerful social media platform over 700 million active members every month. Instagram is a social community which is growing fast and popular brand are using Top 10 Instagram tools for advertising their businesses easily. I also suggest using these content marketing strategy for your brands to grow in Instagram advertising.

Here, According to a research, we have listed some facts about Instagram that you don’t know:

  1. Total monthly active member is more than 700 million.
  2. Total active member crossed 400 million daily.
  3. 250 million stories sharing on Instagram daily.
  4. The total number of photo shared to the date is 4 billion.
  5. The number of likes per on Instagram with over 4.2 billion.
  6. 95 million photos uploaded per day.

Now, Before creating post analyze your demand with the audience need then create an engaging post with the help of your favorite Instagram tools. We’ve collected most demanding Instagram tools that suits your business.

List of Top 10 Instagram tools for advertising that we should use:


HootSuite is a platform and works as social media management for scheduling and publishing your post at one place. You can use it’s an Instagram option for scheduling post in advance, don’t worry about forgetting them to publish. Once you have created your post, which is ready to publish on the scheduled date. So, when the time comes for publishing it will send you notification like other social media.

2.Instagram Feed WD:

It is easy to use which is a plugin. Instagram Feed WD allow you to bring user and hashtag-based feed on your website in few clicks. You can display a composite feed of hashtag and user with custom styling and image metadata. Some other features are as following:

  • It is highly responsive with sorting option.
  • It is SEO friendly and loaded with latest SEO techniques.
  • Fully customized theme with unlimited feed.
  • Advanced lightbox with 15 transition effects.
  •  The feed can be fully customized using Instagram plugin themes.

3. Boomerang from Instagram:

Boomerang is a great tool for creating a video that appealing for the customer. You can highly engage your audience with well-developed strategy. According to Liquid Creativity, Boomerang videos have become a crucial part of the Instagram language, people are using it with thrilling.

4. Crowdfire:

Crowdfire is a tool for managing the following list. The tool easily identifies who don’t follow or who aren’t active and gives the option to unfollow them. Wow, this wonderful, it means you can track the activities. Best features which I like most about Crowdfire, that is It enables you to start following quickly who might be interested in you or your product and services.

5. RepostApp:

Repost is an app based tool for sharing user-generated content. With the help of Repost tool, you can appreciate your customer’s opinion.It is easy to use, all you need to do click and sharing the content you like while acknowledging the user who created it. you can also bookmark video or photos that you want to Repost.

Why you should use these social sites which help to grow business:

6. Foursixty:

You can use Instagram for purchasing. Foursixty allows you to sell on Instagram by linking to the product page. I work like E-commerce where your customer can add a product to the cart, instead of browsing on the internet.

You just need to link the image to the product page that exactly it works.


This is an Instagram tools which run through analysis of your account. You can check post engagement, clicks, through Instagram analytics, you can say. Best features, it allows your best time for posting content or collect date( gained or lost). It allows you to add more than one account which you compare. Most business owner using it.

8.Social Rank:

The easiest way to identify, organize, and manage your followers on Twitter and Instagram.Using SocialRank tool you can find and analyze your follower. You can collect follower profile’s with the help of SocialRank then you can filter and categories them according to your need. Afterward, you can export the follower list for further assessment.

9. VSCO: VSCO is an Instagram photo editing tools. It is offering a high-quality filter to transform an image into the beautiful post. You can capture product scenery and use it in the upcoming campaign.

10.Facebook Power Editor:

Instagram uses Facebook Power Editor for creating a sponsored post. You can use it to target factors like age, Gender, Behaviour, location those can see your post only. You have to invest to create sponsored post.

Conclusion: You can our list of  Top 10 Instagram tools for advertising. Don’t hesitate to try and choose one which suits your business.All are highly recommended. It’s up to you, how you use it.