Top 5 best revenue sharing sites in 2017[Step-by-step guide]

Top 5 best revenue sharing sites in 2017[Step-by-step guide]

Top 5 best revenue sharing sites in 2017 to earn minimum 200$ per day without doing hard work.

you can earn passive income here,I found some legit and trusted revenue sharing that I personally using since 2015, Hence I recommend you can also join and earn passive income from my top revenue sharing list.

what is revenue sharing sites:

It simple means that if you invest your money in these site in the form of Ad-pack which will cost 5$-50$ each then sit relax your profit will automatically credited every hours in your account. No other gives you profit like 2-3% daily on your investment and your Ad-pack will mature in 50-60 days with 120-150% return,That’s it.

 How it work and how can earn from revenue sharing:

You can invest according to your capability minimum 5-500$ and needs to surf 10 ads daily to credit your profit hourly or daily accordingly on your investment.

Accepted payment processor PAYPAL, PAYZA OR Bitcoin etc.

Top 5 revenue share sites list:

1.Mypayingads: This is the best revenue where you can earn 200$ per day, few changes occurred in last month that you can without 2 times your investmet  but it will give you big profit. This is operated by very trusted admin “Uday Nara” he has almost 20 plus year experienced in Revenue share and internet marketing.

This is launched in march 2015 since then no issues of payment holding yet.I almost earned 100$ just invested 30$ and keep purchasing and also withdrawal 40$. so choose how much money you can afford in it. Just earning and make double in 3 months.

Payment processor: 

Join now:Mypayingads and Follow my strategy Click here.

2. MYpayingcryptoads: Mypayingcryptoads launched in october, 2016. They only operated in Bitcoin that is most growing cryptocurrency now a days. So, if you are interested to earn Bitcoin then don’t miss it. “Uday Nara”Admin of Both MYpayingcryptoads and Mypayingads.

If you don’t have Bitcoin wallet then creat Now: Click here.

Also read: How can earn 200$ Bitcoin Per day without investment:

Join now:MYpayingcryptoads Below are MYpayingcryptoads plan that you have choose to start earning:

3. Theadsteam:this was launched in october, 2016 on motto ” Read people, Real Ads” which is quite interesting because No other revenue share sites offer such services like, One stop solution in which you buy ad-packs and earn huge commission here.

Join now: Theadstea

  • Earn credits even as a free member
  • Revenue Share reward on advertising packs
  • Sustainable business model for long term success
  • Upto 2 levels deep referral commission
  • Variety of Ad Packs to choose from
  • View 10 Ads/Day to qualify for Rev Share Program

Payment processor: 

Click here on button below:

4.Straight Revenue Share: This is brand new Revenue sharing services offering by Trusted Indian Admin ” Jitendra Patnaik” launched in February 22, 2017.

These are Revenue sharing advertising Packages listed below: Join Now

5. 10adspay: This has launched in June, 2016 and you can earn huge on referral commission , so start you journey today

Below are ad-pack plan that offering by 10adspay:

Click below button to join : I hope this will help you in earning online from top revenue sharing site.If you need any kind of help regarding above site please comment and find helpful then share with other also.

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