{Updated 2018} Top 5 link building strategies in 2018

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Top 5 link building strategies in 2018:

Link-building is a major element for search engine optimization purpose that you ought to know. In this tutorial, we will discuss on Top 5 link building strategies in 2018 that you don’t know most probably but it’s more useful. This is one of the important factors for increasing search engine ranking. So, stay tuned.

First, the question that arises in every mind what’s link building and how it helped in SEO. Are you curious to know about Link building? Let’s get started.

What is link building and how it helps in search engine ranking?

Link-building is the process of getting links to your site and it works like a bridge between two sites. Every newbie blogger tries to build a link from high authority domain website for relevance that you can’t ignore.  In general, this is a popularity factor to getting inbound links which depend on as much backlink you have a higher chance to visible in search engine ranking. Every blogger has to spend few day or week to build the link from the reliable website to get more exposure in the search engine. Build 10 links instead of making 100 bad links which are highly recommended.

Benefits of Link Building:

There are several benefits which will you see in a few days after building links( Inbound links) that will enhance your website traffic. Some of the Major benefits as given below:

  • Your blog gets more visible in the search results.
  • Receive traffic from other websites that you linked to your blog.
  • If you have high-quality links, It means search engine assumes your sites is valuable. but yes, there should be also good quality of content. Always prefer Content marketing tools to use create high-quality content.
  • Link-building also helps in getting index faster in the search engine.nnn

List of Top 5 link building strategies in 2018:

Many bloggers are still using an older method which is epic but not too old now, It still works.

  • Guest post writing.
  • Forum submission.
  • Submit a post in high DA, PA directories.
  • Create Do follow links from social bookmarking sites.
  • Publish high quality of content in the blog post and many other ways.
  • Use Off-page SEO technique which is highly recommended.

Apart from these, There are some other ways you can build backlinks.

An alternate Link building method:

Anchor Text: You can use anchor text for achieving a link to your site. If you have a good amount of backlinks then you can create anchor text of your choice and easily you can rank for the keyword.

If you use “Home work” today, then use “work home” tomorrow. This is really important because it makes the search engines trust you and your site will not look like a spam site.

Internal link building:

You can use deep link building to internal pages of your website using your desired keywords.It also helps a very old website page and tells the search engine that this page still relevant. Let the Google thinks and increases those page in the search engine ranking page(SERP). Keep minimum 5-10 links to every page of your website and within a short period of time, the inner pages of your website will begin to rank for various long tail keywords.

Domain authority:

It matters for the website to rank page high if your website high authority. Don’t try to get links from low authority sites and always prefer to get links from your niche website or educational, government or other trusted sites as this tends to make your website more of an authority to the search engines.

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The consistency has to maintain and get 5-10 links daily on your website. It wouldn’t be good practices to get 100 links in 1 day and another just 10.So, just follow the consistency Only build the same number of links on regular.I think this is great work done for you…

Conclusion:“ I hope following this method your website will rank soon. If you do other methods please let us know in the comment section or if find useful then don’t forget to share.This is an ultimate Link building strategies”…

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