Top 5 affiliate program to make money in 2017

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Top 5 affiliate program to make money in 2017?

First, learn what is affiliate network and how it works then you will start earning minimum 500-3000$ per month. This is 100% free program where no money needs to join the network to make money. So, first question raise in mind what and how?? There is a basic thing which you should know about affiliate network or affiliate programs.

What is Affiliate Network or Affiliate programs?

“Affiliated network” acts as an intermediate between publisher ( affiliate marketers) who sell products or services and Merchant who gives commission on per sell to their publisher. In this process, merchant provides tools for tracking, link management, accurate information and generate report for commission which on monthly basis.

How can join all affiliate programs?

Basically, all network program or network are free to signup, No need to pay anything to merchants. Merchant needs sell so they ask pay also to setup your account to start working on their behalf. It’s very easy process.

what is required to start as an affiliate?

You have blog or facebook page to drive traffic that can help you for making sells to earn commission from merchant and payment method they use to pay their publisher on making commission 10-30% per sells, it depends on product categories.

There are two types of basic models to pay?

CPS(Cost-per-sell):It is also named PPS means pay-per-sell. Most of the publisher used this technique that is low risk and more profit. In this you have to make leads that conversation rate is high. I personally suggest you this.

CPA(Cost-per-action): Most of the affiliate network pay affiliate when specific action is taken by referral or lead. CPA is not direct sales, it includes clicks, impression, form submit, signup or opt-in.

List of Top 5 affiliate program to make money in 2017?
  1. Clickbank: This is renowned affiliated network which is almost 17 years old. Many are earning 2000-10000$ from clickbank and it’s totally focus on digital product pays 20-30% to their publisher who associated with it. Clickbank has 20 million customer worldwide and growing like rocket, so no doubt , it’s trustworthy. It has more the 6 million product from Arts & Entertainment, Business/Investing,Computers/Internet,E-Business & E-Marketing,Education,Health & Fitness,Home & Garden,Mobile,Food, Wine & Cooking and many more.
  2. CJ Affiliates: Formerly name commission junction, it offers customer to shopping online through affiliated network and pay their publisher on per sale basis.
  3. Amazon Associates: This is an American based electronic and cloud computing company with headquarters in Seatlle, washington . This is world largest internet retailer chain network called Amazon Associates which allow you to show over millions of product to your customer.
  4. Ebay: Ebay also has affiliate network which most of the market don’t know about this. I think you are the first who know Ebay associates called Ebay partner network. It also been in affiliate over 20 years.
  5. Rakuten: was the formerly name of Rakuten. It ranks among top three e-commerce companies in the world with over millions product from 75,000 shop owner and more 20 million satisfied customer.  Rakuten Ichiba is largest e-commerce in Japan , Flagship B2B2C(Business-to-Business-to customer) model.

Conclusion: We have listed above Top 5 affiliate program to make money in 2017. choose your best network and start making money in 2017. My best wishes for you, waiting to hear feedback from your side. Keep reading and sharing!