Top 10 SEO Tips and Ranking Factors in 2018-{Step by step Guide}

Top 10 SEO Tips and Tricks 2018: Search engines are focusing more and more on providing best user experience these days. In order to get better ranking on search engines, you have to work on implementing best SEO practices as well as increasing user experience at the same time.

Website ranking matters and it matters a lot. The methods and tactics of search engine optimization have been changed a lot over the years. It was easy for a website to rank higher a few years back. But after many Google updates, it will be very difficult for somebody to rank higher on search engines applying those old techniques. At this moment, relevance is the biggest factor, for example, a site that is targeted to UK has a UK street address in its contact page – that is the strongest relevance factor!

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Thus I have made a worthy list of top 10 SEO tips for 2018 which will help you in getting better rank on search engines without violating the rules.

Table of Contents:

   1. Write for readers than for search engines:

 This is one of the most common mistakes many bloggers do. My first SEO tips for you to Make an effort to create an informative post and add value to your content. Don’t treat your blog as writing a diary instead of treating it as a valuable source of information.

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Keep one thing in your mind before creating the content, the content must be capable in serving your readers. Keep the things organized and create easy to digest content. Add headers, lists and bullet points to make your content more appealing.

A well-organized post with appropriate headers and tags makes it easy for the search engines to read the terms resulting in better ranking.

   2. Choose Keywords:


Choosing keyword is very important for making your blog SEO friendly even beginners understand the power of keyword. Focus on your keywords and stay on the topic, stick with your niche.

If you are new in blogging and don’t have money to spend then you can use these free top 10 keyword research tools for researching keyword perfectly.

Putting relevant keywords is important but it doesn’t mean to perform unnecessary keyword stuffing. For performing better keyword research you can use many tools and plugins such as KWFinder, Moz, KeywordTool, Semrush, Google Keyword Planner etc.

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    3. Keep Eyes on your Competitors:

Doing this could be very beneficial for your blog’s SEO. No matter if you are new to SEO or a pro, you must look for the targeted keywords your competitors were ranking.

Not only keywords you can also analyze the way they are organizing their content, length, and quality of the content. Watch your competitors and try to learn and avoid making mistakes but never copy their content. Copying content will create serious copyright issues and will be very unhealthy for your website. Search engines can totally ban your website if they find any duplicate content on your blog.

Learn from your competitors, make effort to figure out the mistakes they have made so you can avoid those mistakes and never use duplicate content.

    4. Include External and Internal Link:

Link building

External Links – The links you include in your blog points to other blog or domain. Doing this can be very beneficial for your blog’s SEO if done correctly. When you include relevant external links in your blog posts, search engines see your post as a great source of information.

Relevant external links make your blog post more resourceful, informative and easy to index on search engines. Including relevant external links also increases site-time of your website.

You must have to use these link building tools to make a link building strategy that works in 2018. You can use off page SEO techniques like Blog submission, Profile creation, Social Bookmarking, Directory submission and blog commenting to rank higher in SERP.

Internal Links – When you link the other pages of your own blog to your blog’s post its called internal linking. Make sure to include at least one internal link to your blog post.

Including internal links makes your blog more user-friendly and also helps your site to crawl easily on search engines. Doing this also makes your readers explore your website and get more out of it.

       5. Make your Blog Mobile Optimized:

Mobile optimized sites are Google’s first priority and if your website isn’t mobile optimized then it’s going to harm your blog’s health. The no of smartphones and other mobile devices users have exceeded if compared to desktop users over the years. This is mandatory under SEO tips and tricks.

If you are planning to launch a new blog then you must create a mobile-friendly website. Mobile users are increasing with every passing day. The ease of internet connection and great portability of mobile devices has increased the demand for mobile devices drastically. Now users are surfing and downloading content from the web effortlessly.

Clearly, if you want to rank higher on search engines and boost your blog’s SEO then you must make your website mobile friendly.

     6. Site Loading Speed:

Site loading speed

If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load then over 40% of your users will leave your site. Even a delay of one or two seconds matters a lot, poor site loading speed can result in reduced page views, dropped conversions and lower ranking on search engines.

We are getting more impatient as technology is improving. We want to get information within few seconds and if it takes time, we simply leave. So if your site takes a lot of time to load then you are losing all your hard and money.

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Here I have listed few tips to increase site loading speed to boost SEO:

  • Optimize Images
  • Optimize CSS
  • Enable Caching
  • Enable Compression
  • Keep your website design simple and user-friendly
  • Track your website’s loading speed regularly

   7. Create Backlinks from Authority Sites:

Creating backlinks is one of the most important parts of any SEO practice and working SEO Tips and Tricks in 2018. Link building is still very important and effective but after the Google’s Penguin update, the techniques have changed.

It was very easy to get backlinks from high authority sites before the update but you have to make real effort to do the same these days. Link building isn’t a rocket science, you can all do it by yourself and I have featured few easy ways to create backlinks. 

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   8. Increase Social Media Engagement:

social media

The scale of your social media presence will define your blog’s visibility online. If you have the skills to use social media wisely and effectively you can increase your audience base organically.

Social media also helps in improving your brand’s image online. Simply it takes time for a new website to get juice from the search engines and at the starting stage of your blog, social media can help you in getting more visitors.

There are multiple social media platforms these days. Your social media presence and reach can simply affect your ranking on search engines.

   9. Image Optimization:

Image optimization

Search engines are getting smarter over time and the techniques for achieving better rankings are also getting more complex. Image optimization is also one of the most important SEO practices.

No matter if your content is excellent or average, including few relevant well-optimized images will make your blog post more appealing. Image optimization is necessary and if you are looking for the ways here I have listed them below.

  • Include Relevant Image
  • File Name
  • Provide Alt Tags
  • Prefer Average Image Size
  • Perform Image Linking

  10. Optimize your Blog’s Title:

Your Blog’s title helps search engines in analyzing the subject of your content. Make sure to have a relevant title and not more than 66 words (keep to the point and short title always).

Include targeted keywords in your blog’s title and keep it simple and easy to digest. These are the top 10 SEO tips for 2018 that are working now. 

Final Note:

Every blogger and internet marketer spends a lot of time in performing SEO practices to rank their websites. Search Engine Optimization takes time to provide results but the positive results can do magic.

Search engines can bring more traffic than any other sources thus you must make great effort to do more SEO. Follow my top 10 SEO tips and Do all the hard works, wait for the results, have patience and try again.

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