Top 25 digital marketing tools that can boost your business

As you know, Digital marketing is very important these days to run or grow an online business. So, I’m sharing a complete list of Top 25 digital marketing tools which will help to enhance your skills as well as business and speedup in workflows. All are not free tools and some of them are paid also.

All these top 25 digital marketing tools are categorized according to a specification which assigned for particular work purpose.

  • Project management tools
  • Design tools
  • Email marketing tools
  • Leads and funnels
  • Content scheduling and creation tools
  • Business management tools
  • SEO and analytics tools

Table of Contents:

These are the top 25 digital marketing tools:

  1. Project management tools:

Asana (Free): Asana is free which can use for project management. It makes super easy to use and keep a track record of your clients, projects that you need to complete or recurring tasks. The best thing about it that if you have a team so you can assign tasks to different people in your team.

Trello (Free): This is another one tool for project management which is totally free. It is the best use of Post-It binder and to keep track of your weekly work. Trello can help to make a collection of workflows, affiliate links, swipe files, testimonials and more. Another is you can manage whole week work at a glance.

Evernote ( Free): Evernote is a notebook. It helps me to keep my blog post in drafts and notes from different resources that I’ve taken like scanned copies of bills and media printout etc. It’s easily searchable and great way to keep your work paperless that I like most and carried included in Top 25 digital marketing tools.

Design tools:

Canva (Free/Paid): wow, Canva is my favorite tool that I love most. Canva available in free as well as paid version. I use it to create graphics media image for blog posts, infographics, banners and much more. Canva in paid version gives you more exposure to design your imagination with a lot option. You can resize images for your needs, change colors and fonts and make backgrounds transparent if you’re creating a logos.

Pexels and Pixabay (Free): These are the 2 my favorite free sites where you can find stock photos. There is a lot more option for photos that you can easily find it here without any copyright issues.

Eye Dropper (Free):  This is a Chrome extension. Find the hex code that you want for any color on a web page just by clicking on it. This is amazing stuff for creating brand boards and make sure all of your colors match on any websites that you’re creating.

WhatFont (Free): It is almost similar to Eye Dropper. If you like a font, use this chrome extension to hover over a letter so you can find out exactly what font it’s in.

Email Marketing Tools:

I already discussed  in details about Email marketing Tools and here I’m giving you an overview of a new list that wasn’t included there:

Mailerlite (Free/Paid): If you’re looking to get started with email marketing then Mailerlite will be best. It has much option than any other free email marketing tools and gives you the first 1000 subscribers free. If your subscriber base is more than 1000 then take paid plans to manage big lists easily.

ActiveCampaign (Paid): ActiveCampaign is an amazing tool for automation that is affordable to their Lite plan. In this, You can use for CRM, onboarding, SMS marketing and much more.

  Leads and funnels:

Facebook pixel Helper( Free): This is a free chrome extension which tells you whether or not a website has Facebook Pixel. The Facebook Pixel Helper works in the background to look for conversion or provide real-time feedback. A small number will appear on the facebook Pixel Helper icon to indicate a number of pixel events. When you click a panel will expand to show a detailed overview of the page’s pixel including warnings, errors and successes etc.

Leadpages(Free for 14 days): This is a leads generation software with free templates drag-and-drop features to create a gorgeous landing page. Leadpages can generate leads and sales from pop-ups, email, social media, text messages and more. You can add easy payment options to your sales pages and integrate with other marketing software including Acuity.

Thrive/Architect (Paid): Thrive leads is all in one email list building tool. You can create freely design every type of opt-in form and grow your list faster. If you don’t want to pay monthly like Leadpages then Thrive leads will be the best option and make a one-time payment.

ClickFunnels(paid): It’s super easy to use but bit more expensive. In ClickFunnels, You can choose predesigned sales Funnels to sell your product. You can take it 14 days free trial and it’s all-in-one options.

Content scheduling and curation tools:

Postplanner(Paid): Postplanner is one of the most affordable schedulers out there( Plan starts at 3$ per month). You can create feeds and curate content for all of your social media platforms. Choose whichever posts you’d like and it rates them according to reach and engagement.

Tailwind( paid): Tailwind is an app for Pinterest and Instagram scheduling. It helps you to grow a Pinterest following in no time with the right strategy. You can use Tailwind for free up to 100 pins.

Feedly(Free): Feedly is free but you can upgrade at 4$ per months. It’s a tool for finding content like Google trends. You can create differently themed feeds and fill them with relevant websites and posts to pull from. I can say content curation never been easier before.

Business Management tools:

Wave Apps( Free/Paid)- This is amazing tools that help in keeping track of income and expenses. It generates an invoice for clients automatically. You don’t need to upgrade to the paid version if free is enough for you.

Toggl( Free): Completely love it that I used once but now I supposed to use every day. Toggl is the time tracker which available in Chrome extension. Toggle makes it possible to divide time tracking up by client and project with detailed reports. This is very easy to use and tell how long you read that you can manage your time simply.

Google Drive(Free/Paid): I think you have already heard about it. In fact, you have been using for a long time and every smartphone has preinstalled app. Google Drive is cloud-based storage platform. You’ll get 15 GB data storage for free if you need more extra spaces then you have to pay. You don’t need to carry document anymore( Although it can sync with your computer ) so you can access anywhere at any time.

Acuity( Free/Paid): If you can’t manage your time or business appointment then Acuity is the best option for you.  Acuity is user-friendly and saves so much time that you’d spend going back and forth trying to work out times with clients. Basically, Acuity is an online appointment time scheduler.  In paid plans, you’ll get more features like automatically syncing Acuity with your Google Calendar, coupons or Voucher with easy payment options.

Slack (Free): This is the Best way to communicate with your clients and team. You can create different channels for different people to subscribe and create a group to send a message to everyone.  This is an app which is available for both desktops as well as phones. You can access it easily from anywhere.

Franz (Free): Franz is a free messaging app like Messenger. The best thing I loved about Franz you can add your Facebook messenger, Slack Channels, Whatsapp and Telegram and more. That means you can access all from one place(Franz) and get all your messages.

SEO and analytics tools:

In SEO, There are many things like:

Google Analytics(Free): You know it because this is a basic thing that we do for SEO. So, I skip it. This is a tool to keep track of Your’s website or blog traffic where you can check traffic source, locations and more viewed posts etc.

Moz pro(paid): Moz is not only for SEO keyword planner tool. It helps you to crawl your site, find broken links etc. It’s pretty awesome that’s why I’ve added to the Top 25 digital marketing tools. 


These are just Top 25 digital marketing tools which are enough not only to grow but also helps in managing related thing happens in background. I hope this Top 25 digital marketing tools can give you best result as Freelancers or Digutal marketers. If something that I’ve missed here! Give your valuable feedback or share it also if found useful.

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