Top 10 useful tricks to increase traffic on blog in 2017


DTI-BLOGGERBLogging has come up as not just a hobby or a side business but also as a full-time job. There are professional bloggers who earn huge sums of money from their blogs. Looking at their examples people often imagine how did they achieve such success and how they too could be at that level. A lot of people get into blogging but due to some or the other reason quit. A major reason for this is that they don’t get good traffic on their blogs because of which they can’t earn well. This then leads them to totally quitting this line. Here we give you some tips following which you can easily get traffic on your blog. 


Pick A Niche:

When writing a blog, choosing a niche is really important. If you are randomly writing content on every topic that you feel like, you won’t be able to target your audience and hence wouldn’t be able to get good traffic.


Apart from that, the topic you choose should be of your interest so that you don’t get bored of it in the long run.

Focus On Content:

When we say content here, we don’t just mean the textual aspect of it. Know that inclusion of photographs and videos make the blog more interesting and attracts more people to it. Whatever you write should be in such a way that the audience would want to visit your blog.


Write Well:

When we say “Write Well”, what we mean here is that whatever you write should be catchy. The audience should feel inquisitive and interested to read your blog. And when you write, the language you use, it should not at all be technical or difficult to understand. This is to see to that everyone who reads your blog isn’t as familiar with the topic as you are. Basically, everyone should be able to understand what you write. You can start blog or work as a freelancer writing. Top 5 high paying sites that pays freelancer for writing:


Use Good Keywords:


are good keywords. Keywords are really important when it comes to generating traffic on your blog. Choosing the correct keywords, using tools to find the best and the most used keywords comes in handy.


Put Links:

When you incorporate others’ links it gives you three advantages. First, the reader feels it to be easy to reach to the other site and better understands your text. Second, the site whose link you gave may give you a backlink and third, Google appreciates if you give links to other sites and ranks your site up.


Use Social Media Well:

Social Media has made everything really easy for bloggers. Now bloggers can easily share their content on other social media handles and get more attention and traffic. Be active on these handles and interact with your audience.


Use Social Media Buttons:

DTI-SMOSocial Media buttons, such as of Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn, Tumblr etc. on your blog help readers share your content to their private accounts. Apart from that, the more likes or followers you have increases the audience’s perception about your blog, hence makes it more reliable.


Write Guest Posts:

It is really important to write guest posts on other blogs so as to make your presence known in the virtual world. Apart from that in your own blog, you should use the comments section well. Ask readers for their feedback. Not only will this make them perceive you as a reliable blogger, but will also make you know your audience better.


Use Analytics Tools:

Analytics Tools are really important to know not just your audience, but also the content you write. You should know what kind of content does the audience like. Not just that if you know what content of yours is perceived well by the people you write for, t would give you a better idea of what all you should write about, which in turn will increase your audience.


Use Promotional Tools:

Promotion is very important when writing a blog. Be it boosting your post or promoting your blog through other mediums. It is rally necessary to do so, as it would, in turn, help your blog if your content is good. If it is a Keyword rich, well-written content that you post, you would get a good ROI which would definitely give you good traffic.


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