Top 12 most popular social bookmarking sites in 2017

Top 12 popular social bookmarking sites in 2017

Top 12 popular social bookmarking sites in 2017:

Are you a blogger or an entrepreneur who wants to promote or enlist your services to reach millions of people around the world on internet using social media then this is for you?

This is a cost effective method to advertise your product or services without any cost and gives good outcome that you worked for. So I am going to explain top 12 popular social bookmarking sites in 2017. Here, we will discuss and touches all the point which you need most. Stay tuned!

Before, we start  first know what is social book marking and why is this so important for us.

Ok, Let’s begin!

What means of social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a technique to boost your website or blog in Google or social media or other search engine. Billions of people connected each other through social media it helps you to reach there by sharing your product, services, image, and videos etc and make it popular.So,when you share or enlist (bookmark) your webpage to any social networking site then this process is referred to be as social bookmarking.

Benifits of social bookmarking:

  • It help you to drive organic traffic to your website. This is one of top 10 popular bookmarking sites in 2017 will be very useful for newbie blogger to gain quality traffic.
  • Google often shows results from bookmarking sites and if your site is bookmarked then there are high chances that your site may show up in the search engine results.
  • It affects Alexa ranking, Moz, Domain authority and page authority for your blog health.

Below is the list of top 12 popular social bookmarking sites in sites with Current figures and rated:

Social bookmarking list DA(Domain Authority) PA(Page Authority)  100  97  100  97
 3.  100  96.33
 4.  98  95
 5.  98  95
 6.  97  95
 7. Delicious:  96  95
 8.  89  90
 9.  100  97
10.  94  95
 11.  85  88
 12:  75  78

Listed above are Us based top 12 popular social bookmarking sites in 2017. So, if you are planning to promote your product or services then you can’t ignore it.. These are very powerful tools that will help in growing your business or website to get more quality visitors.. Thanks! keep reading or sharing .

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